Match on Card

You will find below smart cards with match-on-card capability, that is able to compare a live fingerprint signature with a internally stored signature, which is desirable for security purpose: your fingeprint signature never leave the smart card.

At the moment, the live fingerprint is processed by an external microprocessor to get the live signature because this is requiring a lot of CPU ressources.

The NIST is organizing a specific test for match-on-card: MINEX II

See also:

Precise Biometrics

Precise Biometrics sponsors an educational homepage for Match-On-Card technology.

  • Precise Biometrics offers Match-on-Card

  • Bromba

  • Siemens Matcher on Card Version 1.1
  • Bromba MoC 2.0 (Matcher on Card)

  • ACS

  • AET60 BioCARDKey
  • AET63 BioTRUSTKey

  • Giesecke & Devrient

  • (2000) G&D Biometrics Toolkit described in the flyer

  • Ikendi

  • (2000) IKSMARTMATCH described in the flyer

  • Cogent

  • (2000) SC-Gate

  • Ditto

  • (2006) Match-on Smart Card

  • Digent

  • (2006 sep) Digent demonstrated at BCC2006 Baltimore a match-on-card using a TiEx-32J smart card.

  • BeyondLSI

  • (2006) BeyondLSI match-on-card.

  • Ewaytek

  • (2006) Ewaytek BioMatch In COS.

  • Secure Design SDKK

  • (2006 Dec) Secure Design match-on-card FP-Owncard.

  • Neurotechnologija

  • (2007 Oct) Neurotechnologija Smartcard Finger-Match.
  • (2007 Nov) Neurotechnologija Smartcard Face-Match.