Desktop PC /PC de bureau

You will find below desktop containing a built-in (in the main box) fingerprint sensor, as no other modality is available, sorted by company, in order of appearance.

Pelham Sloane

  • (2006 Aug): Pelham Sloane Psynergy 1700 with a sweep Upek fingerprint sensor.

  • Shuttle

  • (2007 Jun): Shuttle XPCs – SG33G5M, SX38P3, SP35P3, SN68PTG6 - fingerprint sensor from Atrua.
  • (2007 Dec) XPC SX38P2 Pro
  • (2008 Jul) XPC SX48P2
  • (2007 Jul) The D'VO entertainment series has almost the same casing than the XPC.
  • (2007 Sep) The SP35P2 Pro has the same form factor.
  • (2008 Feb) The P2 3500G looks the same.
  • (2008 Sep) The P2 4800X is an update.
  • Shuttle SP35P2 Pro


  • (2007 Jun): LG India has announced the launch of its first desktop PC with built-in finger print security WQ-H2CCTP1-BL10A17. Also called XWZ-3011.

  • Tyco Electronics

  • (2008 Jan): The Tyco Electronics introduces the Elo Touchsystems 17A2 TouchComputer.
  • (2010 Jan): The Tyco Electronics introduces the Elo Touchsystems 15D1 TouchComputer.

  • Asus

  • (2008 Mar): The Asus Ares desktop PC for gamers has a swipe fingerprint sensor from Authentec.
  • (2008 Nov): ROG CG6190

  • Rise Computer

  • (2008 Jun): Rise Computer unveils at Computex the RS-5622 all in one LCD Panel PC/TV with a FingerChip fingerprint sensor.

  • Medion

  • (2009 Aug): Medion announces The Touch X9613. Authentec's AES2550 fingerprint sensor.

  • Bestech

  • (2010 Aug): [] Bestech announces the Guardian. Upek fingerprint sensor.

  • Asus