Biometrics: standards

Biometric standard bodies

The BioAPI (Biometric Application Programming Interface) Consortium published their rules as an ISO standard in 2005.

Purpose Groups Name Description
Vocabulary WG 1 Biometric Vocabulary Get the words right
Interfaces WG 2 Interfaces Get equipment talk to each other
Images WG 3 Interchange Formats Get algorithms to understand each other
Profiles WG 4 Biometric Profiles Make it fit the purpose
Testing WG 5 Biometric Testing and Reporting Check it works
People WG 6 Cross-Jurisdictional and Societal Issues Make it acceptable
biometrics standard bodies organization

Biometric associations

Biometrics: list of standards

! Below, situation as of 2007 !

I only listed here the "sensor level" standards, and not the application level standards. Standards to check compliance also exist.

International standards

Approved or FDIS level (=just before approval) (July 2007):

US standards

Which are, most of the time, proposed as starting documents for ISO standards:

See also:

For fingerprints, there is the infamous FBI Appendix F Electronic Fingerprint Transmission Specification 1999 that is defining the minimum resolution, 500 dpi (dot per inch), which is 50.8 microns.

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