Smartphones with a near-infrared camera for 3D face or palm/vein recognition
Portables avec une caméra proche infrarouge pour la reconnaissance 3D du visage ou des veines de la main

This page focuses on smartphones with 3D face recognition, but LG has used a near-infrared ToF camera for palm vein recognition, so I changed the title. You will find other modalities in the:

Face recognition for smartphone using the front camera (the camera for selfies) is not very original, and can be easily spoofed with a photo. So the idea is to use some 3D information to avoid this problem and get some better recognition accuracy.

Using 3D information for face recognition is now quite an old technology: it's a long times that we are using two (or more) cameras to acquire images from different angles to get the distance of objects. The novelty for smartphones is to be able to integrate the technology inside a very small form factor, using some specific sensors under different names

As these 3D camera are working in the near-infrared band, we can use them for vein recognition. And I'm wondering if the 3D information is useful -normally we don't care for veins.

Take a look at 3D Cameras for Consumer Application / Markus Rossi, if you want to understand the basics of 3D sensing.

Note: only smartphones with at least a real attempt to get 3D, I excluded all smartphones using the (simple and unique) front camera.


(2017 Jun) Sony to demo 3D face biometric running on an Xperia smartphone.

(2017 Sep) The iPhone X features Face ID (and no fingerprint sensor).

(More info about Apple and biometrics).

(2017 Sep) Vivo to Use Dual Pixel Camera for 3D Face Recognition

(2017 Nov) Huawei 3D technology


(2018 May) Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition

(2018 Jun) Oppo Find X

(2018 Jun) Vivo prototype

(2018 Jun) Huawei Mate 20

Vivo X23

(2018 Oct) Apple iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, iPad Pro 12.9', iPad Pro 11'

(2018 Nov) ams and Qualcomm Technologies

(2018 Nov) Samsung Galaxy S10 rumours


(2019 Feb) LG G8ThinQ

(2019 Jul) Google Pixel 4


(2020 Jan) Infineon and PMD (pmdtechnologies)

(2020 Feb) Trinamix

(2020) ams

Dot-Pattern Infrared Illuminator for 3D Stereoscopic Imaging:

Flood Illuminator:

Time-of-Flight Sensing (1D):

Camera NIR (CGSS CMOS Global Shutter Sensor):


(2021 Jan) SVI & LIDAR

Face acquisition with a LIDAR. Not adapted to a smartphone, but this is 3D face recognition, just for information.

(2021 Jan) Intel RealSense ID

While this is not directly for smartphones, it worth to note Intel RealSense ID.


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