The 6th day (2000)

Adam's blood analysis just before reading memory through the eyes, but this is not for identification.

  • Adam pays the taxi using his fingerprint.
  • Adam Gibson's identity checked at the police station: "thumbprint checked against records...match confirmed".
  • Adam shots Talia's hand...
  • ... who is not so happy to loose her fingers.
  • Adam tries to steal Talia's car...
  • ... and is rejected, remaining 10 seconds before the alarm...
  • ... so Adam takes the cut finger from Talia...
  • ... and uses it...
  • ... searching...
  • ... and starting Talia's car.
  • "Double X Charter" building fingerprint access control...
  • ...accessing.
  • To enter the WEIR building, Adam is using Talia's cut finger...
  • ... access granted! (so no aliveness detection, as usual)
  • Then, Adam wants to access an elevator, using again Talia's cut finger, but the finger falls...
  • ... on the floor...
  • ... Adam finally enters the lift, even if the security guard is suspicious :)
  • Talia also wants to access the WEIR building...
  • ... but is rejected...
    BTW, it is impossible to get a perfect clone using only genetic material, and fingerprints will be different from one clone to another...
    Then security deactivates her credentials.
  • ... login rejected...
  • ...because she is already in the building!
  • ... so the security deactivates her credentials to lock Adam (and Talia as well, by the way...).
  • So, when Adam try again to use the cut finger...
  • ... it does not work.
  • So, back to the good old methods.
    - May I help you?
    - Oh yes, put your finger here.
  • A second time. Practical key!
  • And a third time, but the guard is less cooperative :)
  • Done.
  • Along Came a Spider (2000)

  • Fingerprint eraser machine: deposition of a kind of varnish on the skin.
  • Antitrust (2000)

  • Dust for fingerprints on the computer keyboard.
  • Followed by a manual match, using transparencies.
    "Don't need a computer!" ;-)
  • Charlie’s Angels (2000)

  • Eye reader of the security system protecting the computer of RedStar. Seems to be an iris system (very often confused with retinal scan).
  • Stealing the iris image of the authorized person without cooperation.... Then a contact lens is made using the image.
  • Contact lens used to fool the eye reader.
    Note it's only a colored lens... that's not a copy!
  • Latent fingerprints are stolen on a beer bottle.
    Girls are lucky to get such a good print!
  • Automated latent print reader.
    Note that the full hand is acquired: very lucky!
  • Fake fingerprint maker: nice tool ;-)
  • Fake fingerprints fool the "gelatin" reader.
  • Knox has designed a voice-identification software which, combined with the GPS of RedStar, enables to localize Charlie.
  • Dracula 2000 (2000)

  • The burglars break the security system that protects the crypt. After the password level, there is a palmprint security system...
  • ...spoofed with a latex fake.
  • The voice recognition system is faked with a tape player.
  • A fake electronic iris.
  • Note that the pupil dilates!
  • The electronic iris fakes the eye sensor.
  • Hollow Man (2000) / L'homme sans ombre

  • Fingerprint recognition to access the lab.
  • Elevator to the lab with voice+speech recognition: Dr Caine deleted the access rights of his collegues to lock them in the lab.
  • Mission Impossible 2 (2000)

  • Retinal scan to read the mission using the glasses.
  • Facial recognition to identify John McCloy
  • Vocal identification faked using a record.
  • Mission to Mars (2000)

  • In a spaceship, millions of km from Earth, with only four people, the computer still needs a voice-print authentication system.
    Note: pressure is quickly dropping, which should slightly change the voice...
  • X-Men (2000)

  • Prof. X eye scan ...
  • ... to access Cerebro.
  • Later faked by Mystic...
  • ... who is able to impersonate anyone!
  • Frequency (2000)

  • In 1969, Frank gets some fingerprints of the killer on his wallet, and hide it in a secret place of his house. Then in 1999, John can retrieve it and use modern technology to match the fingerprint...
  • ... and identify a cop, Jack Shepard, as the killer.
  • The Art of war (2000) L'art de la guerre

  • Neil Shaw face recognition: image capture...
  • picture analysis...
  • sorting...
  • found!
  • La Tour Montparnasse Infernale (2000)

  • Safe with 5-finger recognition...
  • ...so the bad guys cut the hand...
  • ... to open the safe.
  • But the next step is iris recognition.
  • Gen-Y Cops (2000) Te jing xin ren lei 2

  • Biometric access control: DNA they said... and not working the first time.
  • Later, real access, this is eye recognition. Verifying...
  • the camera
  • system view
  • Gone in 60 seconds (2000) 60 secondes chrono

  • Gluing a thin fake fingerprint on a finger.