Chronology of smartcard with a built-in fingerprint sensor
Chronologie des cartes à puce avec capteur d'empreinte digitale intégré

Here is the history of smartcard with a built-in fingerprint sensor.

Same information as the companies page, latest devices first.

Take care that I copied what they announce, and all of them are "first"...

  • The Rise of Biometric Cards (2018 Q4) / Antonio D'Albore & JF Mainguet for the sensor section.

  • 2019


  • (2019 Jul) APS unveils the Stone M with a fingerprint sensor.
  • ExcelSecu, Hengbao

  • (2019 Mar) ExcelSecu batteryless, dual interface display, Idex sensor.
  • (2019 May) Hengbao dual-interface card demonstrated at the 2nd Digital China Summit (source Idex)
  • Feitian

  • (2019 Mar) Working with Idex and Fingerprint Cards.
  • 2018


  • (2018 Nov): MasterCard Set to Conduct 16 Week Trial of Biometric Bank Card in Italy.
    Sensor has changed: it's now a FPC1300 series.
  • Intesa Sanpaolo, Mastercard and Gemalto announces pilot of dual interface Biometric Payment Card in Italy
  • Idex
  • (2018 Nov) Infineon and IDEX Biometrics join forces to advance biometric card solutions

  • Next Biometrics

  • (2018 Nov) Infineon and NEXT Biometrics introduce Biometric Card Reference Design
  • NXP

  • (2018 Sep) NXP launches low-cost fingerprint card solution.
  • With Precise Biometrics (2018 Jun)
    & Fingerprint Cards (2017 Oct)
  • Toshiba

  • (2018 Jun) Toshiba review
    Morix FPSF105AU Area Sensor, 8 x 8mm, 160 x 160 pixels.
  • Lion

  • (2018 Aug) Demo on YouTube
  • Next Biometrics

  • (2018 Jul) Another prototype "powered by Tactilis"
  • Sisoul

  • (2018 Jun) Sisoul No PW FPC Card (batteryless NFC smart card).
  • Infinacom

  • (2018 May) Infinacom Biometric Credit Card announcement.
  • Unikeys

  • (2018 May) Unikeys: the UKey smart hardware wallet card is ISO/IEC 7810 & 14443 compliant. (Mereal card)
  • (2018 Jun) Steffan J. on twitter publishes some statistics.

  • (2018 May) SCTECHONE Touch xWallet with the FPC1300-series sensor (not ISO / thickness).
  • MeReal
  • (2018 Mar) MeReal Biometrics explains the Benefits of a Fingerprint Sensor on a card.
    Looks to be a new version.
  • China Vision
  • (2018 Feb) China Vision Microelectronics (深圳华视微电子有限公司) announces a smart card with a fingerprint sensor.
  • Mountain America
  • (2018 Jan) Mountain America Credit Union Becomes the First Financial Institution in USA to Trial Biometric Payment Cards
    Kona-i smart card
  • 2017

    Hantro Tech
  • Hantro Tech: Hantro Tech BioNCrypt smart card /Buykorea
  • (2017 Nov): BH001
    160x160 pixels @508dpi, 8 bits
  • HYF
  • HYF Herofun or Shenzhen Herofun Bio-Tech co., : Herofun-bio / Herofun-id
  • (2017 Oct): BH001
    8*8 mm @508dpi, 8 bits, Pencil hardness: 6 H(@500g), RCA Abrasion Wear: 200 cycle(@175g), FRR: 2%, FAR: 1/10000 and also : Interface: USB/GPIO / Interface type: 13pin, 0.8mm pitch, ACF connector Supply voltage: 3.0-3.6 V, which is really strange for a smart card...
    BH001A: build-in rechargeable battery, contact and contactless
    BH001B: no battery, only contactless. (source: Lucia Lee)
  • ManeulLab

  • (2017 Nov): ManeulLab unveils a fingerprint enabled smart card (The Card). Fingerprint Cards sensor under the transparent overlay.
  • Feitian

  • (2017 Aug) Feitian unveils a smart card with an Idex fingerprint sensor.
    BTW, I just remembered Feitian was using the FingerChip in 2006.
  • Morix

  • (2017 Nov) Morix fingerprint CARD is using the FPSF 105 AU (IMD).
  • Idemia

  • (2017 Nov) Idemia and JCB partner to launch the first F-Code payment card in Japan.
  • First Biometrics

