ATM Automated Teller Machine
Guichet automatique

  • (2005 Oct) NCR shows an ATM (prototype?) with a fingerprint sensor.
  • (2006 Jan) Axis (India) unveils the Bio-ATM with a fingerprint sensor.
  • (2006 Jul) Hitachi ATM, generally announced with a fingerprint sensor, but I think it's rather the finger vein reader from Hitachi.
  • (2006 Mar) Fujitsu PalmSecure
  • (2006) An ATM in Korea
  • (2007 Mar) Sahni and 14 other poor daily wage workers from Vaishaligarh and neighbouring areas are among the first villagers in Bihar to have access to biometric cash machines to withdraw their money. For the moment, the cash machine run by the state-run Central Bank of India, is targeting some 210 daily wage workers in the area.
    Biometric cash machines bring joy (BBC India)
  • (2011 Jul) NCR pillar-shaped ATM