Fingerprint sensors

Here are the fingerprint sensors that have at least existed once, excepted (simple) optical sensors.

Silicon manufacturers are fabricating these sensors.


Here are some links related to pionner stories about making solid-state fingerprint sensors.

  • Teruhiko Tamori: with NEC, Sony, Sanyo (BMF)...

  • Opsis

  • (1994 Jul) Opsis SA offered a device using a conductive membrane deposited on a CMOS chip.
    I'm still wondering if it is related to the Teruhiko Tamori R&D...
  • For the records, a (simplified) local copy of the Opsis website, years ago!

  • Thomson-CSF > 2000 > Atmel

  • (1995) Atmel FingerChip , the best sensor ;-)
  • sweep thermal sensing
  • Activity stopped in 2008
  • AT77C101 DIL COB color AT77C104 COB


  • (1996) Novel Fingerprint Scanning Arrays Using Polysilicon TFT’s on Glass and Polymer Substrates Young & als
    200x200 pixels @250dpi
  • (1998 Oct) Philips, WhoVision ally on fingerprint sensors
  • (2000 May) Philips FDS Begins Volume Production of Fingerprint Recognition Sensor
  • (2000 Dec) Fingerprint imager based on a-Si:H active-matrix photo-diode arrays Lan & als, with Ethentica.
    240x315 pixels @403dpi

  • Harris >> Authentec > 2012 > Apple

  • (1998 Dec) Authentec spin-off from Harris. Bought Atrua in 2009, merged with Upek in 2010. Bought by Apple in July 2012. Production no more available as of May 2013. Manufacturer: TSMC, packaging: Signetics. RF modulation sensing fingerprint sensor.
  • White paper.
  • (1996) First demo at CTST 1996 / Harris.
  • (1997) The FingerLoc system 128x128 pixels @256dpi
  • 128x128 pixels @250dpi
  • (1999 Sep) FingerLoc AF-S1
  • (2000 May) FingerLoc AF-S2. AF-S2 flyer, AF-S2 datasheet.
  • 96x96 pixels @250dpi
  • (2000 Sep) Entrépad AES4000: AES4000 flyer, AES4000 datasheet.
  • (2002 May) FingerLoc AFS8500: AFS8500 flyer, AFS8500 datasheet.
  • (2004 Jan) FingerLoc AFS8600: AFS8600 flyer.
  • 128x128 pixels @500dpi
  • (2000 Sep) Entrépad AES3500: AES3500 flyer preliminary, AES3500 flyer.
  • (2002 Sep) Entrépad AES3400: AES3400 flyer, AES3400 datasheet.
  • 192x16 pixels @500dpi
  • (2002 Oct) Entrépad AES2500: AES2500 flyer.
  • (2003 Dec) Entrépad AES2502: AES2502 flyer
  • (2003 Dec) Entrépad AES2510 (SPI): AES2510 flyer, AES2510 datasheet.
  • (2004) Entrépad AES2501 (USB): AES2501 flyer, AES2501A datasheet.
  • (2006) Entrépad AES2501B (USB): AES2501B datasheet.
  • 192x8 pixels @500dpi
  • (2008 Feb) AES2810: AES2810 flyer.
  • (2008 Jun) AES2550: AES2550 flyer.
  • (2010 Feb) AES2660: AES2660 flyer.
  • (2011 Jun) AES2665
  • (2012 May) 2750: AES2750 flyer.
  • AES2810 AES2665
  • 128x8 pixels @500dpi
  • (2004 Jun) Entrépad AES1510
  • (2006 Jan) Entrépad AES1610: AES1610 datasheet.
  • (2007 Mar) Entrépad AES1710: AES1710 flyer.
  • (2008 Feb) Entrépad AES1711: AES1711 flyer.
  • (2009 Aug) Entrépad AES1660: AES1660 flyer.
  • (2010 Feb) Entrépad AES1750
  • 92x8 pixels @500dpi
  • (2010 Nov) AES850 (with navigation)
  • Apple era
  • (2013) TMDR92 (or ME296). 88x88 pixels @ 508 dpi. See also the Apple page.
  • (2015 Sep) a new sensor chip + NVT8417 companion chip (dated 2014).
    The resolution seems to be still 508 dpi, but looks like it is not a square chip: 112x96 pixels (I am unsure if I'm still able to properly count pixels, that's weird numbers...), so a little bit better than the previous version.

  • STm > 2004 > Upek > 2010 > Authentec

  • Upek spin-off from ST Microelectronics in 2004. Merged with Authentec in 2010, which has been bought by Apple in 2012. Note that some Upek products are now available through Digital Persona, now CrossMatch.
  • Upek flyer (2009).
  • (1996) The first prototype is the FCS done with Unibo (University of Bologna) using capacitive sensing. 360x256 pixels @390dpi
  • TouchChip TCS1 family 360x256 pixels @508dpi
  • (2001) TouchChip TCS1AD: TCS1AD flyer.
  • (2002 Oct) TouchChip TCS1CD (gold coating, FIPS-201 PIV certified)
  • () TouchChip TCS1ST (SteelCoat)
  • Still available at CrossMatch (checked 2016 Feb). TCS1 flyer.
  • TouchChip TCS2 family 288x208 pixels @508dpi
  • (2001) TouchChip TCS2AF 288x208 pixels @508dpi TCS2AF flyer.
  • (2002 Oct) TouchChip TCS2CF 288x208 pixels @508dpi
  • () TouchChip TCS2S (SteelCoat)
  • Still available at CrossMatch (checked 2016 Feb). TCS2 flyer.
  • TCS3 family 248x4 pixels @508dpi
  • (2003 Nov) TouchStrip TCS3B TCS3B flyer.
  • TouchStrip TCS4 family 192x4 pixels @508dpi
  • (2006 Feb) TouchStrip TCS4
  • () TouchStrip TCS4A, TCS4B, TCS4C, TCS4E
  • (2009 May) TouchStrip TCS4K SteelCoat USB
  • Still available at CrossMatch (checked 2016 Feb). TCS4K flyer.
  • () TouchStrip TCS4H SteelCoat SPI
  • Still available at CrossMatch (checked 2016 Feb). TCS4H flyer.
  • TouchStrip TCS5 family 144x4 pixels @508dpi
  • (2008 Jun) TouchStrip TCS5
  • (2009 Sep) TouchStrip TCS5C SteelCoat
  • (2011 Mar) TouchStrip TCS5D
  • (2009 Jun) The TCS5 + LED = TouchLight

  • Lucent > Veridicom

  • (1997 May) Veridicom spin-off from Lucent, develops a capacitive fingerprint sensor
  • (1998 Feb) A robust, 1.8 V 250 /spl mu/W direct-contact 500 dpi fingerprint sensor
    Inglis, C.; Manchanda, L. ; Comizzoll, R. ; Dickinson, A. ; Martin, E. ; Mandis, S. ; Silveman, P. ; Weber, G. ; Ackland, B. ; O'Gorman, L.
  • (1998) FPS100 datasheet
  • (2000) FPS110 datasheet
  • (2000 Jul) 5thsense FPS200 (same sensor as Fujitsu) flyer datasheet
  • (2001 Dec) publication of a paper describing a swipe sensor: Innovations in fingerprint capture devices Xiongwu Xia., Lawrence O'Gorman.
  • Veridicom history: Fingerprint of failure / Bill Roberts 2002
  • See Fujitsu and the MBF family.

  • Michigan University

  • (1997) Very high density bulk micromachined capacitive tactile imager Michigan University (De Souza, Wise)
    16x16 pixels @300dpi & @500dpi.
  • Michigan university


  • (1997) A high density capacitive pressure sensor array for fingerprint sensor application / Rey
  • (2006) A new Polysilicon TFT capacitive fingerprint sensor with advanced mismatch compensation / Rechatin, C. ; Audebert, P. ; Abouchi, N. ; Galvan, J.-M.
  • (2007) Caractérisation, modélisation, conception pour des applications analogiques grande surface dans la technologie transistors en couches minces en silicium polycristallin (TFT Poly-Si) / thèse de Cédric RECHATIN.
  • (2014) PiezoMat proposes a new technology of high-resolution fingerprint sensors based on a matrix of interconnected piezoelectric nanowires

  • Fingerprint Cards

  • Fingerprint Cards is proposing RF modulation fingerprint sensors.
  • Foundry: SMIC, packaging: Amkor.
  • Partnership with Shenzhen O-Film Tech.
  • In 2012, Apple buys Authentec+Upek and stops the production. Validity has not yet a real offer, and Atmel stopped in 2008. Smartphone makers are becoming orphan, without fingerprint sensor providers: what a piece of luck! Fingerprint Cards took the opportunity...
  • Some specific partnerships with CrucialTec and Q-Tech, and the situation is not so clear. See further.
  • (1997) FPC1000 originally developped with Xensor. For the records: local copy of the old webpage.
  • 1010 family: 152x200 pixels @363dpi
  • (1999) FPC1010: FPC1010 flyer
  • (2004) FPC1011C:FPC1011C flyer
  • (2008 Sep) FPC1011F: FPC1011F datasheet
  • (2012 Jun) FPC1011F3: FPC1011F3 flyer

  • 1030 family: sweep sensor 152x32 pixels @363dpi
  • (2001 Sep) FPC1030: FPC1030 flyer
  • (2004 Mar) FPC1031B: FPC1031B flyer / FPC1031B flyer (former version)
  • (2010 Dec) FPC1080A : 128x8 pixels @508dpi (note the change of resolution) FPC1080A flyer

