Cellphone accessories (add-on)
Accessoires pour portables

Here are the accessories proposed to enhance your phone with some biometric features.

BioWallet / Mobbeel

  • (2011 Jan): BioWallet Demos Iris Recognition Technology.

  • Fulcrum

  • (2011 May): Fulcrum releases the FbF® mobileOne, a Biometric Fingerprint Accessory for iPod Touch with a Upek sensor.

  • SIC Biometrics

  • (2011): SIC annouces the iFMID the Fingerprint Mobile Identification Device “FMID” reader series for smart phone (Apple).
  • (2011 Nov) Fingerprint sensor from Idex (press release)

  • Precise Biometrics

  • (2012 May): Precise Biometrics' Tactivo is a smart card reader + fingeprint sensor for the iPhone 4.
    Also for the iPhone 5, but well, the 5s has an embedded fingerprint sensor...

  • Pipa Solutions

  • (2012 Dec): The Pipa Touch project on Indiegogo bring security to the iPhone, by Pipa Solutions.
    bad luck guys, the iPhone has now a built-in fingerprint sensor...

  • FingerQ

  • (2013 Jun): FingerQ (World Wide Touch Technology (WWTT) unveils a family of cases for smartphones with the FPC1080A swipe fingerprint sensor (via CNET ASIA).

  • Dalian Hengchip

  • (2015 apr): Dalian Hengchip launched the Magic Finger, a mobile phone rear cover with fingerprint recognition designed for Samsung Note 3. (via Global Sources).