• (2005) ARS
  • (2006 Thursday, November 16 12:00 AM ET) New Biometric Security Device Goes Deeper

  • Fingerprint Matchmaker

    And some people will believe it's a true device, and pay $10 for that stupid piece of software.

    Just take a look at the pink and blue fingerprint: EXACTLY the same! For sure, it matches!

    Sexy Fingerprint

    Another funny one, on iPhone...

    Vampire Scanner Prank HD

    With an ultrasonic sensor...


    There are many applications like that...

    Lie detector

    Also many of them...

    Weight Meter by Fingerprint

    Oh yessss...

    Daily horoscope

    They could make something interesting if they really use recognition...


  • (2006 Dec) Biometric Force par Nicolas Moncasi is about a game where you get an avatar linked to your fingerprint. You cannot choose, it is like that -frustrating- to see how people reacts.

  • One of my favorites, ever true: