Biometric Smartphones / not fingerprint
Smartphones avec biométrie / pas à empreinte digitale

You will find below biometric cellphones, but not using fingerprints. Only phones with a specific sensor, excluding those using the camera to perform some face recognition, for instance.

See also Smartphones with built-in fingerprint sensor.


  • (2015 Mar): Fujitsu Develops Prototype Smartphone with Iris Authentication .
  • The Arrows NX F-04G has the "iris passport"
  • (2015 Oct): The Arrow NX F-02H has iris recognition.
  • Powered by Delta ID (hello Salil!)

  • ZTE

  • (2015 Feb) The ZTE Grand S3 is using Eyeprint ID from EyeVerify.
  • (2015 Sep) ZTE Nubia Z9
  • (2015 Oct) ZTE Axon Elite
  • (2016 Jun) ZTE Axon Mini
  • (2015 Oct): The ZTE Blade S7 has a front Goodix GF316 fingerprint sensor.
  • (2016 Jun) The LYF Earth 2 is the same design. Announced with a retinal scan ! Retina? I would better believe iris...

  • HP

  • (2016 Feb) The HP Elite X3 will have iris recognition.

  • LG TeleCom

  • (2016 Jan): some leaks about the LG G5.
  • (2016 Feb): The LG G5 is unveiled at the MWC. Fingerprint Cards FPC1035 fingerprint sensor and iris recognition.
  • (2019 Feb): The LG G8 ThinQ: face unlock, rear fingerprint sensor & Hand ID (vein recognition).

  • TCL / Alcatel Onetouch

  • (2015 May): Alcatel Idol 3 with Eye-D iris recognition from Eyeverify.
  • (2016 Jul): TCL 560 with iris recognition.

  • Vivo (BBK)

  • (2015 May): the Vivo X5 Pro is unveiled with iris recognition.

  • UMI

  • (2015 Jul): UMI unveils some kind of eye recognition with its Iron phone: eyeball and retina. Indeed? It works? Reading the retina is not so easy.

  • Microsoft

  • (2015 Oct): Microsoft Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL are using a infrared camera to read the iris.

  • Homtom (Doogee)

  • (2016 Apr): the Homtom HT10 has an iris scanner.

  • Samsung

  • (2016 Aug): the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 features iris recognition from Princeton Identity (a spin-off from SRI).