Biometrics movies 2011

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In Time (2011) Time out

Face identification of Will Salas from a camera over the bridge

Fast Five (2011) Fast & Furious 5

Dominic Toretto face recognition
Safe with handprint recognition
hand print off of a bikini : acquisition
hand print off of a bikini : revealed with some UV light
fake handprint to open the safe, looks like an X-ray film

Mission: Impossible 4 - Ghost Protocol (2011) Protocole fantôme

Face recognition with...
... a camera on the pupil, connected to the smartphone
Stefanski is located!
face recognition of the assassin
Routinely eye recognition to get the mission
Retina recognition to access the wagon

Colombiana (2011)

Face identification of Cataleya starting from a photo. The workstation.
Hand shape verification...
... processing ...
... matched. (whoah!)
Same for the nose...
... matched.
So 100% identification. (with a single partial photograph and bad sources. Impressive.)

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