Some other services control systems

Amusement Ride

  • (2005 Oct) Secure Identification Device proposes an Amusement Ride Operator Verification device to make sure that the proper person operates the ride, in addition of the regular key.

  • TV remote control

  • (2005) NTT shows a TV remote control prototype using their brand new fingerprint sensor.
  • (2006 Sep) Ruwido unveils the Voco technology platform.
  • Voco sensor
  • (2014) Crucialtech claims the world first biometric (fingerprint) remote :)

  • Console Game

  • (2006 Jul) Envizions Evo Phase One Launches On October 20, 2006 In North America. Contains a built-in biometric fingerprint reader but which one? and where? Is that serious (with Zvetco, so an Authentec sensor)?

  • Surveillance

  • (2005 Jan) Konami & Takara Toys unveil the Tera Security robot, able to perform some surveillance, and is disabled with fingerprint, hidden in the tongue :)

  • Aviation fueling

  • (2005 Dec) Deadman Technologies' Wireless Biometric Deadman combines wireless and biometric technology to read fingerprints and wirelessly allow only authorized attendants aviation fueling ability (unjammable).
    Have a look at the video to know more about this.

  • Cloakroom

  • (2008 Apr) IDScan releases Cloakscan, a fingerprint-based cloakroom system.

  • Voice Recorder

  • (2008 Apr) Sanyo releases the ICR-PS1000M Diply Talk, the first PCM Voice Recorder with a built-in fingerprint sensor.
  • (2008 Feb) Olympus unveils the DS-5000iD voice recorder, with an optical sweep built-in fingerprint sensor from Mitsumi(?).
  • (2015 Jul) Finz is offering recorders (video and voice), with a built-in fingerprint sensor from ... Atrua??? where the hell did they find the parts!
  • (2017) Bluetooth recorder, with a built-in Fingerprint Cards sensor.

  • Camera

  • (2009 Aug) Some leaks about the Panasonic Lumix GF1 camera>: first camera with a fingerprint reader!

  • Coffee Machine

  • (2010 Jun) Saeco introduces the Xelsis Digital ID SLX 8870 MS a coffee machine with a fingerprint sensor.

  • Thermostat

  • (2005 Jun) A tamper-proof secure thermostat that allows a homeowner to control the access to temperature settings in their homes.
  • BioMETRX thermostat
  • (2007) Biometrx smartSTAT.

  • Electric switch

  • (2009 May) Schneider Electric (South Africa) launches the Harmony XB5S electric switch which includes a fingerprint system from Sagem.

  • Washing machine

    Yes, washing machine... to alternate man/woman usage.

  • (2005 Mar) Servicio Estacion (Barcelona, Spain) unveils the "Te Toca", a washing machine that forces people to alternate its use.

  • Lighter

    A fingerprint enabled lighter? Childproof!
    Patent application US20100045430 (2008). Amazingly low cost ($10 range!).

  • (2016) PPM PB006 Fingerprint Lighter Solution.
  • (2016) Shenzhen Super Electric Technology Arc Fingerprint Plasma Lighter. (alibaba)
  • (2016) Xian SAMING Technology Electronic USB Charging Metal Windproof Lighters Dual Arc Fingerprint Lighter.
  • (2016) Shenzhen Super Technology fingerprint USB Rechargeable Flameless Windproof Cigar Cigarette Lighter. (alibaba)
  • (2016) New Ultrathin Metal Lighters Fingerprint Induction Double-sided Cigarette Lighter USB With Charging. (aliexpress)
  • (2016 Sep) PIRO lighter, from Slovenia.
  • (2018) FingerCrystal lighter

  • Vape Mods

  • (2019 May) Asmodus Minikin 3s fingerprint protected.