Fingerprint sensors manufacturing

Silicon sensors are fabricated in large clean rooms, then assembled.

Silicon foundries

  • SMIC: FPC, Silead, MicroArray (0.35u CMOS), Lo Kei (0.18u)
    • (2015 Nov) SMIC announces 40 to 50 millions pieces for FPC in 2015, and 150 millions in 2016.
  • TSMC: Apple-Authentec, Synaptics
  • UMC: IDEX, EgisTech


  • WLCSP (China Wafer Level CSP Co. Ltd.) is offering integrated ultrathin fingerprint module, using wafer level interconnect methods, advanced module manufacturing and many other sophisticated sensor packaging related technologies.
  • TECORÉ SYNCHEM is offering the High-K (15!) Epoxy Molding Compound GT-308 for fingerprint sensors.
  • O-Film tech is offering packaging solutions.
    Largest fingerprint identification plant (2014 Nov).
  • (2016 Jul) Truly Opto-Electronics to ship 10 million fingerprint sensor modules in 3Q16 (LeEco, Vivo, Meizu, Gionee...). Cooperation with Synaptics, Elan Microelectronics, FocalTech Systems and Goodix.

(2015) You will find valuable information on Serapeum blog (korean).

fingerprint sensor 2015 supply chain

(2016 Apr) Serapeum 2016.04.09

(2016 Apr) Serapeum 2016.04.30

(2017 May)

fingerprint sensor 2017 supply chain


Here are some info about manufacturing costs and prices as of end of 2015. This mainly applies to modules destinated to smartphones. And yes, I know, we can endlessly discuss about these prices... (more info at serapeum)

fingerprint sensor cost breakdown 2015
fingerprint sensor cost breakdown 2015
fingerprint sensor 2015 ASP Average Selling Price vs. units
fingerprint sensor 2015 market share

It will be interesting to compare with what will happen in the future!

2017 Apr:

fingerprint sensor 2017 ASP

fingerprint sensor market beyond smartphone 2016 apr estimate

2017 Aug:

fingerprint sensor 2017 supply chain

2017 Oct:

fingerprint sensor 2017 shipment

2019 Mar:

fingerprint sensor 2019
fingerprint sensor 2019
fingerprint sensor 2019