  • (2012) Authentec disappears... and (2013) Apple launches the iPhone 5S
  • (2013 Nov) the FPC1020 is announced. 192x192 pixels @508dpi FPC1020 flyer
  • (2014 Apr) the FPC1021 is announced, 30% smaller. 160x160 pixels @508dpi FPC1021 flyer
  • (2014 Nov) FPC1025 complements FPC1021. FPC1025 flyer
  • (2014 May) the FPC1150 is a home button touch. FPC1150 flyer
  • (2014 Nov) FPC1155 complements FPC1150. FPC1155 flyer
  • (2015 Jan) Two new touch fingerprint sensors, FPC1140 and FPC1145.
  • FPC1140 flyer
  • FPC1145 flyer
  • (2015 May) Two new touch fingerprint sensors, FPC1022 and FPC1035. 112x88 pixels.
  • FPC1022 flyer
  • FPC1035 flyer
  • Have a look at the FPC2050 : likely a companion chip.
  • (2015 Sep) FPC introduces the FPC OneTouch® FPC1200 series of touch fingerprint sensors. The new sensors can be mounted under a sheet of glass or ceramics. In fact, only zirconia at the moment, likely thanks to its huge relative dielectric permittivity...
    Two devices: a small FPC1245 and a large FPC1225.
  • FPC1200 series flyer
  • (2016 Mar) Reverse engineering from Sitri of the Xiaomi Mi5: FPC1245, with O-Film
    192x56 pixels @508 dpi
  • (2016 Feb) MWC 2016. We can see in the box a FPC1320 which has never been announced.
  • (2016 Feb) Precise Biometrics signs license agreement with Fingerprint Cards for smart cards.
  • (2016 Feb) Fingerprint Cards (FPC) launches FPC1268, a new touch fingerprint sensor in the FPC1200 series with FPC OneTouch®. The new sensor can be mounted under the cover glass of the smartphone. The first release of FPC1268 will enable cover glass of 300 µm, however the sensor technology used in FPC1268 extends to enable cover glass of up to 400 µm. Teamed with TPK.
  • (2016 Feb) Fingerprint Cards extends security for fingerprint sensors, by introducing FPCLiveTouch. "Increases the security by being able to detect spoofs". No technical info given. Guess a pure software method?
  • (2016 Apr) LG Innotek unveiles innovative fingerprint sensor module without button. LG Innotek cut a shallow furrow of 0.01inches (0.3mm) thick on the lower backside of the cover glass and installed the fingerprint sensor inside of it. Fingerprint Cards sensor.
  • (2016 Jun) The FPC1028 is unveiled.
    "smallest to date" ?x? pixels @? dpi
  • (2017 Sep) Huawei Maimang 6 : first launch.
  • (2016 Oct) The FPC1235 for Ceramics in the Xiaomi Mix (first launch).
  • (2016 Dec) The Fingerprint Cards launches a new series of fingerprint touch sensors called the FPC1300 series. The new series of touch sensors are designed specifically to be integrated into smart cards. Kona and Zwipe are already using it.
    Not a big surprise, at the sensor is visible in the collection, just above (FPC1320).
  • (2017) The FPC1075 touch sensor size between FPC1035 and FPC1025.
  • (2017 Oct) first FPC1075 on the market.
  • (2017) 3 types of sensors & 3 types of placement: front, rear, side:

    • Spray coating: FPC1025, FPC1028, FPC1035, FPC1075, FPC1145, FPC1155
    • Ceramics: FPC1245, FPC1235
    • Glass: FPC1268

    Brochure 2017 smartphones tablets

  • (2017 Nov) Fingerprint Cards explains in their Technology Update why ultrasonic sensing is better for a full in-display fingerprint sensor. (local copy).
    Looks to work more or less like the Optel sensor.
  • (2018 Feb)

    • Spray coating: FPC1025, FPC1028, FPC1035, FPC1075, FPC1145, FPC1155
    • Ceramics: FPC1235, FPC1245, FPC1235, FPC1247-Z, FPC1263, FPC1291-Z
    • Glass: FPC1228, FPC1247-G, FPC1262, FPC1265, FPC1266, FPC1267, FPC1268, FPC1272, FPC1291-G

  • (2018 Feb) Fingerprint Cards launches FPC1291, the first commercial third-generation fingerprint sensor.
  • (2018 Jun) Fingerprint Cards AB launches fourth-generation fingerprint sensor: FPC1511, next generation fingerprint sensor for Smartphones. Full qualification of FPC1511 is scheduled for the third quarter of 2018, and the first commercial smartphones integrating FPC1511 are expected to be launched in late 2018 or early 2019.
  • (2019 Feb) Fingerprint Cards launches FPC1610, its first optical fingerprint sensor.
  • (2019 Nov) Fingerprint Cards unveils new slim side-mounted capacitive sensor for mobile devices FPC1540 .
  • (2019 Dec) Announced to be inside the Redmi K30 by Xiaomi.
  • (2019 Nov)

    • In-display touch sensors: FPC1610 (optical)
    • Touch sensing: FPC1541, FPC1511, FPC1291, FPC1075, FPC1145, FPC1155
    • Payment: FPC1300 series
  • (2020 Jan) Fingerprints expands access control portfolio with two capacitive touch sensors.
    FPC1020 (square) and FPC1024 (round). 192x192 pixels / 508 dpi. Product sheet 2020.
    WTF? this product was presented in 2013 : FPC1020 flyer
  • (2020 Oct)

  • (2020 Nov) Fingerprint Cards unveils a new side-mounted fingerprint sensor, the FPC1542.

  • CrucialTec

  • (2012 Mar) Fingerprint Cards and CrucialTec signed a Joint Development & Production Agreement
  • (2013) CrucialTec proposes the Biometric TrackPad with a swipe fingerprint sensor.
    "Biometric TrackPad(BTP) is a fingerprint recognition sensor function which CrucialTec Optical Trackpad(OTP) technologies added"
  • (2013 Feb) Demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress (Digital Trends)
  • (2016 Feb) AGC Asahi AGC Asahi Glass Co. released a new cover glass for an in-glass fingerprint recognition sensor installed on a smartphone to improve security.
    Demonstrated at the CrucialTec booth, MWC.
  • (2016 Feb) CrucialTec demonstrates a fingerprint sensor module able to read heart rate signals for aliveness detection. (source: serapeum)
  • (2017 Feb) CrucialTec DFS (Display Fingerprint Solution) is demonstrated at the MWC.
  • (2018 Jan) Transparent Fingerprint Sensor System for Large Flat Panel Display with Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology.

  • Q Tech

  • (2015) Fingerprint Cards and Q tech cooperate.
  • (2016 Feb) Q Technology secures purchases orders of about 500 000 fingerprint recognition units for 2 Chinese smartphones brands.

  • Idex

  • Homepage: Idex
  • (1998) IFF120: first sweep active AC capacitance sensing prototype, started with Sintef.
  • (2001 Apr) SmartFinger©: starting development with ST. Flyer.
  • (2003 Apr) A 500-dpi AC Capacitive Hybrid Flip-Chip CMOS ASIC/Sensor Vermesan & als, Sintef
  • (2007 Dec) The SmartFinger© IX 10-4 is released.
  • (2010 Mar) SmartFinger© Film.
  • BTW, I successfully tried the device at the 2010 Biometric Consortium Conference.
  • SmartFinger flyer 2011
  • (2013 Feb) A demo at Mobile World Congress 2013 showed a swiped finger over a Samsung phone: something we would like to have, but yet existing (the same fingerprint image is always displayed).
  • Fingerprint Sensor Mobile Glass Display (YouTube)
  • Swipe sensor technology demonstrated (YouTube)
  • (2014 Jan) IDEX secured an order of 300,000 units for the Colibri swipe sensor from World Wide Touch Technology (WWTT).
  • (2014 Feb) a photo surfaces... note the square sensor. A little bit confusing with Fingerprint Cards + Crucialtec, no?
  • (2014 Sep) Agreement with FocalTech
  • (2014 Nov) Amkor to mass produce IDEX fingerprint sensors
  • (2015 Jan) Ciris, a swipe, low cost AC/RF capacitive fingerprint sensor.
    Ciris is based on patented off-chip sensing concept in which the finger interface is a passive polymer substrate separated from the sensor read-out chip (ASIC), and with all I/O connections at the rear side of the sensor.
  • Note that the module is supplied by CrucialTec -> this is explaining the photo above!
  • (2015 Jan) Cardinal: touch sensor, 508 dpi, 112C x 88R = 5.6 mm x 4.4 mm
  • (2015 Jan) Eagle uses the industry leading capacitive fingerprint touch sensor technology and patents acquired from PicoField Technologies. Customizable size and shape.
  • (2016 Feb) The Eagle is the fingerprint sensor of the BIO-key SideTouch.
  • (2015 Sep) IDEX ASA has received the first order for production quantities of its new off-chip sensor product from World Wide Touch Technology Holding Ltd (WWTT).
  • (2016 Feb) IDEX ASA today announced that it has received an initial commercial volume production order for its Cardinal touch fingerprint sensor for a tier-one mobile handset.
  • (2016 Feb) IDEX Unveils World’s First Flexible Touch Fingerprint Sensor for ISO Cards
  • (2016 Apr) IDEX Signs Licensing Deal With Precise Biometrics
  • (2016 Jun) CanvasBio (a subsidiary of Crucialtec?) have developped (joint developpement?) two chips with Idex, IX11094A & IX113100. The IX11094A is similar in size to the FPC1145 / 1150 and the Cardinal N IX113100 for the 1035/1025 (via Serapeum)
  • (2017 Feb) IDEX to Show Off New Glass and Ceramic Sensors at MWC. Two families:
    Silicon sensors with the:
    - Cardinal Q 508 dpi, 112C x 88R = 5.6 mm x 4.4 mm (2015)
    - Cardinal N 508 dpi, 192C x 56R = 9.6 mm x 2.8 mm
    Off-Chip sensors: the Eagle family.
    + have a look at smartcards.
  • (2017 Jun) IDEX launches breakthrough fingerprint sensor for contactless smart cards. IDX3200 fingerprint sensor, smart card biometric module. (local copy)
    160x160 pixels @376dpi, 180x180 pixels @376dpi.
  • (2018 Jun) IDX3410 fingerprint sensor, smart card biometric module. (local copy)
  • (2019 Dec) Flyer update : IDX3200 & IDX3400 (IDX3200 local copy) (IDX3400 local copy)

  • INO

  • INO (Institut National d'Optique / Canada) has used bolometers to make a fingerprint sensor.
    160x120 pixels @ 488dpi
  • (1998) Bolometric FPA for fingerprint recording
  • (1999) patent 6,633,656 Picard
  • (2003) Fingerprint recording with bolometric detectors Loic Le Noc ; Francis Picard ; Hubert Jerominek ; Christine Alain ; Timothy D. Pope ; Patrice A. Topart ; Jerome Godbout ; Carol Grenier ; Yan Desroches ; Anne Martel ; Felix Cayer ; Patrick Mailloux

  • Optel

  • (1998) Fingerprint structure imaging based on an ultrasound camera / Wieslaw Bicz et al.
  • Optel holographic ultrasonic camera for fingerprint recognition.
  • Optel


  • (1998) Sony develops fingerprint sensors based on capacitive sensing. The sensors are included in "Puppy" devices - USB tokens also called FIU Fingerprint Identification Unit.
  • CXA3271AGE: 128x192 pixels @317dpi / 3.15-3.45 volt datasheet (CXA3271GE: lower power datasheet)
  • CXA3621G: 128x192 pixels @317dpi / 2.7-3.6 volt datasheet (CXA3667GE?)
  • CXA3621GE
  • (2003 Feb) sensor in the FIU 900: 128x128 @317dpi
  • Later, Sony used Authentec sensors in their devices (Microvault).

