You will find below cars, most often containing a fingerprint sensor. In some cases, I really don't know if the fingerprint reader of the concept car is a real one, sometimes, it is looking very strange ;-)

Non fingerprint-based cars are at the end of the page.

See also some add-on material, mainly for cars


  • (1999) Honda FCX Card ignition key and fingerprint ID system on steering wheel. [Tokyo Motor Show 1999] / Again in 2005 with the FCX concept.

  • BMW

  • (1999) BMW Z22 concept car. The fingerprint sensor is on the door.

  • Chrysler

  • (2000) Chrysler 300 Hemi C concept car. Where is the fingerprint sensor? Close to the ignition key?
    A fingerprint scanner hooked up to a tiny camera provides added security, important in any vehicle and especially in a soft top convertible. The vehicle will not function if the driver's fingerprint and picture don't match the system's information.
  • (2017 Jan) Chrysler shows the Portal, a concept car with voice and face recognition at the CES.

  • Cadillac

  • (2000) Cadillac Imaj
    A special "e-lock" security system opens and locks the vehicle using fingerprint recognition

  • Volvo

  • (2001 Jan) Volvo SCC (Safety Concept Car) with a fingerprint reader in remote control unit (the Volvo Personal Communicator VPC), sensor from Fingerprint Cards
  • Volvo VPC Volvo SCC


  • (2001 Dec) Audi concept or personalization
  • Audi Nuvolari / concept car / glovebox
  • (2003 Mar) Audi Nuvolari
  • Close view of glovebox, 65000 electrodes
  • Audi Nuvolari
    Audi A8
  • (Jul 2002) Audi A8: One-touch memory / Siemens VDO, Infineon fingerprint sensor.
  • Audi A8
  • Audi A8 starting with a fingerprint sensor.
  • (2007) The Audi S8 still offers the same fingerprint sensor.
  • Audi S8


    Suzuki Concept-S / concept car
  • (2002 Sep) Suzuki Concept-S
  • Suzuki Concept-S fingerprint sensor Suzuki Concept-S
    Suzuki "Sea" Forenza Wagon / concept car
  • (2005 Oct) "Sea" Forenza Wagon with the SmartPass Pro biometric technology for locking/unlocking the doors. A fingerprint reader is on the back door: I wonder which sensor it is, a round fingerprint sensor is quite uncommon!

  • Bertone

  • (2002 Mar) Bertone Novanta concept car with an optical fingerprint reader from Green Bit located in the central console.
  • Green Bit sensor Bertone Novanta


  • (2005 Oct) EcoRacer concept-car with a fingerprint sensor in the shift gear.

  • Mitsubishi

  • (2006 Jan) Mitsubishi unveils the Concept-CT car.
    (The fingerprint sensor should be in the center console?!?).
  • Mitsubishi Concept-CT


  • (2008 Aug) Citröen shows the C6 Palas at the British Motor Show with a fingerprint sensor to access email.

  • Opel

  • (2010 Feb) Opel unveils a concept car, the Flextreme GT/E, with a fingeprint sensor.

  • Bentley

  • (2018 Mar) Bentley offers a biometric secure stowage for the Mulliner and Bentayga.

  • Hyundai

  • (2018 Nov) Hyundai Santa Fe with fingerprint unlocking for China.

  • Mercedes-Benz

  • (2020 Jul) Meet the S-Class DIGITAL: "My MBUX" (Mercedes-Benz User Experience).
    fingerprint + face + voice. Rien que ça!

  • Not fingerprint


    A rather unusual application in a car: using the iris as biometric trait.


  • (2020 Jan) Gentex. Since 2017, Gentex shows at the CES iris recognition for cars in the rearview interior mirror.

  • Vein

  • (2005 nov) Hitachi demonstrated at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show a sensor positioned behind the door handle that uses near-infrared light to recognise the pattern of veins across the back of a person's fingers. The handle is designed to guide a driver's hand into the same position each time they open the door, ensuring the finger veins are in the same place for each reading. (
  • (2007 Oct) Hitachi proposes a finger vein reader behind the steering wheel.

    See also the vein page for more info on vein recognition.