Medical applications

Here are some specific devices for medical applications. Some PC's are adapted to hospitals, there are only some here.

Marijuana vending machine

  • (2008 Jan) Los Angeles medical-cannabis dispensary owner Vincent Mehdizadeh poses with his new Marijuana vending machine installed at the Herbal Nutrition Center in Los Angeles, Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2008. The black, armored machine is bolted to the floor dispenses medical-cannabis to patients who provide a doctor's prescription and special identification card and their fingerprints. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)
  • (2010 May) Prescription Vending Machines tests its machine.

  • Drug dispenser

  • (2011) Ethimedix unveils its "Series zero prototype" of the BTD3 with an AT77C104 (flyer).
    BTD3 is a controlled drug delivery device suitable for medicine in a drinkable form. It allows for safe and monitored use of strictly regulated or difficult to adhere drugs in both a homecare and ambulatory setting. The device aims to improve patient and legal compliance and prevent abuse, misuse and diversion while respecting prescription adherence.
  • (2011 Nov) SmartBottle CTI 8610 project at the EPFL/ESPLAB
  • (2011 Dec) Biometric Tamperproof Drinkable Drug Dispenser (BTD3) in the January/February 2012 issue of Drug Development & Delivery.
  • Images from (may 2013)
  • (2014) The SmartBottle uses a swipe Upek sensor (as the FingerChip was stopped).
  • (2015 Jun) Johns Hopkins University made a prototype of a tamper-resistant pill dispenser.

  • Motion Computing

  • (2007 Feb): Motion Computing unveils the C5 health tablet PC with the Authentec 1610 swipe fingerprint sensor.
  • (2008 Mar) The F5 is released. Same design.
  • (2010 May) C5v & F5v are updates.

  • TabletKiosk

  • (2009 Mar): TabletKiosk® introduces the MediSlate™ MCA i1040XT with a Validity fingerprint sensor.
  • Avatars:

  • (2009 Mar) GammaTech Durabook RT10
  • (2009 May) Tangent Medic 10T
  • (2009) Twinhead Digiheal T10Y MCA