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Suzuki B-King / concept bike
  • (2001 Nov) Suzuki B-King starts with a fingerprint reader located in the center.
  • See the movie (IT technologie section).
  • (2015) still proposed, same images: Bikesafe-99
  • Suzuki B-King

    Intel / Orange County Choppers

  • (2007 Apr) Intel marked the launch of the Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® processor 5300 series with the unveiling of an Intel-themed embedded technology-based motorcycle by Orange County Choppers.
    Zvetco Verifi reader with an Authentec square sensor.

  • Chris Boardman

  • (2009 Aug) Chris Boardman unveils his Everyday Bike of the Future, with a fingerprint reader.

  • Greyp

  • (2013 Sep) The Greyp G12 electric bike has a fingerprint reader.
  • (2015 Sep) The G12S is the second generation.

  • Locks

  • (2015) You can use a "regular" padlock to lock your bicycle (maybe with a better chain :).

  • Unlockbike

  • (2014) Jane Momsen proposes the Unlockbike, a specific lock for bicycles. Optical or pressure fingerprint sensor is used: so? Looking at the image, it is a capacitive sensor... So not a product, just an idea.

  • Grasp

  • (2015 Nov) Grasp goes for a kickstarter with the Grasp Lock, a lock for bicycle. Optical fingeprint sensor. Backup with a smartphone (so the fingerprint sensor on the lock is not so useful?)

  • LeEco

  • (2016 Mar) LeEco Super Bike with a fingerprint sensor.

  • Bio-Key

  • (2017 Jun) Bio-key launches TouchLock Bike.

  • Reevo

  • (2020 Oct) Reevo bike has a fingerprint sensor.
  • Reevo_fingerprint