  • (2017 Aug) NEXT Biometrics large fingerprint sensor chosen by First Biometrics for smart card.
    No button? No battery? No LED?
  • Smartmetric

  • (2017 Jul) SmartMetric Releases Video of Its Biometric Fingerprint Secured Credit Card (IMD sensor).
  • UINT & Mereal Biometrics / Fingerprint Cards

  • (2017 Jun) New Secure Biometrics Card V2 Unveiled in the World's First Open Air Casino.
  • (2017 Jun) Fingerprint Cards FPC1320.
  • Zwipe

  • (2017 Jun) polyimide PCB.
  • Kona-I / Crucialtec

  • (2017 Jun): energy harvest / self-powering.
  • Idex
  • (2017 Jun) IDEX launches breakthrough fingerprint sensor for contactless smart cards.
  • Idex

  • (2017 May): Gemalto EMV card. Remember that Gemalto acquired Cogent.
  • Idex
  • (2017 Apr): Thumbs Up: Mastercard Unveils Next Generation Biometric Card. South African Trials Demonstrate Convenience and Security.
  • (2017 May): Safran Identity & Security (now OT-Morpho) reveals role in Mastercard biometric card
  • KSID Korean Smart ID
  • (2017 Apr) Taiwan-based Elan Microelectronics has announced it is teaming up with smart card integrator Jinco Universal and Korea Smart ID (KSID), a security solution provider, to develop smart cards with an embedded fingerprint sensor.
  • (2017 Jul) MagnaChip Semiconductor has been selected to manufacture ELAN Microelectronics’ fingerprint sensor IC-based smartcard. The sensor-IC based smartcard will be manufactured using MagnaChip’s 0.35 micron mixed signal thick in-mold decorating (IMD) manufacturing process technology.
  • Bundesdruckerei

  • (2017 Mar): CeBIT: Bundesdruckerei GoID
  • Fingerprint Cards
  • (2017 Mar) Fingerprint Cards: Fingerprints™ premieres first own contactless card solution demonstration:
    - Smartcard with contact chip
    - contactless without battery
    - contactless with battery
  • Lion

  • (2017 Feb) Product Introduction LS-BMC™ (Lion Security Biometric Recognition Smart Card)
  • Oberthur Technologies

  • (2017 Feb) Oberthur Technologies demonstrates the F-Code card at the MWC.
  • Idex

  • (2017 Feb): A smartcard with Safran at the MWC
  • ASD / Morix

  • (2017) Morix Card NFC
  • Jinco Japan

  • (2017) Jinco smart card (Taiwan) alliance with KSID & Elan
  • 2016


  • (2016 Nov) green PCB.
  • Kona-I / Crucialtec

  • (2016 Oct): Kona-I releases a fingerprint enabled credit card.
  • (2016 Nov): Fingerprint Cards unveiled that Kona has a FPC1300 series sensor.
  • Datang Microelectronics Technology (DMT)

  • (2016 Jun) Datang exhibition.
    Showed the 2nd generation ID card. (looks like B-iD!)
  • Qafis / Access Verification Solutions

  • (2016 May) Qafis and Access Verification Solutions are offering a "biometric smartcard". Looks to be just an image, hard to believe the Upek sensor is still available...
  • Kona-I / Crucialtec

  • (2016 May): CrucialTec releases a smart card with Kona.
    Fingerprint Cards FPC1020 sensor.
  • Short video showing the smart card in action.
  • UINT & Mereal Biometrics / Fingerprint Cards

  • (2016 May) UINT swipe version Short video showing the smart card in action.
  • KSID Korean Smart ID

  • (2016 Apr) KSID unveils its Bio Smart Card.
    Fingerprint sensor: 160x160 pixels / 12.2x12.2 mm
  • Next Biometrics

  • (2016 Apr) NEXT Biometrics Showcases Flexible Fingerprint Sensor for Smart Cards. "We are now proud to announce that our ISO-compliance includes the recently published ISO/IEC 17839 standard, and to our knowledge this makes us the only supplier to meet this specification."
  • Zwipe

  • (2016 Feb): Zwipe announces Zwipe ID.
  • Idex

  • (2016 Feb): IDEX Unveils World’s First Flexible Touch Fingerprint Sensor for ISO Cards
  • (2015 Jun) IDEX Enters into a Strategic Worldwide Biometric Card Partnership with a Global Payments Company. Guess who?
  • IFE Infinity Electronic Biotech

