Some other (physical) access control systems

... other than turnstiles and door knobs


  • (2004) Schindler Neolift uses a fingerprint reader to authorize the access to levels.

  • Airline check-in

  • (2006) Some airlines are testing the fingerprint check-in.

  • Garage

  • (2007) Garage door opened smartGDO from Biometrx.
  • (2007 Aug) Liftmaster proposes the 379LM Fingerprint Keyless Entry to make access to your garage.
  • Liftmaster 379LM

    Biometric Smoking Ban

  • (2007 Oct) IDSCAN Smoke Screen is the rapid entry exit system that allows your customers to enter and exit freely with out being further penalised by having to re-queue.
    AVOID – Bar Surfing fraud - customers are arriving early to take advantage of concession prices – exiting on a smoking pass and returning at peak times to avoid full entry charges.
    BAR SURFING FEATURE – Tells you exactly how many minutes past their allowed exit time the customer has exceeded and at what time they exited (up to 3 hours maximum).

  • Key

  • (2003) Mondami unveils the Mondokey, a regular key with a built-in fingerprint sensor (which may look strange at first sight, as biometrics is supposed to replace the key).