Personnel management

Well, okay, newborn under "personnel management" seems a little bit overkill... but it makes sense, see further!

Newborn / mother identification

  • (2005) El Codificador Neonatal: systema ICN.
  • Being sure that nobody else will take your child...
    In China (Tianjin Tanggu)

    Tianjin Tanggu
  • (2008) Newborn's Biometric Identification: Can it be done? / Daniel Weingaertner, Olga Regina Pereira Bellon, Luciano Silva, Monica Nunes Lima Cat

  • School exams

  • (2007 Jul) Software Secure proposes fingerprint recognition with Securexam Remote Proctor, hardware used to monitor distance learning test-takers at remote locations. The new technology would allow cameras to be placed inside students’ homes, solving a problem for the growing field of online education: how to make sure students aren’t cheating on their exams.
  • School

  • (2010 Oct) College in Chengdu adopts fingerprint machine to check study attendance.
    The Hotel Management College under Chengdu University of Information Technology adopted the fingerprint recognition machines in two classrooms around two weeks ago.
    Each morning, students have to queue to register their prints for class attendance before 7:40am.