  • ESIME Culhuacan [Mexico]

  • (1999) A simple fingerprint sensor based on ridge conductivity / G.Olavarrieta Fritsche / SEPI-ESIME [Mexico].
    37x54 pixels @215dpi test chip?.

  • Nagoya University

  • Nagoya University, Department of Micro System Engineering.
  • thermal sensors

  • Nagoya University, Department of Micro System Engineering.
  • (1999) Thermal Analysis of Fingerprint Sensor Having a Microheater Array
    Ji-Song Han, Tadashi Kadowaki, Kazuo Sato, and Mitsuhiro Shikida.
  • (2001) Fabrication of thermal-isolation structure for microheater elements applicable to fingerprint sensors
    Han Ji-song, T. Kadowaki, K. Sato, M. Shikida.
  • (2004) Thermal characterization of micro heater arrays on a polyimide film substrate for fingerprint sensing applications
    Ji-song Han, Zhi-yong Tan, K Sato and M Shikida.
  • (2017) Wakayama university: Structural design points in arrayed micro thermal sensors (III) ~ Polymer-based approach ~
    Hirofumi Miki, S. Tsuchitani
  • optical sensors

  • (1999) A New ID Acquiring Method for Personal Identification System with Fingerprint
    Fukuda, T.; Arai, F.; Tsuruno, J.; Itoigawa, K.
    This device composes of a Multistage Prism and a Micro Mechanical Key and an image receiving equipment like a CCD.
  • (2000) A Novel Fingerprint Image Sensing Device and Recognition Algorithm for Sensed Fingerprint Image
    Arai, F.; Sun, Z.; Tsuruno, J.; Fukuda, T.
  • Nagoya micro-collimator

    Seoul University

  • (1999) Seoul University A 600-dpi Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor Chip and Image-Synthesis Technique Lee & als, Seoul National University, 1998
  • Seoul University (1999)


  • (1999) NTT NTT Microsystem Integration Laboratories
    -> does not exist anymore (2015)
  • (1999) A Single-Chip Fingerprint Sensor and Identifier (Shigematsu & als)
    124x166 pixels / pitch: 81.6um 311dpi
  • (2000) A novel sensor cell architecture and sensing circuit scheme for capacitive fingerprint sensors
  • (2001) A novel semiconductor capacitive sensor for a single-chip fingerprint sensor/identifier LSI
  • (2001) A pixel-level automatic calibration circuit scheme for sensing initialization of a capacitive fingerprint sensor LSI
  • (2001) A pixel-level automatic calibration circuit scheme for capacitive fingerprint sensor LSIs
  • NTT Low Energy Labs (1999)
  • (2001) NTT Microsystem Integration Laboratories
  • (2003) CMOS MEMS Fingerprint Sensor Based on Seamless Integration Technology / Sato & als.
    11.2 x 12.8 mm @ 508 dpi 224x256 pixels.
  • (2003) MEMS fingerprint sensor immune to various finger surface conditions / Sato & als.
  • NTT product page (japan)
  • (2004 Jun) NTT launches the FingerQuick FQB-10 with the NTT sensor.
  • (2005) NTT Innovative Technology Site P229
  • (2005 Sep) µFP 128x128 pixels 508dpi, SPI interface.
  • NTT sensor NTT sensor NTT P229 sensor
  • (2004 Nov) Novel surface structure and its fabrication process for MEMS fingerprint sensor Sato & als / 256x224 pixels @ 508dpi
  • (2008) NTT unveils an A Fingerprint Sensor with Impedance Sensing for Fraud Detection . Sensing area is 11.2x12.8mm 508dpi (224x256 pixels) 0.5um CMOS process
  • (2010) Capacitive-Sensing Circuit Technique for Image Quality Improvement on Fingerprint Sensor LSIs
  • (2011) Another paper about the same chip: Impedance-Sensing Circuit Techniques for Integration of a Fraud Detection Function Into a Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor.

  • Sannaedle > Cecrop / Kinetic Sciences (KSI) > 2005 > Cogent

  • (1997)On May 9, 1997, KSI and Cecrop entered into a Licence and Collaboration Agreement.
  • (1999) Sannaedle [Korea] offered a device called MyFin. At the same time, KSI -Kinetic Sciences [Canada]- offered the KC-901 (local copy of the website, for ther records).
  • (2002) Cecrop (formerly Sannaedle) was offering the CFS2000, while KSI offered the K-1000. You can see a KSI device on Bromba's website.
  • (2004) KSI is still displaying the device on their web site, while there is no more information about an optical roller sweep sensor on the Cecrop website.
  • Optoelectronic Fingerprint Sensor for Mobile Phone / Guy Immega, Niall Parker
  • (2005 May) Cogent acquired KSI.
  • Kinetic Sciences

    Dortmund univ.

  • (1999) A Low-Power and High-Performance CMOS Fingerprint Sensing and Encoding Architecture Stephan Jung.
  • (1999) CMOS Fingerprint Sensor with Automatic Local Contrast Adjustment and Pixel-Parallel Encoding Logic Stephan Jung & als (with Siemens)
  • (2000) Capacitive CMOS fingerprint sensor with on-chip parallel signal processing Stephan Jung.
    prototype 50x60 pixels @ 330dpi
  • (2000) Intelligent CMOS fingerprint sensors Jung & als.
  • Siemens > Infineon

  • (1999) Infineon launches the FingerTip, a capacitive fingerprint sensor.
    288x224 pixels @513dpi (well, likely 508dpi, they confused 2.54 and 256 for an inch... ;)
  • (2002) FTF 1100 MF1 V2.0 data book v3.3, flyer
  • (2003) no more info, likely abandonned.

  • LG Philips

  • (2000) Fingerprint Scanner Using a-Si: H TFT-Array
    FingerTalk 240x256 pixels @ 300dpi

  • TesTech >2009> Integrated Biometrics

  • (2000) TesTech (Korea) proposes electro-optical fingerprint sensors.
  • (2009) Integrated Biometrics acquires TesTech. (product: LES650)
  • (2014) Trustsone Global (Korea) is selling product based on the TBS220
  • sensor

    Integrated Biometrics

  • (2012 Dec) Integrated Biometrics releases Sherlock a fingerprint sensor using LES (Light Emitting Sensor) film with a thin film transistor (TFT), with live finger detection. 500dpi, 800x750 pixels.
  • (2014 Feb) Integrated Biometrics proposes IBtap "the only fingerprint sensor film".
  • (2015 Jan) Integrated Biometrics introduced its newest offering: the Columbo Desktop FAP PIV 30 Scanner.
    500dpi, 500x400 pixels.
  • (2017 Oct) Integrated Biometrics introduced the Five-O FAP 50 scanner.
  • (2019 Jun) Integrated Biometrics introduced Danno, a FAP 30 scanner.

  • Fujitsu Microelectronics America

  • Fujitsu was the Veridicom manufacturer. Develops capacitive fingerprint sensors.

  • (2001 Sep) MBF110 = Veridicom FPS110. 300x300 pixels @500dpi. MBF110 datasheet.
  • (2001 Nov) MBF200 pin-to-pin compatible with the Veridicom FPS200 fingerprint sensor.
    256x300 pixels @500dpi. MBF200 datasheet 2001. MBF200 datasheet 2008.
  • (2002 Mar) MBF300 is a swipe sensor. 256x32 pixels @500dpi. MBF300 datasheet.
  • (2003 Jul) MBF310. 218x8 pixels @500dpi. MBF310 datasheet.
  • (2006 Aug) MBF320. 256x8 pixels @500dpi. MBF320 flyer.

  • Who?Vision > 2000 > Ethentica (Security First)

  • (1998 Oct) Philips, WhoVision ally on fingerprint sensors to make an electro-optical fingerprint sensor
  • (2000 Dec) Fingerprint imager based on a-Si:H active-matrix photo-diode arrays Lan & als, with Philips.
    240x315 pixels @403dpi
  • (2000 Jun) Ethenticator(TM) MS 3000 is a PCMCIA card using the Ethentica TactileSense T-FPM sensor
    306x225 pixels @403dpi
    datasheet for OEM, white paper, local copy of the 2002 webpage (for the records).
  • (2001) Security First owns Ethentica. Tality was also a company involved in this sensor (Cadence Design Systems).
  • Ethentica

    Delsy > Dakty

  • (2001) Delsy offers Direct-Optical Scanning (DiOS)
    - a CCD sensor (512x576 pixels @1200dpi)
    - a CMOS sensor (288x384 pixels @500dpi)
    based on optic transmission using some fiber optics.
  • (2004) discontinued. No more website ( /
  • Delsy CCD sensor
  • (2009) Dakty Naos-1 fiber-optic fingerprint sensor (+fake finger detection) [NAOS: Normal Absorption Optical Sensor]

  • Fidelica Mycrosystems (2006 > Springworks > 2008 > Palios > 2013 > Lenovo)

  • Founded June 1999 by Dr. KG Ganapathi.
  • (2001) the FIS-3001 is an area fingerprint sensor made on TFT, based on pressure sensing, using some magnetoresistive semiconductor. An ASIC is flip-chip bonded to the substrate, so that the substrate need not contain any active electronic elements.
    Datasheet 2001. Datasheet 2002. White paper.
    Some images on Bromba's website.