  • (2016): IFE338 RFID/NFC, built-in battery (7V / 17mAh) or energy harvesting from contactless reader, CPU @ 80MIPS, 128K flash memory and 64K RAM built-in.
  • 2015

    Jinco Japan

  • (2015 Nov) NFC smart card
  • Smartmetric

  • (2015 Jul) A new version with the Upek swipe sensor.
  • Bundesdruckerei

  • (2015 Mar): CeBIT: Bundesdruckerei exhibits an employee ID card for tomorrow: Go ID!
  • FSTechnologys

  • (2015 Mar): FST Fstechnologys unveils the Bio Smart Card *EPNC)
  • Quardlock

  • (2015): Quardlock proposes a OTP smartcard.
    "Available 2015" as said on their website. Still waiting.
  • (2015 Sep) Video on YouTube
  • Creative Arts

  • (2015): Creative Arts is developping a smart card, RFID, with a small fingeprint sensor FPTS22?
  • 2014


  • (2014 Nov): B-iD proposes a biometric smart card @ ISC West 2014.
    Fingerprint sensor: FPTS22?
  • CardTech

  • (2014 Nov): CardTech demonstrates at cartes 2014 a smart card with an Idex fingerprint sensor. Demonstration video.
    Likely a follow-up of the Pinkey card in 2011.
  • Zwipe & Mastercard

  • (2014 Oct): Zwipe & Mastercard announce the launch of the world’s very first contactless payment card with embedded fingerprint biometrics, combining on-device biometric authentication with the convenience of a contactless credit card.
    Fingerprint Cards sensor.
  • Smartmetric

  • (2014 Jan) SmartMetric to Launch World’s First Bitcoin Card With Biometric Fingerprint Protection.
    Unidentified fingerprint sensor, likely only an image.
  • JP Sensor >> (2016) IFE

  • (2014): JP Sensor unveils a smart card project, the JP2000 BioCard.
  • 2013

    UINT & Mereal Biometrics / Fingerprint Cards

  • (2013 Sep): UINT & Mereal Biometrics announces a new smartcard with a built-in fingerprint sensor from Fingerprint Cards. (press release). (FPC press release).
  • (2014 Oct) Short video showing the smart card in action.
  • Sonavation
  • (2013 May): Sonavation unveils an ISO 7816 smart card.
    Looking at the pictures, it seeems that an area sensor exists... and very close design from the Embedx Biomatrix card!
  • 2012

    Embedx Biomatrix

  • (2012 Apr): Idex announces an order from Embedx Biomatrix for fingerprint sensors to embed in a smartcard.
  • MondoKey

  • (2012): MondoKey is defining the MondoKey smart card.
  • Jinco Japan

  • (2012): Jinco Japan unveils the Jinco smart card at Cartes Hong-Kong '12.
  • 2011


  • (2011 Nov): Pinkey unveils the Pinkey Smart smart card.
    Embeds an Idex capacitive sensor.
    See also Card Tech. Also Sonavation partner.
  • Smartmetric

  • (2011 Jun) Smartmetric releases the world's first fingerprint-activated portable Health Records card for consumers.

  • SmartDATATEL

  • (2011): SmartDATATEL is developing with Smartmetric a smart card, with a swipe fingeprint sensor.
  • SIC Biometrics

  • (2011): SIC annouces the Touch Prox smart card.
    The Touch Prox card developed by S.I.C. Biometrics offers a new concept in biometric identification and global security.
    The card is equipped with a built-in solar panel into the back of the card to recharge the internal battery. Over 1,000 uses are possible by full battery charge.
  • 2010


  • (2010) Validus BC-25 (with Idex)
  • ASD / Morix

  • (2010): ASD unveils the Auth.On Card smart card. Embeds their FPTS-22 fingerprint capacitive sensor.
    Also announced by AVANT Biometrics [].
  • ASD / Morix

  • Seen at Morix
  • 2009

  • (2009 Jan) Validus VALIDcard.
  • Validus_swipeAnimation.swf

  • (2009) production of CardLab first biometric card (FPC1080A).
  • E-Smart technologies

  • (2009) Note that the sensor is rotated. Source : We change the world, with much more photos.
  • 2008

    E-Smart technologies

  • (2008 Oct) The contactless "I AM" card is demonstrated at Cartes 2008. Unclear sensor, likely Fujitsu, but seems to be also a version with the pressure sensor from BMF as announced in the Nikkei Electronic Magazine.
  • Super Smart Card manufacturing video
  • the “i am”™ Card
    E-Smart technologies

