Biometrics movies 1990 => 1994

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Die Hard 2 (1990) 58 Minutes pour vivre

Ink fingerprint from a deceased terrorist.

Presumed Innocent (1990)

Fingerprint on a glass as evidence, matched at the court.

Island on Fire (1990) aka The prisoner

Fingerprint match from the cut finger of a murderer supposely dead.
Note: this is exactly the same fingerprint image :)

Body Parts (1991) / La greffe

Bill Crushank lost his arm in an accident, and a new arm is grafted. Later, Bill has a policeman friend run his prints and the arm used to belong to Charles Fletcher-a vicious serial killer.
search and identify.

Sneakers (1992)

Marty enters Cosmo's high security area protected by a voice recognition system.
"My voice is my passport" was reconstructed from recorded pieces of conversation with the right owner, Werner Brandes.

Demolition man (1993)

Warden access the cryo-jail through retinal scan.
We can see the retina!
Later, Simon Phoenix is escaping, so he has to cross the retinal scan check...
... using Warden's eyeball.

Interview with a serial killer (1993) aka White Angel

Finding a latent print...
...(very slow) searching within the database...
...and finally, a positive identification.

In the Line of Fire (1993) Dans la ligne de mire

The FBI searches for the fingerprint...
and matches...
but the result is a C12 code, so secret.

The Specialist (1994) / L'expert

Ray Quick accesses the computer that protects his home (using bombs) with palm verification. Looks like impedance measurement, but well, there is no existing systems working like that.

True Lies (1994)

Harry and Gib step up to the retinal-hand scanners controlling the access to the headquarters.

Clear and present danger (1994) / Danger Immédiat

Voice matching between two phone conversation.
Then seek the voice within the voice database of the CIA...
and match! The speaker is identified.

Outbreak (1994) Alerte

Hand readers from RSI (at least 5 locations) everywhere before accessing the P4 lab of the USAMRIID.
Note they are showed working in identification mode, should work only in verification mode (you have to type a PIN number)...

Drop Zone (1994)

Fingerprint protected access to the DEA data center.
A special spray...
... and the latent print appears.
Then a real finger (with a glove)...
... triggers the device ...
... and matched ...
... access is granted!

Project Shadowchaser II aka Night Siege (1994)

voice identification to enter a piece in the lab.
"Open the f**king door!" :)

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