PCMCIA cards / Cartes PCMCIA

You will find below PCMCIA cards (PC cards) containing a built-in fingerprint sensor, sorted by company.

I didn't find any other biometrics for PCMCIA.


  • (1997 Feb) Fujitsu FingerPass Card with optical fingerprint sensor.
  • Fujitsu FingerPass


  • (1998 Jul) Veridicom announces in a press release that TechnoImagia has incorporated its sensor in the Seemony (with Silex technology).

  • NEC

  • (1998 Oct) NEC announces the PCMCIA card PK-FP001M using the Veridicom sensor.

  • Applied Biometrics

  • (2000 Jan) (not a PCMCIA card!) Applied Biometrics displays an extension for a Palm (Veridicom sensor?), the Kryptic Pilot.

  • Mytec

  • (2000 Jul) (just another extension for a Palm) Mytec (now Bioscrypt) showed an extension for a Palm (Infineon sensor?).

  • Identix

  • (2000 Oct) Identix BioTouch using an optical fingerprint sensor.
  • Toshiba offers the same device, the "Fingerprint reader".
  • Compaq fingerprint identification.
  • Advance Technology


  • KSI PCMCIA card with the KSI sensor (under dev. for years...)

  • Ethentica

  • (2001 May) Ethentica MS-3000 using an Ethentica sensor.

  • Veritouch

  • (2001 Sep) Veritouch PCMCIA type II with Authentec AF-S2 sensor

  • SCM

  • (2004 Feb) SCM produces the SCR222 using the Authentec AES4000 chip.
    Also distributed by:
  • Tensor T4230
  • (2003 Jan) Targus Defcon Authenticator
  • (2003 Nov) Sitecom
  • (2003 Oct) OnClick Secure-it Via cards VS-100
  • Ace Asia FPA-X
  • Billionton FPA-X FingerPrinter
  • EagleTec ET-FPSCAN
  • (2002 Sep) Precise Biometrics Precise-100 PC Card
  • (2005 Sep) APC Password Manager
  • SCM SCR222
    Tensor T4230 Targus Defcon Authenticator Sitecom PC Card
    OnClick Via ACE Asia Billionton FPA-X
    EagleTec ET-FPSCAN Precise Biometrics


  • (2004 Sep) Silex FIC-200 "DIGITUS" using the Fujitsu MBF200 sensor.
  • Silex FIC-200 Silex FIC-200 Silex FIC-200
  • (2006 Sep) Corega CG-SECFPP.

  • Veridt

  • (2004 Sep) Veridt BioHub PCMCIA and CF card.
  • Veridt BioHub Veridt BioHub CF


  • (2002) iPAQ extension (in fact, likely using a PCMCIA interface).

  • Anviz

  • (2005) Anviz PCMCIA fingerprint reader.
  • Anviz PCMCIA


  • (2006) CF Card for PDA BMF? fingerprint sensor.

  • Atsonic

  • (2004) Atsonic Sweetfinger is a ruggedized iPAQ with a fingerprint extension (and so connected to the PCMCIA interface).

  • Kawau

  • (2007 Feb) FR-401 with a Lightuning fingerprint sensor. Written FPC-201 on the back. Maker unclear, but 201 is the regular number of Kawau. Nice english typo on the package :)

  • Jstac

  • (2007 Apr) A153 PCMCIA fingerprint reader with an Authentec swipe fingerprint sensor.