  • (2004 Feb) Fidelica announces the availability of the FIS-3002. TFT substrate from Sanyo.
  • Fidelica FBSD-022801
  • (2006 Jun) Fidelica moves from TFT to a flexible substrate with a 256x256pixels, 508dpi pressure sensor.
    Note the flip-chip silicon chip connected to the array. 1 bit per pixel.
  • (2006) A smart card is using the Fidelica sensor.
  • (2008) Palios buys Fidelica.
  • (2013) Fidelica is now part of Lenovo.
  • (2014) Lenovo proposes some MEMS to make fingerprint sensors: Mems on alternate substrates.

  • BMF

  • (2002 May) Sanyo Electric and BMF (Kawasaki, Japan), subsidiary of Enix, game developer, have formed an alliance to develop products using BMF's pressure-sensitive fingerprint sensor technology using the Sanyo Semicon Device low-temperature polysilicon TFT substrate know-how.
  • (2002) BMF BLP-100 datasheet
    256×384 pixels @438dpi
  • + Hitachi

  • (2003) BMF & Hitachi High-Technologies also proposed the BLP-60, a smaller version, same technology.
    168×174 pixels @508dpi / the image is likely the BLP-100...

  • Kaist & Samsung

  • KAIST Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
  • (2002) A 500 dpi capacitive-type CMOS fingerprint sensor with pixel-level adaptive image enhancement scheme Kwang-Hyun Lee; Euisik Yoon
    210x100 pixels @ 500dpi
  • Kaist
  • (2005) A 200×160 Pixel CMOS Fingerprint Recognition SoC with Adaptable Column-Parallel Processors Seong-Jin Kim
    200x160 pixels @ 462dpi
  • (2008) A CMOS Fingerprint System-on-a-Chip With Adaptable Pixel Networks and Column-Parallel Processors for Image Enhancement and Recognition Seong-Jin Kim & als
  • (2015) A Three-Terminal n+-p-n+ Silicon CMOS Light-Emitting Device for the New Fully Integrated Optical-Type Fingerprint Recognition System Kuduck Kwon, Ilku Nam, and Kwyro Lee
    1x1 pixel @ 508dpi
  • (2018) Flexible Mutual-capacitive Fingerprint Sensor with Hard and Flexible Overlaid Dielectric Layer for Biometrics Application Seung Hee Lee, Guk-Jin Jeon, Yong Ho Kim, Il-Suk Kang, Hongchae Kim,Byeong-Soo Bae, and Sang-Hee Ko Park.
    ?x? pixel @ 110dpi (you did not write the size of your sensor in your paper, guys!)
  • (2019 Mar) Highly Sensitive Active-Matrix Driven Self-Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor based on Oxide Thin Film Transistor Guk-Jin Jeon et al. (local copy)
    196x196 pixels @500dpi capacitive using Al-InSnZnO TFT
  • (2020 Jan) SSMD / Biometric Recognition Sensor.

  • NEC

  • NEC Fingerprint (SecureFinger) [Japan] / NEC Biometrics / NEC old products
  • (2002 Nov) SecureFinger FingerThroughII with the SA301 (480x540 pixels @800dpi) / fact sheet. Transmission optical fingeprint sensor. Aka PU800-30 (2006)
  • (2007 Jun) PU800-40 has a 1000dpi sensor, the sensor is now @1000dpi, so 720x600 pixels
  • (2009 Jul) Update with the PU900-10.
  • (2004 Dec) NEC unveils a sweep optical transmission fingerprint sensor prototype
    11x480 pixels @800dpi
  • (2006 Jun) PU700-20 reader is unveiled. NEC "scanner line" webpage. Seems not to use the previous sensor prototype.
  • (2006 Nov) Updates with the SA401 and the SA701.

  • I-Control > 2004 > Atrua > 2009 > Authentec > 2012 > Apple

  • (2002) I-Control unveiled the ICS3000 = PDS3000, a sweep fingerprint sensor based on capacitive sensing.
  • ICS3000 product brief (2002), PDS3000 product brief (2003)
    192x8 pixels @363dpi

  • (2004 Feb) I-Control becomes Atrua, and launches the Atrua Wings.
    The PDS3000 becomes the ATW100: ATW100 product brief v1.2
  • Atrua IControl ICS3000
  • (2005 Mar) Atrua Announces World's Most Advanced Intelligent Touch Controls™: the ATW200, ATW210, ATW212.
    192x8 pixels @363dpi
  • (2006 May) the ATW300 family appears.
  • ATW300 Datasheet rev B
  • (2007 Feb) the ATW310 is unveiled (and used in Toshiba Portégé cellphones G500).
  • (2007 May) Another device appears. Called SRF-ATW310 by Murata. Murata datasheet (2007 Oct).
  • 124x8 pixels @363dpi ATW300 Datasheet rev E (2007 Dec).
    ATW310 – Gold-Colored Sensor Surface Border, ATW320 – Silver.
  • (2009 Jul) Authentec buys Atrua $4.9M. Foundry: UMC.

  • Tima

  • Tima hosted two thesis:
  • (2002) Capteur intégré tactile d'empreintes digitales à microstructures piézorésistives / Fabien Parrain
    3 x 256 microbeams @508dpi.
  • (2005) Etude d'un système complet de reconnaissance d'empreintes digitales pour un capteur microsystème à balayage / Nicolas Galy
  • (2007) A Full Fingerprint Verification System for a Single-line Sweep sensor / Nicolas Galy & als
  • Tima Tima tactile chip
  • (2010) TIMA & Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering HKUST HONG KONG The Design, Fabrication and Characterization of a Piezoresistive Tactile Sensor for Fingerprint Sensing.
    1 pixel, 100 to 250 microns

  • Melfas

  • (2002) Melfas MFCS1000 fingerprint sensor: sweep type, using capacitive sensing. See Melfas history.
  • Local copy of the 2003 webpage (for the records).
  • (2017 Apr) Precise Biometrics enters into agreement with MELFAS Inc. for the licensing of Precise BioMatch™ Mobile.
    Melfas is back with the MFP-100 @500dpi! 2017 May: Coming soon!

  • LighTuning > 2008 > Egistec

  • (2003) LighTuning, acquired by EgisTec in 2008, proposes capacitive fingerprint sensors. Manufacturer: UMC.

  • (2003) LTT C300: 192x128 pixels @313dpi
  • (2003) LTT C500 (A / B with ADC, USB) 236x192 pixels @500dpi
  • (2004 Oct) LTT S500: 200x16 pixels @500dpi
  • LTT S500
  • (2006 Jan) LTT SS500: 192x16 pixels @500dpi
  • (2008 Mar) LTT SS501 : 192x8 pixels @500dpi. Manufactured by Liteon.
  • (2008 Jul) LighTuning is now EgisTec
  • SS801U: 192x8 pixels @500dpi.
  • (2008) EgisTec SS901: 168x4 pixels @500dpi.
  • EgisTec SS901
  • (2009 Dec) EgisTec ES603-AF (All-Flat Design, black coating): 192x4 pixels @500dpi.
  • The ES603-WB is also released.
  • (2014 Feb) EgisTec ET300 (touch). 140x128 pixels @500dpi
  • (2016 Feb) reverse engineering by Yole (Philips smartphone)
  • (2014 Feb) EgisTec ES608 (swipe).
  • (2015 Jan) EgisTec announces the EH570, the world’s smallest rectangle shaped fingerprint touch sensor in EgisTec’s lineup.
    23.02 mm2
  • Video Egistec at CES2015
  • (2016 Jun) EgisTec announces the ET320, integrated in the Samsung C7, A5.
  • (2016 Nov) EgisTec announces the ET510, integrated in the Samsung On5 & On7. 100x52 pixels
  • (2016 Nov) Egistec partners with Suprema (BioSign algorithm).
  • (2017 Feb) Egis Technology will be debuting its brand new under glass fingerprint sensor that can be used with a cover glass of over 1000um at MWC.
  • (2020 Jan) Taiwan-based Egis Technology (EgisTec) and eMemory Technology have gained government subsidies for their joint development of large-area in-display optical fingerprint sensor chips.

  • Hitachi

  • (2003 Jul) Hitachi unveils the Finger Attestor swipe capacitance sensor.
    192x8 pixels @363dpi. Flyer.

  • Mitsubishi

  • (2003) Mitsubishi develops a capacitive fingerprint sensor, poly-Si TFT.
    250x320 pixels @423dpi
  • (2005) Novel optical fingerprint sensor utilizing optical characteristics of skin tissue under fingerprints Akihide Shiratsuki ; Emiko Sano ; Masahiro Shikai ; Toshiro Nakashima ; T. Takashima ; Masato Ohmi ; Masamitsu Haruna
  • (2006) Fingerprint authentication device based on optical characteristics inside a finger
    Emiko Sano, Takuji Maeda, Takahiro Nakamura, Masahiro Shikai Koji Sakata, Masahito Matsushita, and Koichi Sasakawa
  • (2005 Sep) Mitsubishi launches the Mitsubishi Finger Transmission Authentication Device
  • Transmission through the finger

    Digital Persona > 2014 > CrossMatch > 2018 > HID

  • Homepage: Digital Persona
  • (May 2003) Released the Firefly, a sweep optical roller.
  • (2014) CrossMatch buys Digital Persona
  • Digital Persona Firefly
  • CrossMatch was used to produce regular optical (prism) devices.
  • (2016 Sep) The Crossmatch sensor is the only FAP60 Thin FilmTransistor (TFT) technology for compliant mobile ten-print. So the marketing war is starting -see Jenetric.
  • (2017 May) Crossmatch Introduces Nomad™ Line of Mobile-Friendly Biometric Fingerprint Modules and Readers. Nomad 60 datasheet [HID] (FAP 60)
    1600x1500 pixels @500dpi capacitive TFT 8 bit / 8 frames/s (5 volt 900mA during capture)
  • (2018 Jun) Nomad 30 datasheet (FAP 30)
    400x500 pixels @500dpi capacitive TFT / 12 frames/s

  • TST Biometrics

  • (2003) TST Touchless Sensor Technology proposes a specific ship for a touchless optical sensor.
  • (2011) 3D Capturing of Fingerprints – On the way to a contactless certified sensor / Koller & als.
  • sensor

