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Here is the list of labs that are working, more or less, on spoofing.

Sorry about possible dead links, and also missing groups.

(2020) FIDO alliance is proposing to certify your biometric device: the Biometric Component Certification done by FIDO Accredited Biometric Laboratories.

Name Location Who Modality Comment
CUBS: Center for Unified Biometrics and Sensors USA / University at Buffalo (UB) / State University of New York. Venu Govindaraju fingerprint (2008) Page about liveness detection (now almost empty)

BioLab: Biometric System Laboratory Italy / Unibo University of Bologna Dario Mario
Davide Maltoni
fingerprint (2014) Fake Finger Detection
CITeR: Center for Identification Technology Research is a National Science Foundation (NSF) Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC) USA / West Virginia University, University of Arizona, Clarkson University, University at Buffalo.
Biometrics research group USA / Michigan State University / Department of Computer Science and Engineering Anil K. Jain
Arun Ross
- Fingerprint Alteration Fingerprint Reconstruction From Minutiae
BERC: Biometrics Engineering Research Center Korea Jaihie Kim - was founded in August 2002 with more than one hundred biometric experts (including 17 professors) from five universities, and with the support of Korea Science Foundation (KSF)
Computer Vision Laboratory Korea / Yonsei University Jaihie Kim fingerprint, iris liveness detection
Allen Corp. / Wetstone: Fingerprint biometric liveness USA Chet Hosmer
Geoff Barron
fingeprint Sponsor: U.S Air Force Research Laboratory at Rome, NY
Biometric Person Recognition (Biometrics) Swiss / Martigny Idiap Sébastien Marcel - (2014 Tabula Rasa project)
ATVS: Biometric Recognition Group - ATVS Spain / Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Javier Ortega-Garcia
Joaquin Gonzalez-Rodriguez
- Javier Galbally, F.Alonso-Fernandez, Julian Fierrez
Garage4hackers Penetration Testing Biometric System
Biomedical Signal Analysis Lab USA / Clarkson University Stephanie Schuckers - Liveness Resources: datasets, papers...
Biometric Information Processing Group China / National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Sciences, P.R.C Tieniu TAN
Weiming HU, Ziqing LI
- also called The Center for Biometrics and Security Research (CBSSR). 70 researchers.
BRC: Biometrics Research Centre Hong Kong ZHANG Dapeng, David - Raymond Wong, PATHAK Ajay Kumar, ZHANG Lei
GUTI: University Group for Identification Technologies Spain / Carlos III University of Madrid Raul Sanchez-Reillo -
PRA: Pattern recognition and Applications Lab Italy / University of Cagliari Gian Luca Marcialis, team leader
Luca Ghiani, Fabio Roli
Security Research Lab Germany / Berlin Karsten Nohl (manager) Fingerprint (2015) Fingerprint spoofing
IBM Research / Biometrics Thomas J. Watson Research Center / Yorktown Heights, New York and Cambridge, Massachusetts Nalini K. Ratha signatures, voiceprints, gait cancelable biometrics
Odin Washington? Chris Boehnen (Program Manager) Fingerprint... 2016 IARPA program about Presentation Attack Detection
Cisco / Talos Intelligence USA? Paul Rascagneres and Vitor Ventura. Fingerprint 2020 fingerprint scanners defeated with 3D printing