Biometric applications for kids

Parents want to know where are their kids, and make sure everything is OK. Using ID, cards or whatever is more complicated than using some biometrics: they never forget, and also there is no risk of loosing the token: this could be very practical!

Imagine also if your kid has some problems with some specific kind of food: it is easy to check with biometrics.


Fingerprint scan lets Norfolk students check out books


In Korea, to record if the child are here (?)

Korean school
Shanxi Experimental Secondary School

School Bus

(2005) A child uses the Sweet Finger identification system while boarding a school bus in Ontario. The Ontario-Montclair School District uses the system to track pupils.
Terry Pierson / The Press-Enterprise

Ontario, 2005

School lunch

Biometric systems automate the payment and accounting of school lunches.

school lunch

Stephanie Schwenke lifts her finger off the biometric-scan pad as an image of her fingertip appears on screen during lunch at Cumberland-Anita-Massena Middle School in Massena, Iowa, in 2003. Districts in Iowa have stopped using such equipment because of a new law that bars schools from fingerprinting students. —File photo by Steve Pope/AP

Second-grader Antwain Williams, 8, has his fingerprint scanned in the cafeteria at Pine Crest Elementary in Sanford
Christine Breazeale, a 10th-grader at Vicksburg High School, gets a prepackaged lunch from a vending machine.
Shelly Phillips assists Rodrick Knights in scanning his finger (Denise Bertacchi)