    Ultrascan > 2013 > Qualcomm

  • Ultrascan, now Qualcomm, proposes ultrasound fingerprint sensors.
  • (1991) Live scan fingerprint imagery using high resolution C-scan ultrasonography / Schneider, J.K. & als / Niagara Technol. Lab. Buffalo
  • (2001) Ultrasonic imaging systems for personal identification / Schneider, J.K. & als / Ultra-Scan
  • (2003) UltraTouch model 203. Pretty big piece of sensor...
  • (2007 Sep) Backed by a new $5 million investment from L-1 Identity Solutions, Ultra-Scan is working to develop and make a new fingerprint reader that is much smaller than current scanners and is able to scan four fingers, instead of just one.
  • (2013 Mar) Qualcomm acquires Ultrascan.
  • Ultrascan has developped an ultrasound TFT device, 4 fingers as announced in 2007.
  • (2015 Mar) Qualcomm announces the launch of Qualcomm® Snapdragon Sense™ ID 3D Fingerprint Technology.
  • It seems there are two demos at the MWC2015: a regular sensor, and the same(?) below a glass, to demonstrate the ability of capturing fingerprint through the display glass. In the last case, the image is becoming very noisy (this is maybe the reason why there is the logos on screen?). 3D image, they said... check out Vkansee to compare. It seems that dry fingers are still a problem...
  • (2015 Jun) Xiaomi is said to be introducing a fingerprint scanner named Sense ID with the Mi 5.
  • (2015 Dec) The LeTV (LeEco) LeMax Pro is announced with the Sense ID sensor.
  • (2016 Jan) LeMax Pro unveiled at the CES. Sensor seems to have a very different shape. And it is not below the display... Is there some problem with the glass thickness?
  • (2016 Aug) reverse engineering from Yole 400 microns metal thickness,
    14400 pixels (192x75? 200x72?) @508dpi, LTPS + PVDF (as described in patent).
  • (2016 Sep) First time underglass (with a recess) in the Xiaomi Mi 5S.
  • (2016 Apr) Sense ID O6001 Identification Flats livescan device at 500 ppi (FBI certified product).
    4-finger 3.2"x3", TFT ultrasonic image capture. M6001: mobile version.
  • (2017 June 28) Qualcomm announces advanced fingerprint scanning and authentication technology, Capable of Scanning Through Display, Thick Glass and Metal with Underwater Operation, Heartbeat and Blood Flow Detection. Indeed? All this through the display? First customer: Vivo smartphone.
  • (2018 Jan) Finally, Vivo did not use the ultrasonic sensor from Qualcomm, and preferred the optical solution from Synaptics.
  • (2018 Jul) A Qualcomm under display sensor is announced in the Huawei Honor 10 and the Samsung Galaxy S10. A comeback?
  • (2018 Dec 4) Katouzian announced Qualcomm® 3D Sonic Sensor, the world’s first commercial ultrasonic fingerprint solution supported under the display
  • (2019 Feb) The Samsung Galaxy S10 is the first commercial device to support the latest Qualcomm® 3D Sonic Sensor. Reads the 3D contours of your physical thumbprint – not a 2D image of it – for improved anti-spoofing.
  • (2019 Mar) iFixit Galaxy S10 teardown.
  • (2019 Mar) TechInsights Galaxy S10 teardown. QBT2000 ASIC on the flex substrate. 4mm x 9mm sensor.
  • (2019 May) General Interface Solution (GIS) is currently producing in-display fingerprint sensor modules at a rate of 2-2.5 million units a month.
    O-film is also producing the product.
  • (2019 Sep) Samsung to adopt bigger AAD (Active Area Dimension) for Galaxy S11.
    The biggest fingerprint AAD that GIS is capable of mass-producing measures 64 square millimeters (8x8mm). The company revealed a 600 square millimeter at Touch Taiwan 2019 last month, but GIS says the product is a work in progress.
  • (2019 Dec) The 20x30mm sensor is unveiled. Announces 1 to 1 million FAR (like Apple for its FaceID), which could make sense when you acquire two fingers: the larger the sensing area, the better. Called "3D Sonic Max".
  • About the Galaxy S10 disaster when using a cover:
    "It's practically impossible to try to predict what types of patterns will be available or what types of covers," Katouzian said. "We are constantly buying different covers and different materials to make sure the algorithm can tell the difference between a legitimate fingerprint and a spoof."

  • Seiko Epson

  • (2003 Feb) Low temperature polycrystalline silicon TFT fingerprint sensor with integrated comparator circuit Hara & als. (2004) Flexible semiconductor devices: fingerprint sensor and electrophoretic display on plastic [TFT based] Takao & als.
    304x304pixels @385dpi TFT LTPS
  • (2005) Introduction of TFT R&D Activities in Seiko Epson Corporation
  • (2006 Jul) First photo of the Seiko-Epson fingerprint sensor technology. Pink Tentacle article
  • Seiko Epson sensor

    Yonsei University (Korea)

  • (2004) Design and implementation of a capacitive fingerprint sensor circuit in CMOS technology / Jin-Moon Nam
  • (2004) A CMOS Integrated Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor With 32-bit RISC Microcontroller Seung-Min Jung +
    160x192 pixels @ 423dpi
  • (2005 Aug)Design and Implementation of 160×192 Pixel Array Capacitive-Type Fingerprint Sensor / Jin-Moon Nam +
  • Touchless Fingerprint Recognition / Computer Vision lab.
  • (2017 Apr) Organic light emitting board for dynamic interactive display / Eui Hyuk Kim & al. / Yonsei univ (in Nature): describes a polymeric electroluminescence-based stimuli-responsive display method that simultaneously detects external stimuli and visualizes the stimulant object. (local copy)
  • (2017 Jun)A 500-dpi Transparent On-Glass Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor / Hyunseok Hwang & al. + Trais
    transparent on glass, 200x200 pixels @500dpi
  • (2019 Jun) Interactive Skin Display with Epidermal Stimuli Electrode Eui Hyuk Kim & als / Yonsei university / is another version with the emissive material directly put on the skin.
  • Hanshin University (Osan, Korea)

  • (2008) Design of Circuit for a Fingerprint Sensor Based on Ridge Resistivity / Seung Min Jung
  • (2008) Fingerprint Sensor Based on a Skin Resistivity with 256 x 256 pixel array / Seung Min Jung
    256x256 pixels @ 423dpi
  • (2009) A Robust Resistive Fingerprint Sensor / Seung Min Jung
  • (2013) Design of Low Power and High Speed CMOS Fingerprint Sensor Seung Min Jung
    160x192 pixels @ 423dpi
  • (2014) Design of 128x8 Pixel Array Fingerprint Sensor with a Capacitive-Sensing Circuit Technique for Image Enhancement Seung Min Jung
    128x8 pixels @ 423dpi (60 microns), RF sensing
  • (2014) An Implementation of Parasitic Insensitive 128 x100 Pixels Fingerprint Sensor using Modified Switched Capacitor Integrator Seung Min Jung
    128x100 pixels @ 423dpi, RF sensing
  • (2015) A VLSI Implementation of High Sensitive Fingerprint Sensor using Parasitic Insensitive Charge Transfer Circuit Seung Min Jung
    80x64 pixels @ 508dpi, RF sensing
  • (2015) A New Fingerprint Sensor based on Signal Integration Scheme using Charge Transfer Circuit Hyeopgoo Yeo
    1x64 pixels / designed and simulated.
  • (2015) Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor Circuit using Pseudo-Direct Scheme for Mobile Applications Hyeopgoo Yeo.

  • Aqua Buche

  • (2004) アクア・ブーチェ (AquaBuche) one line optical sensor.

  • Validity > 2013 > Synaptics

  • Validity, bought by Synaptics in 2013, offers sweep RF resistive fingerprint sensors.
  • (2003) VFS101: VFS101 Validator flyer 2003, VFS101 Marketing brochure 2004 VFS101 product brochure
  • (2005 Jul) VFS131
  • 2006 white paper.
  • (2006 May) VFS161
  • VFS101
  • (2006 Aug) The SecurePad with Synaptics is using the LiveFlex™ technology from Validity.
  • 2008 Liveflex technology brief
  • (2007 Jan) VFS201 (USB) and VFS202 (SPI) using Dual Line Imaging is announced.
  • (2008 May) VFS201 modules.
  • (2009 Jul) VFS301 modules are shipped to notebook PC OEMs.
  • (2009 Aug) Customizable LED fingerprint sensor
  • (2010 Jun) The VFS5111 fingerprint sensor provides tri-color LED support and enhanced performance...
  • (2012 Jun) VFS495: encryption, match-on-chip...
  • (2010 Jun) VFS5131
  • (2010 Jun) VFS5302
  • (2012 Jun) VFS6101
  • (2012 Jun) VFS6102

