Equipments for vehicles

Most of the time, car manufacturers are just showing some concept cars with fingerprint sensors. But there are many offers to add a biometric system on your car.


  • (1999) Siemens "Touch of the future" (Infineon sensor)
  • Entertainment car
  • (2000) Showed at the SAE 2000 world congress

  • Biolife

  • (2004) Biolife offers an add-on for car door.
  • Biolife material Biolife car door

    Original manufacturer?

  • (2004) United linkers Identisafe-09
  • (2004) Yisen Car-F10000
  • (2004) Bioenabletech fingerprint car lock

  • Kinetic Group

  • (2002?) TKG-1010 (html version)

  • Zefyr

  • Zefyr: vol de voiture

  • Sunneo

  • (2005 Jan) Sunneo car remote controler

  • Bioenable

  • BioEnable SecuOn-Auto optical sensor.

  • ABG Automatic Business Group

  • ABT Bio Finger Print using the Bioscrypt access control device.
  • ABG Bio Finger Print ABG Bio Finger Print

    Ritech International

  • Biometrics immobilizer.

  • SID

  • (2005) Secure Identification Device unveils a SID for vehicles.
  • (2007 Jan) New version of the device. Upek sensor.
    See the demo movie on YouTube.

  • ID Link Systems

  • ID Link offers the BioCar. Upek sensor.

  • Linpo

  • (2006) Linpo offers the BioCar BAS-1A. Lightuning sensor.
  • Linpo BioCar


  • (2005) BioGuard offers the CarGuard CJ-1 with an Authentec sensor.
  • SecuriSat Bio-Scan

  • Automotive Technology Research and Development

  • (2006) Automotive Technology Research and Development offers the fingerprint immobiliser ATY-1.
  • (2007 Jul) ATRD's Biocode M10 is the first wirless anti-theft fingerprint system.
  • (2007 Jul) The Biocode M10 is the first wirless anti-theft fingerprint system. Upek sensor.

  • Autonet

  • (2006 Feb) Autonet information (Korean)

  • Woodoo

  • (2006) Woodoo (Russia) offers the WD-800

  • Shenzhen Cheshen

  • (2006) Shenzhen Cheshen Electrical, Science & Technology Co.,Ltd (China) offers the FCS-I

  • Turborevs

  • (2007) Turborevs (UK) offers a Fingerprint Car Alarm using Biometric technology

  • Touch-n-Drive

  • (2007) Touch-n-Drive Biometric Ignition Auto Starter.

  • Poly-Supreme Technology

  • (2007) Poly Supreme Technology offers the Fingerprint Starter-Celularm.

  • MoreDNA Technology

  • (2008 Apr) MoreDNA releases the MR38-1C, a fingerprint Steering Wheel Lock.

  • Shanghai Hequn Technology

  • (2008 May) Shanghai Hequn offers a fingerprint car equipment MG-01.

  • Wison

  • (2008) Wison CR168.

  • Presto

  • (2008 Jun) Presto's Car starting system remote control.

  • Hunchun Baoli Communication / Poly-Supreme

  • (2008) Hunchun Baoli Communication / Poly-Supreme offers Celularm.

  • B&J Biometrics

  • (2008) B&J Biometrics unveils a Fingerprint Remote Car Starting System with the FingerChip.

  • Wiseteam, Miaxis

  • (2008) Wiseteam FC-2000 fingerprint car lock.
  • (2009) Miaxis (chinese) MG-01D

  • Shenzhen Electronics (?)

  • (2008) (secureportability -dead link-).
  • (2016) Found an article mentionning "Shenzhen Electronics marshal". I recognize the FingerChip, + they are speaking of a temperature sensor. And a photo.

  • Unidentified

  • (2009) (unknown chinese manufacturer) CVKP-BG04.

  • Somax / Cnzhiwn

  • (2009) Somax sells a Fingerprint car alarm system.

  • Hawk Systems

  • (2009) Hawk Systems unveils the Automotive Pass.

  • FIST entreprises

  • (2011) FIST enterprises offers BioSmartStart, a fingerprint system to protect cars, bikes, boats...

  • Chongqing Huifan Technologie

  • (2015) Chongqing Huifan Technologie offers the HF-CK600, HF-CK900.

  • Shuangyu Auto home

  • (2015) Shuangyu Auto home OSBS001.

  • Continental

  • (2016 Dec) Fingerprint-controlled engine start and authentic personalization.

  • Not fingerprint


    A rather unusual application in a car: using the iris as biometric trait.

  • Automobile security / United Linker showing Retinasafe-18, which is not a retinal system, but an iris.
  • Gentex corporation

  • (2017 Jan) Gentex corporation introduces biometric authentication aystem for automotive use.
    Iris authentication from Delta ID.

  • Vein

  • (2005 nov) Hitachi demonstrated at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show a sensor positioned behind the door handle that uses near-infrared light to recognise the pattern of veins across the back of a person's fingers. The handle is designed to guide a driver's hand into the same position each time they open the door, ensuring the finger veins are in the same place for each reading.
  • (2007 Oct) Hitachi proposes a finger vein reader behind the steering wheel.

    See also the vein page for more info on vein recognition.

  • Cardiac pulse

  • (2015) Olea proposes the Olea HeartSignature.
  • A revolutionary authentication technology which has the ability to accurately and continuously identify individuals in real time with precision comparable to existing biometric authentication systems.

    Based on a 5.8GHz Doppler radar sensor. Proposed for car seatbelt.