  • (2008 Jan) e-Smart® Technologies, Inc., announces Next Generation Superthin Polyimide Flexible Circuit Biometric Super Smart Card™ card, the “i am”™ Card.
  • Validus

  • (2008) Validus [] VALIDcard pre-production card.
  • 2007

    IDSmart / Fujitsu
  • (2007 Mar) ID Smart Inc. [], a Las Vegas-based biometric security system manufacturer and provider, announced today that it has successfully designed a new smart card using state-of-the-art semiconductors from Fujitsu.
    ID Smart will use the Fujitsu MBF200 Fingerprint Touch Sensor providing 500 dpi AFIS compliant sensor with MB91460 series, 32-bit FR processor, high-performance RISC core that targets 100MIPS applications and beyond, in conjunction with ID Smart's own proprietary fingerprint-matching algorithm. The FR processors have an exceptional processing speed with a large internal memory capacity of 1MB (flash) and 64KB (SRAM), including 8KB of instruction cache.
  • Fidelica

  • (2007 Feb) Announces the availability of the BCP-3 smart card development platform featuring a fully-embedded biometric system. Used by DivaCard [].
  • Jacob Palmborg

  • (2007 Jun): Designer Jacob Palmborg [] unveils the Credit Card Concept. The fingerprint sensor is a fake.
  • Vaultid

  • (2007 Jul): Vaultid is making research about a smart card with a fingerprint sensor. The picture to the right is an artistic rendering of what the Vaultid Card could look like.
  • 2006

  • (2006) first and second biometric card proof of concept (no image / likely the one from ScanEcotech)
  • Smartmetric

  • (2006 May) Smartmetric shows a smart card with an embedded fingerprint sensor from ???
  • Smartmetric

  • (2006 Jun) Fidelica [] shows a smart card with a Fidelica fingerprint pressure sensor.
  • 2005

    NovaCard, FingerCard / Upek

  • (2005) Novacard with a Upek swipe sensor (Louis Molholm / Card Factory)
  • Scanecotech / Fingerprint Cards

  • (2005 Apr) Scandinavian Ecotechnologies [] presents a biometric card with an embedded swipe sensor likely from Fingerprint Cards.
  • sensor
    E-Smart technologies

  • (2005 Mar) still at project state, no real device available?
  • Super Smart Card


    Giesecke & Devrient / Fingerprint Cards

  • (2004?) MoSTAR Biocard with an embedded swipe sensor from Fingerprint Cards.
  • MoSTAR
    NovaCard, FingerCard

    Likely to be the same project:

  • (2004) Zorg HSB smart card
  • (2004) Fasme (Facilitating Administrative Services for Mobile Europeans)
  • Zorg Fasme
    Quard Card / Upek

  • (2004) Quard ( shows the QuardCard. Upek sensor, then likely Fingerprint Cards.
  • Brochure
  • E-Smart technologies

  • (2004) BioSensor [] Fingerprint sensor FPS
  • biosensor


    E-Smart technologies

  • (2003) Super Smart Card []
  • 2002

    Biometric Associates, Inc. (BAI)

  • (2002) Henny van der Velden is able to present his brain child to the world: the first Credit - or ID - card with an integrated 3-D fingerprint sensor.
  • (2002) Biometric Associates
  • Super Smart Card with E-Smart technologies
  • Henny van der Velden ID card
    NovaCard, FingerCard

  • (2002) Novacard with Biometric Associates.
  • NovaCard, FingerCard / Infineon

  • (2002) Fingercard with Novacard (Same as Siemens?).
  • FingerCard / Infineon. Click to enlarge
    Giesecke & Devrient / Infineon

  • (2002) Prototype with an Infineon sensor.
  • Infineon



    ID Technologies

  • (2000 Mar) Proof of concept of a full recognition done within a smart card shape size made by Bill Lane.
  • 1999

    Siemens/Infineon FingerTip

  • (1999) Another prototype shown at the Cebit (see also Bromba webpage)
  • Novacard/Siemens/Infineon prototype Infineon
    Thomson-CSF (Atmel) FingerChip

  • (1999 Jul) Proof of concept of a smart card with a swipe sensor, the FingerChip.
  • Application note
  • 1998

    Siemens/Infineon FingerTip

  • (1998) Siemens shows a card with the FingerTip