  • (2013 Oct) Synaptics buys Validity.
  • (2014 Apr): Chipworks tears down the Galaxy S5: confirms this is a Synaptics/Validity chip inside.
  • It seems that the metallic border of the button is used as a ground or signal line, likely useful for the sensor itself.
  • So there is the Validity chip on a flex -as usual-, but this time there are balls to go to the upper part of the button: it is likely that the conductive lines are directly done on the inside part of the button. I wonder about the number of "pixels", because the number of balls is pretty low, so likely a not so good resolution...
  • Let's call this chip the VAL004A8 :) Take care of the die mark, dated 2008, which is confusing...
  • (2014 Dec): Synaptics announces the availability of SecurePad™. A 4mm by 10mm area sensor.
  • (2015 Feb): Synaptics announces the VFS6170 slide sensor. 2.8mm thin.
  • (2015 Mar): Synaptics announces the expansion of its Natural ID™ family of solutions with mass production of its small area touch sensor for secure fingerprint authentication in smartphones, tablets, and notebook PCs.
    The minimum touch area measures 4 mm by 10 mm.
  • Year (2013) on the photo is surprising. Likely an old photo.
  • The Natural ID family as shown at MWC2015: FS4300, VFS6100, VFS7500.
  • Synaptics is proposing "Match-on-sensor" (via Planet Biometrics) which is a solution close to Smart cards.
  • (2015 Sep): The Vibe P1 contains the Synaptics' Natural ID area touch fingerprint sensor FS4202.
  • (2015 Nov): annouces a live demonstration at the CES of their Natural ID fingerprint authentication technology under greater than 200µm cover glass. Let's bet that we'll see no image at all, only the match/no match. And no FAR/FRR numbers.
  • (2016 Jan) Synaptics introduces the name "Ironveil". Prototype in a mouse.
    IronVeil product brief. 10x4 mm imaging area.
  • at the MWC:
  • (2016 Feb) Synaptics Introduces Ultra Slim Area Touch Fingerprint Sensor: the FS4304. 3.5mm wide.
  • (2016 Feb) Synaptics Adds Proprietary Anti-Spoofing to SentryPoint Security Suite: proprietary anti-spoofing algorithms.
  • (2016 Mar) The Samsung S7 has the BI202A chip dated 2014 (Sitri)
  • (2016 Aug) Some product briefs are released:
    - Natural ID™ FS4300 family of area fingerprint sensors
    - Natural ID™ VFS6100 family: swipe, 114 pixels wide
    - Natural ID™ VFS5100 family: image width: VFS5011: 8 mm, VFS5111: 10 mm, VFS5131: 10 mm
  • (2016 Aug) Synaptics Sampling Third Generation Natural ID Under-Glass Fingerprint Sensors: FS4500
  • (2016 Aug) FIDO Certified Synaptics Products:
    • VFS7500S (Match-in-Sensor)
    • VFS7500 (Match-on-Host)
    • FS4200 (Match-on-Host)
    • VFS6100 (Match-on-Host)
  • (2016 Dec) Synaptics announces Industry-First Optical-based Fingerprint Sensors for Smartphones: FS9100. High-resolution scanning through 1mm of full cover glass, using a specific collimator technology on silicon.
  • (2016 Dec) Synaptics, OXi Technology Collaborate on Optical Solutions for Mobile Market
  • (2016 Dec) Synaptics announces its Natural ID™ biometric fingerprint authentication solution, the VFS7500S, is the industry’s first fingerprint sensor fully certified through the Banking Card Test Center, or BCTC.
    The Synaptics® VFS7500S Natural ID™ fingerprint sensor family features SentryPoint™ Security Suite technology. SentryPoint offers a wide-range of unique and highly secure authentication features including Quantum Matcher™ for fingerprint template authentication, and PurePrint™ anti-spoof technology. PurePrint examines fingerprint images using unique artificial intelligence technology to reliably distinguish between fake and actual fingers. Security is also enhanced using Synaptics’ SecureLink™ 256-bit AES with TLS 1.2 encryption. This single-chip solution does not require an external microcontroller for handling the cryptographic functions.
  • (2017 Mar) Synaptics announces the FS4600 Fingerprint Sensor Family.
    The versatile FS4600 family supports square, round, pill shape, and slim rectangular buttons for the front, back or side of devices. The buttons enable OEM choice of coatings including polymers, ceramics or glass. Value-added features include support for two 0D soft buttons, force sensing and swipe navigation. Sample in CY17Q2 with mass production in CY17Q3.
  • (2017 Dec) Synaptics announces the World’s First In-Display Fingerprint Sensors for Smartphones to Mass Production.
    Clear ID™ FS9500 family of optical in-display fingerprint sensors.
  • (2018 Jan) Vivo X20 Plus is the first smartphone with a hidden fingerprint sensor.
  • (2018 Feb) Tear-off from JerryRigEverything.
    Note the unusual angled position of the sensor.
  • (2018 Mar) Vivo X21 teardown.
    This is not the same sensor, and no angle.
    175x175(?) pixels @777dpi, collimator. Uses a companion chip.
  • (2018 Apr) Synaptics FS9500 Fingerprint Sensor from the Vivo X20 Plus Package Analysis.
  • (2018 Jun) Synaptics Announces Next-Generation Match-in-Sensor Fingerprint Authentication Solution for PCs is Production-Ready.
    FS7600 Match-in-Sensor fingerprint authentication family (Prometheus).

  • Alps Electric

  • (2004) Alps Electric unveiled two prototypes:
    - Pressure sensor prototype
    - Flat panel capacitive prototype
  • Alps Electric annual report 2014 (page 11)
  • (2004 April) ItMedia

  • Casio + Alps Electric

  • (Feb 2003) Unveiled the "rolling-tube head" scanner, and showed a cellphone prototype.
    Press release (local copy, for the records)
    Corporate history

  • Casio

  • (2000 May) Casio launched the fingerprint verification algorithm, VeriPat®.
  • (2004) Casio proposes an optical TFT sensor.
    Prototype 200x240 pixels @500dpi. The sensor can go over a regular display.
    Local copy of the 2004 website / CED products (for the records).
  • Offered by TechnoImagia as FP-LS120, included in the smart card reader FP-Plus
  • casio tft
  • (2004 Oct): Casio shows at the CEATEC a phone prototype with a transparent TFT sensor directly put over the display.
    368×368 pixels @420dpi
    Demonstration movie (.wmv)
  • (2008) Casio fingerprint sensor using HAST (Hyper Amorphous Silicon Technology).
    256x300 pixels @ 508 dpi. Installable on display. COF50M0401ALX
  • (2008) the LS192 is incorporated in a SDKK device.

  • CrossMatch >> Sonavation

  • (2003 Oct) Numerical validation of an advanced fingerprint sensor based on 1-3 piezo-composites / Schmitt, R.M. (CrossMatch).
  • (2004 Aug) Ultrasonic imaging of fingerprints using acoustical impediography / Schmitt, R.M. (CrossMatch).
    "Authorizer prototype": 64x64 pixels @126 micron pitch (announced @250dpi, but this is 200 dpi).
  • Sonavation is a spin-off from Cross-Match launched in July 2006. Technology is called surface impedance impediography, an ultrasonic sensor.
  • (2009 Mar) Sonavation unveils the SonicSlide STS3000.
  • (2017 Jun) The STS3000 BGA is still available in China!
  • Sonavation MEMS
  • (2013 May) a new sensor is unveiled : STS3050.
  • (2013 May) ISO 7816 smart card announced (Biocryption) with the sensor.
  • (2015 Jul) Announced as "underglass" with a Gorilla Glass from Corning. Likely to say like Qualcomm...
  • (2015 Nov) A new brand name: SonicTouch™, and sensors: T4900 (4x9mm, underglass) & T6600 (6x6mm bare+protective coating)
  • (2016 Feb) Sonavation Announces Fingerprint Imaging Through Smart Phone OLED Display
  • (2016 Nov): leaks about the Meizu Pro 7 with a Sonavation sensor!

  • Symwave > 2010 > SMSC > 2012 > Microchip

  • (2004) A high sensitivity capacitive fingerprint sensor with double sensing plates / Wu & als. Shenzhen SOC lab + Symwave. Test-chip @ 250 dpi, 5x5mm chip.
  • (2004 Jun) Symwave (USA & China) announces a capacitive fingerprint sensor.
  • (2005 Aug) more information about the fingerprint sensor BioPrint SW6888.
    192x16 pixels @500dpi. Flyer, datasheet, products.
    Manufactured by DK Semiconductor? (see "Morgue" section).
  • (2010 Nov) SMSC acquires Symwave
  • (2012 Aug) Microchip acquires SMSC
  • SW6888


  • (2004 May) Mitsumi demonstrates an optical sweep fingerprint sensor.
    EDN: the fingerprint sensor has a built-in linear image sensor and light-source LED in a resin-packaged unit.
  • (2005 Jun) Mitsumi (japan) announces an optical sweep fingerprint sensor, the SEF-A1F1:
    256x1 pixel @600dpi.
    Flyer 2005.
    Flyer 2008 (flex).
  • (2006) SEF-A1F2 or SEF-A2? faster and reduced power consumption.
  • Likely processed by Denken semiconductors.
  • Mitsumi SEF-A1

    ElecVision > 2006 > Mediatek

  • (2005) ElecVision released the EVS060A an optical sweep fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint sensor has a built-in linear image sensor and light-source LED in a resin-packaged unit.
    It is used in the EVM620M module and Trilobyte Tech MB8108-EVS060 module.
    256x30 pixels @500dpi
  • Elecvision is acquired by Mediatek end of 2006. See also Goodix.

  • NanoIdent

  • (2005 Jul) NanoIdent (Austria) flexible photo-organic fingerprint sensor prototype.
  • (2009) RIP

  • Silicon Display Technology

  • (2005 Oct) Silicon Display Technology (Korea) unveils a serie of TFT fingerprint sensors:
    SD0250N, SD0360N, SD0360FP, SD0360FA, SD0500N (=SDF500C ?)
  • (2009) Developped a flexible TFT fingerprint sensor (no info)
  • Silicon Display SD0250N Silicon Display SD0360N Silicon Display sd360fa
    Silicon Display sd360fp Silicon Display SD0500N
  • (2013) GOS-1 glass optical sensor, LTPS TFT array 256x360 508dpi.
    also announced: GOS5 750 X 800 pixels, GOS4 400 X 500 pixels, GOS3 256 X 360 pixels
  • (2013) GCS-2 glass capacitive sensor, LTPS TFT array 256x360 508dpi

  • Polytechnique Montréal

  • (2006) A CMOS Fingerprint Sensor Based on Skin Resistivity Yves Audet & als.
    One line 256 pixels @635dpi? + 16 vertical pixels for the speed detection.
  • (2007) A real time image reconstruction algorithm for an integrated fingerprint sensor Hamine, Audet & als.

