Payment in stores
Payer ses achats

Paying with his/her fingerprint is convenient: no need to carry money (which is an advantage for elderly)...

There are two main sections:


In USA, Pay By Touch has been one of the very first to propose a system based on fingerprints, and as of end 2006, already 3 millions individuals were enrolled. But the system died in 2006.

Anneka Jackson, customer service manager at Cub Foods east side store

(2007 Oct): Payment with the fingerprint is starting in Shanghai.

Shanghai oct 2007
Shanghai oct 2007

New initiatives are launched using the fingerprint sensor of smartphones:

Cash registers

  • (2006) Posiflex Jiva 8415 with the optional SD200 optical fingerprint reader.
  • (2007 May) Jiva 5815 with an Authentec square sensor.
  • (2007 Jul) Casio proposes a fingerprint reader as an option for its StoreWatcher4000 (BT-4000).