Trucks & industrial vehicles

Kenworth Truck Company

  • (2002 Mar) Kenworth teamed with Heil Trailer International to produce a T800 High-Tech Truck. When the driver’s fingerprint is verified via a sensor, the vehicle can be operated at normal traffic speeds. If the fingerprint doesn’t match, the vehicle can still be started. But it’s at a severely restricted horsepower, thus limiting operation to well below normal speeds. The fleet dispatcher also receives an alert message via wireless communication that an unauthorized user is involved.
  • Kenworth truck


  • (2001) The Smartruck / Smart Truck I is a concept truck, based on a Ford F-350, using a fingerprint sensor (Biocentric GuardDog using Authentec sensor).
  • (2003) Smart Truck II
  • (2004) Smart Truck III. Veridt provided fingerprint authentication.
  • Smartruck 1 Smartruck II: fingerprint sensor is somewhere...

    US Department of Transportation

  • (2003) Biometric Global Login for HAZMAT transport security.

  • Lift Truck

  • (2009 Nov) Fenwick-Linde integrates an ID3 fingerprint reader in their lift truck.