  • LiteOn Semiconductor

  • (2006) Lite-On releases the FLB6100 (local copy).
    Also distributed by [] Bellus under FX1 name.
    616 pixels @1200dpi or 308 pixels @600dpi.
  • (2006 Jul) There is also an announcement about the FLB8100 (wireless handsets) & FLB8200 (notebooks) [].
  • Bellus Lite-On FLB6100 BioKey Lite-On FLB6100

    National Tsinghua university

  • (2006) A Highly Sensitive CMOS-MEMS Capacitive Tactile Sensor Cheng-Ting Ko ; Jhy-Ping Wu ; Wen-Chih Wang ; Ching-Hsiao Huang. 1 pixel, 200 microns.
  • (2006) A CMOS Micromachined Capacitive Tactile Sensor With High-Frequency Output. Cheng-Ting Ko, Sheng-Hsiang Tseng, Michael S.-C. Lu.
  • (2011) A CMOS capacitive pressure sensor chip for fingerprint detection Yung-Shih Hsiung; Lu, M.S.-C.
  • (2012) A CMOS Micromachined Capacitive Sensor Array for Fingerprint Detection Jiun-Chieh Liu ; Yung-Shih Hsiung ; Lu, M.S.-C. / 8x32 pixels @ 390 dpi
  • (Silead is created by former students from this university)
  • (2017 May) Large-Scale and High-Density pMUT Array Based on Isolated Sol-Gel PZT Membranes for Fingerprint Imaging / Yuan-Quan Chen et al. (local copy)
  • (2019 Nov) Usage of the impedance effect of a spiral dual-coil for fingerprint sensor application / Shihwei Lin et al.
    (The first sensor with impedance detection, one of my patents is describing this for aliveness detection a few years ago :)
  • (2020 Mar) A 368 × 184 Optical Under-Display Fingerprint Sensor With Global Shutter and High-Dynamic-Range Operation / Chih-Wen Lu et al. / presented at the CICC.
    368×184 pixels @1154dpi, optical under-display fingerprint sensor. 120 dB dynamic range. 9.74mm × 4.6mm chip size, 73% sensing area.

  • Sharp

  • (2007 Feb) Sharp unveils a LCD / TFT fingerprint sensor at the ISSCC 2007.
    640x480 pixels @300dpi

  • Imtek

  • (2007 Mar) Imtek and Cross-Match are developping a foil sensor based on passive impedance.
  • (2005) IMTEK & Schippers propose a thermal fingerprint sensor based on a similar technique than Nagoya Univ., adapted for a smart card.
  • Imtek

    AU Optronics

  • (2008 Oct) AU Optronics Corp. reveals a 2.8-inch, 640x480 panel that can recognize images and is detailed enough to capture fingerprints, turning the panel into both a security tool and a scanner. The LCD panel is mounted with optical sensors and a detection circuit. Each pixel is equipped with four sensors. The pixel count of the panel is 320 × 240, and the resolution of the sensor is 640 × 480, according to the company.
  • (2012 Aug) Embedded Nano-Si Optical Sensor in TFT-LCDs Technology and Integrated as Touch-Input Display / Cho & als.
  • (2013 Jul) Nano-Si Optical Pixel-Sensor Array using TFT Technology as Image-Scan/Fingerprint Panel / Cho & als.
  • (2014 Jun) AU Optronics announce and showcase at the SID its fingerprint sensing technology with a resolution higher than 500ppi. AUO employs its specialized glass panel processing technology to trim the panel to 1.8 mm thick.
    1080x640 pixels, 508dpi, a-Si.
  • (2015 Nov) Design and Modeling of 1000ppi Fingerprint Sensor / Huang & als. Amorphous-Si TFT
  • (2015 Nov) Flat Panel Fingerprint Optical Sensor Using TFT Technology / Liao & als.
    1600x1500 pixels @500dpi
  • (2019 May) AUO to Unveil World’s First(*) Full Screen Optical In-cell Fingerprint LTPS LCD Technology
    AUO’s 6-inch full screen optical in-cell fingerprint LTPS LCD is the first of its kind to have installed an optical sensor within the LCD structure. Equipped with AHVA technology, full HD+ (1080 x 2160) resolution and 403 PPI pixel density, the panel has a full screen sensing area with the same 403 PPI sensor density and 30 ms swift sensor response time for the smoothest and most accurate sensing performance possible on a smartphone. / Cooperation with Egis

  • New Imaging Technologies (NIT)

  • (2008) NIT New Imaging Technologies unveils the FingerShadow technology / NFP1 product.
  • (2016) NIT fingerprint sensor offer using some logarithmic pixels, up to 2000 dpi. 8x8 area prototype sensor.
  • (2017 Aug) NIT twitters they are in the Acer Switch7 Black Edition. Underglass fingerprint sensor.
  • (2018 Jan) Innovatrics and NIT Present Face and Fingerprint ID Solutions

  • National Chi Nan University

  • (2004) In-pixel Parasitic Capacitance Cancellation for Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor Readout Circuits
    8x8 pixels @70um pitch.
  • (2005 Dec) A Novel Capacitive Sensing Scheme for Fingerprint Acquisition / Sheu & als.
    32x32 pixels @500dpi
  • (2008) Low Parasitic Capacitance and Low-Power CMOS Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor Department of Electrical Engineering / National Chi Nan University /Puli, Nantou, 545 Taiwan
    32x32 pixels @500dpi
  • (2006 Jan) A CMOS Readout Circuit for LTPS-TFT Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor / Yu-Sheng Tiao & als.
    30x30 pixels @500dpi

  • E-Smart Technologies

  • (2003) Super Smart Card
  • (2009 Mar) E-Smart unveils a flexible fingerprint sensor manufactured by BMF.
    The developed fingerprint sensor consists of a sheet of pressure-sensitive material on top of a thin-film transistor (TFT) made of amorphous or poly-crystalline silicon, with a thin stainless steel substrate (with University in Korea) (video on YouTube).

  • Institute of Microengineering and Nanoelectronics (IMEN)

  • (2009 Jun) The Institute of Microengineering and Nanoelectronics (IMEN) (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) published a paper Novel Design and Fabrication of High Sensitivity MEMS Capacitive Sensor Array for Fingerprint Imaging which is defined as a capacitance pressure sensor (but is not using the electrical capacitance between the pixel and the skin, the transmission is purely mechanical).
    They started the design in 2006 (see the paper at ICSE2006 from Damghanian & als).

  • FlashScan3D

  • (2009 Sep) FlashScan3D and TBS Holding unveils a new touchless fingerprint sensor technology using Structured Light Illumination (SLI) developped by two universities (University of Kentucky and Carnegie Mellon).
  • FlashScan3D


  • (2009) GelSight, Inc. provides extremely detailed and rapid surface measurements through the GelSight sensor technology. [2009 SIGGRAPH Emerging Technologies]
  • This is not a sensor specifically for fingerprint. But a very original method.
  • Microgeometry Capture using an Elastomeric Sensor
  • Retrographic sensing for the measurement of surface texture and shape

  • ASD

  • (2010) ASD has developped the FPTS-22 capacitance based fingerprint sensor used in their Auth.OnCard smart card.
    This is a 8x8mm / 160x160 pixels sensor, existing in Chip on Film (COF) or Chip on Board (COB). Datasheet (local copy).
  • (2011) Tests for a smart card.(Japan)
  • Morix

  • (2011) Morix FPTS22 is the same.
  • (2016 Jun) new image of the FPFC (fingerprint image sensor COF package) on Morix website.
  • (2017 Nov) Morix FPSF 105 AU
    160x160 pixels @500dpi (likely another avatar of the SF105, see below).
  • OST Oriental System Technology (Orisystech)

  • (2007 Aug) Secure Design KK launches a new semiconductor fingerprint image sensor in collaboration with Oriental System Technology and Sanyo Semiconductor.
  • (2011) OST successfully developed two dimensional fingerprint IC, theOFP100 160x160 pixels, 508 dpi.
    This is likely the same chip as the FPTS22 from ASD.
  • (2011) Orisystech OFP100-B sensor
  • (2011) Transferred to our subsidiary, Image Match Design Inc.
  • Startek & IMD Image Match Design 映智科技股份有限公司

  • (2013) Startek launches the FPC160 & FPC360 chips.
  • (2014) IMD Image Match Design proposes several fingerprint sensors
  • (2014 Nov) FocalTech Partners with IMD to Develop Area-Type Fingerprint Sensors
  • (2014) IMD SF104: 160x160 pixels @508dpi = Startek FPC160 or FP160
  • (2017) now called SF1 Serial (small size)
  • (2018 Mar) the HF108 from ADH-Tech is likely an avatar (SF104x name inside the datasheet :)
  • (2014) IMD SF201: 208x288 pixels @508dpi = FP200
  • (2015) The Biosec TS-1011 was 208x288 pixels @500dpi =SF201? (source)
  • (2017) now called SF2 Serial (medium size)
  • (2017) now called SF3 Serial (large size)
  • (2014) IMD SF301: 256x360 pixels @508dpi = Startek SFC360 or FP300
    (note: same size as the legacy Upek sensors)
  • (2015) IMD SF105: 160x160 pixels @508dpi. Likely the same chip for Biosec.
  • (2016) The Startek SC160 is a 160x160 pixels sensor. Likely the same. And likely done by Elan eFSA160S
  • (2017) now called All in One chip (small size): combo FP+MCU+algorithm [IMD] and FSC160 [Startek]
  • (2020) seen at Micropixel Optronics: iMD SF1253P
  • (2020 Jul) GF Series Fingerprint sensor.
    (YouTube / GF Series Fingerprint sensor demo)
  • Biosec 贝尔赛克

  • Biosec website.
  • (2015 Jul) Biosec TS-1011: 192x256 pixels @508dpi. datasheet
  • (2015) Biosec TS1012 is a 176x176 pixels sensor. The same as Elan?
  • (2015) TS1013M : 176x176pixels @508dpi. Datasheet.
  • (2015 Aug) TS1090: 120x120 pixels sensor @508dpi. White,Black,Gold. Datasheet.
  • (2015 Oct) TS1060: 176x176 pixels sensor @508dpi. Datasheet.
  • (2015 Oct) TS1070: 176x176 pixels sensor @508dpi. Datasheet.
  • (2015 Oct) TS1071: 176x176 pixels sensor @508dpi. Datasheet.
  • (2015 Oct) TS1071M: 176x176 pixels sensor @508dpi. Datasheet.
  • (2016) TS2010M: likely another variant.
  • (2016) TS2066M: likely another variant "small area". (M : module version)
  • (2016 Oct) TS2022: "large area".
  • (2016 Oct) TS2588: "small area".
  • ADH-Technology

  • ADH-Tech
  • (2015) HF105 (datasheet)
    160x160 pixels @508dpi
  • (2018 Mar) the HF108 from ADH-Tech is likely an avatar of the SF104 (SF104x name inside the datasheet :)
  • (2015) AD-S10GB/C (datasheet preliminary)
    256x360 pixels @508dpi FAP10 capacitive on glass substrate

