Paycheck (2004)

  • Face recognition used to find the closest candidate for imitation purpose.
  • The Bourne Supremacy (2004)
    La mort dans la peau

  • A fake latent print from Jason Bourne on some adhesive tape is taken...
  • ... and put on the detonator... (not sure it's so easy to do :)
  • ... so that Jason will be charged later.
  • The latent print is acquired from the detonator.
  • And put on the iPAQ h5450 screen.
  • The iPAQ is switched on, so the regular fingerprint logon screen appears, and we can see below the latent the fingerprint from the owner. (BTW, 3 fingers have been enrolled).
  • And magically, the latent print appears on the screen. Incredible! Well, there is a fingerprint sensor on the iPAQ which is just below the button, and the sensor is unable to read a latent print on a tape :) Have a look at my iPAQ page to get more info.
    That said, I'm happy to see on the big screen my fingerprint sensor :)
  • Later, the match is done on the CIA machines, but the file is protected.
  • Once the security checks are cleared, full access is given.
  • I, Robot (2004)

  • Access control to the lab using the side of the palm.
  • Spooner's voice identification to access files.
  • Viki access control using the side of the palm.
  • Qui Perd Gagne! (2004) Looser takes all

  • Likely some kind of palm recognition when Angèle accesses the police labs.
  • Also to enter another more secure lab inside (palm close to the green lamp behind).
  • Cops are checking fingerprints on the tickets of the lottery match.
  • The latent fingerprints on the two winner tickets of the lottery match same guys (and exactly the same fingerprint, same pixels :)
  • Benjamin Gates (2004)
    Benjamin Gates et le trésor des templiers

  • Benjamin Gates reveals the (grey) latent print of Nigel Ferguson on a glass using superglue fumes, copies on a latex gloves and spoofs the fingerprint access control (Bioscrypt ;-) that protects the museum containing the Declaration of Independance.
  • Copying on latex (!) ...
  • While the bad guy is using a less clever option to bypass the control...
  • Benjamin is using the latex fake to spoof the sensor...
  • ... and access is granted.
  • FYI, superglue gives white latent prints, and the copy on the latex just cannot work on the Authentec fingerprint sensor used in this system...

    Les rivières pourpre 2 (2004)

  • DNA analysis (Genotype Explorer software).
  • Fingerprint search...
  • ...failed.
  • Hellboy (2004)

  • retinal scan access control.
  • retinal scan done...
  • and identification of John Myers is made.
  • Catwoman (2004)

  • Sample acquisition...
  • extracting and comparing...
  • Lips matching!
  • Thunderbirds (2004) Les sentinelles de l'air

  • Fingerprint/hand recognition to access the computer (twice).
  • The Incredibles (2004) Les Indestructibles

  • To access her secret den, Edna Mode must enter a personal identification number (PIN), scan her hand...
  • ...scan her iris...
  • To access her secret den, Edna Mode must scan her hand, enter a personal identification number (PIN), scan her iris, and finally speak into a voice verification system.