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I have collected some images that I find quite nice about biometrics. Take care that some of them may be protected by copyright, but I don't know who is the original designer in most cases, as they are available in several websites...


IX 12 2001 biometric consortium storybiometrics Siemens caerphilly


Images with an iris are always attractive!
Note the laser ray: then people think that a laser is entering in the eye, which is false.

iris / laser iris / laser iris iris / image for sale iris / data sonda ddp irisscan

Face recognition

scan face grid biosec surveillance_biometrics


rulers fingeprint + chip fingerprint zetetic handprint DelTechnology ocbioChain Ian Waldie / Getty Images eclair kirlian labyrinthe handprint

Well, I'm collecting also ads with women :)

Bewator door FingerKey bio-access secom Ekey Ekey Ekey lift
sony photo Peter Mah LG lp3550

OKI Irispass M
Recognition Systems