  • JP Sensor 金鵬微控科技有限公司 >> IFE

  • (2010) JP Sensor (a Super Wings subsidiary) releases its first fingerprint sensor, pressure based, the JP1000. 256x256 pixels @ 500 dpi
  • Proposed by Fingerprint-tec / ShenZhen WenKe
  • (2014) JPSensor proposes smart card application.
  • (2015 Sep) Precise Biometrics has entered an agreement with JP Sensor for licensing of Precise Biometrics’ products for fingerprint recognition, Precise BioMatch™ Embedded and Precise BioMatch™ Mobile.
  • (2014) The JP2000 is capacitive, 192x192 pixels @ 508dpi.
  • (2015) The JP2050(S) is likely using the same chip, different package.
  • (2014) The JP2210 is likely the JP2000 (192x192 pixels @508dpi), with another package.
  • (2015) The JP2250 is likely just an update.
  • (2015) The JP2650 is another package.
  • IFE Infinity Electronic Biotech

  • (2016) JP Sensor becomes IFE Infinity Electronic Biotech. Products are renamed.
  • IFE305 capacitance sensor (192x192 pixels @508dpi)
  • IFE338 module (same sensor)
  • JP2250 -> IFE336 (same sensor)
  • JP2650 -> IFE365 (same sensor)

  • Aculab (Univeristà degli Studi Roma Tre)

  • Aculab, the Acousto-Electronics Laboratory of the "Univeristà degli Studi Roma Tre", Rome, Italy, operates in the "Dipartimento di Ingegneria" in the field of ultrasonics-related research.
  • (2010) Design and fabrication of a cMUT probe for ultrasound imaging of fingerprints / A. Savoia & als.
  • (2010) Ultrasound imaging of fingerprints using Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers / A. Savoia & als. (2010 IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium)
  • (2011) A High Frequency cMUT probe for Ultrasound Imaging of Fingerprints / N. Lamberti & als.
  • (2011) Capacitive micro-fabricated ultrasonic transducers for biometric applications / A.Iula & als.

  • Picofield > 2013 > Idex

  • (2011) Picofield is developping a new sensor, using a technology more or less derived from Validity (the R&D responsible was formerly Validity) but not swipe-based. It looks like a regular capacitive touchpad, but with a higher resolution (images from patents).
  • (2013) Idex is set to acquire the assets and intellectual property rights from PicoField Technologies.

  • Chalmers University of Technology

  • (2012) Capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer (cMUT) for biometric applications / Pavlo FESENKO.

  • UC Berkeley Swarm lab >> Invensense >> 2017 >> TDK

  • (2013) The Swarm lab of Berkeley is developping an ultrasonic sensor. See also the sensor electronics research group. 8x24 pixels @ 250dpi.
  • (2015 Jun) The Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor using a piezoelectric micromachined ultrasonic transducer array integrated with complementary metal oxide semiconductor electronics Lu & als. This paper presents an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor based on a 24x8 array of 22MHz AlN piezoelectric micromachined ultrasonic transducers (PMUTs) with 100um pitch, fully integrated with 180nm complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) circuitry through eutectic wafer bonding.
  • (2015 Oct) Invensense announces UltraPrint™, its ultrasonic fingerprint imaging solution, manufactured on the proprietary InvenSense CMOS-MEMS Platform (ICMP), offering ramp to production in calendar year 2017.
  • (2015 Nov) The BPN628: Novel Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor / Hao-Yen Tang (Berkeley project)
    Scheduled at the ISSCC 110x56 pixels @431x582dpi.
  • (2016 Jan) 3-D Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor-on-a-Chip (IEEE) / Hao-Yen Tang & als.
  • (2016 Oct) License agreement with Precise Biometrics.
  • (2017 May) TDK completes acquisition of InvenSense
  • (2017 Jan) Inter-element coupling effects in pulse-echo ultrasonic fingerprint sensors (IEEE) / Xiaoyue Jiang & als.
  • (2017 Sep) Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor With Transmit Beamforming Based on a PMUT Array Bonded to CMOS Circuitry (IEEE) / Xiaoyue Jiang & als.
  • (2017 Nov) Monolithic ultrasound fingerprint sensor (Nature) / Xiaoyue Jiang & als.

  • Finchos 成都方程式电子有限公司

  • (2013 Apr) Finchos is releasing the FSC1001a: 8x128 pixels @ 375 dpi
  • (2015) FSC1001b: 8x128 pixels @ 508 dpi. FSC1001b datasheet.
    It looks like the Atrua ATW310.
  • (2015) the JinMei Tech JM8001 is based on the FSC1001b, with a different package.
  • (2015 Dec) FSC2002 area touch sensor 208x288 pixels. FSC2002a datasheet.
    Also available at BaiJiaAn

  • Next Biometrics

  • (2013 Dec) Next Biometrics becomes public and unveils a new active thermal sensor, composed of an area sensor (LTPS -Low Temperature Poly Silicon- Thin Film Transistors and Devices) on + a silicon companion chip to drive and read the sensor.
    All proposed products are using the same TFT sensor, 180x256 pixels @385dpi, 11.9 mm*16.9 mm, in PCB or FPC:

  • NB-1010-S : SPI interface, NB-1010-U : USB interface, NB-2010-S : customizable

  • (2015 Feb) NB-2020-S (serial interface) (flyer 2015 Nov) (flyer 2016 Dec)
  • (2016 Dec) NB-2020-U = NB-2020 USB interface (flyer 2016 Dec).
  • (2015 Feb) NB-1011-S (serial interface)
  • (2015 Oct) Next will deliver 1.2 million sensors to Dell in 2016.
  • (2016 Feb) NB-1411-S embedded module (flyer)
  • (2016 Apr) NEXT Biometrics Showcases Flexible Fingerprint Sensor for Smart Cards.
  • (2016 Dec) NB-0610-S2 chipset = NB-S620-P2 on a flexible substrate + NB-A510-S companion chip
    (flyer 2016 Dec) (flyer 2017 Sep) (flyer 2017 Nov)
    180x256 pixels @385dpi.
  • (2016 Nov) NB-2023-S module (flyer 2016 Nov).
  • (2017 Sep) NB-2023-S2-V module (flyer 2017 Sep) (flyer 2017 Nov).
  • (2016 Nov) NB-2023-U module : USB version (flyer 2016 Nov).
  • (2017 Sep) NB-2023-U2-V module : USB version (flyer 2017 Sep) (flyer 2018 Mar).
  • (2019 Jan) One Touch Access 100-SPI: flyer 2019 Jan
  • (2019 Jan) One Touch Access 100-USB: flyer 2019 Jan
  • (2017 Jun) Innolux shows the flexible sensor developped with Next Biometrics.
  • (2017 Sep) NB-2034-S2 sensor (flyer 2017 Sep).
    180x180 pixels @385dpi
  • (2019 Jan) One Touch Access 200-SPI: flyer 2019 Jan
  • (2019 Jun) One Touch Access CT-150 flexible module for smart cards (flyer 2019 Jun).
    180x256 pixels @385dpi
  • (2019 Jun) One Touch Flex CT-150 (flyer 2019 Sep) / 180x256 pixels @385dpi
  • (2019 Sep) One Touch Access 100-USB Module (flyer 2019 Sep) / 180x256 pixels @385dpi
  • (2019 Sep) One Touch Access 100-SPI Module (flyer 2019 Sep) / 180x256 pixels @385dpi
  • (2019 Sep) One Touch Access 110-SPI Module (flyer 2019 Sep) / 180x256 pixels @385dpi
  • (2019 Sep) One Touch Access 115-SPI Module (flyer 2019 Sep) / 180x256 pixels @385dpi / extended temperature range -30°C,+60°C
  • (2019 Dec) One Touch Access 200-SPI Module (flyer 2019 Sep) / 180x180 pixels @385dpi
  • (2019 Dec) NEXT One Touch ID is PIV certified (FAP20): Model NB-65210-S single finger livescan capture device at 500 ppi.
    500 dpi? but it's a 385dpi sensor? Ah! "optical equivalent resolution" : very clever.

  • Shenzhen Betterlife Electronic Science and Technology

  • (2013) Betterlife develops RF fingerprint sensors with the BL2201. 160x160 pixels @ 500dpi
  • (2014) BL2200 208x288 pixels @ 500dpi. Likely the same chip than another manufacturer?
  • "BetterTouch"
  • (2015 Jul) BL2290 96x112 pixels @ 508dpi (round) datasheet v1.2 = Chengdu FPS1196C
  • (2015 Jul) BL2291 96x112 pixels @ 508dpi (rectangle) datasheet v1.2 = Chengdu FPS1196S
  • (2015 Jul) BL2380 8x160 pixels @ 508dpi

  • BeyondEyes

  • (2013) BeyondEyes is developing near infra red based world's thinnest (1mm) and high resolution (2500dpi) optical fingerprint recognition sensor for mobile device as the personal authentification purpose.
  • (2015 Nov) BeyondEyes presentation slides
    First prototype Buddy-V0: 6x8mm @2500dpi.

  • Holtek

  • (2014) Holtek is offering ultra-thin optical fingerprint sensors.
    Normally, I do not include here optical sensors but this one is special, so, for the records...
  • Holtek GT series datasheet v1.20 June 26, 2016.
  • (2015 Dec) Holtek Semiconductor and Elan Microelectronic launched new fingerprint scanning sensors. GH-8111 1000 dpi, 320x320 pixels 8.1x8.1mm SPI Hybrid fingerprint sensor (named 8211 with a silver metal frame).
    Holtek, Gingytech, Sunnyway Technology
  • (2016 Jan) Precise Biometrics Enters Licensing Agreement With Gingytech.
  • Holtek GH series datasheet v1.00 Feb 02, 2106.
  • Holtek GH series datasheet v1.20 July 20, 2016.
  • Gingytech GH8111 flyer.
  • (2016 Jul) A new reference appears: GH-8511, under development, available in 1Q, 2017.
    320x320 pixels @1000dpi. Ultra-thin package with Heart Beat Monitor & Wake-up on Fingerprint.

  • MicroArray Co. Ltd. 苏州迈瑞微电子有限公司

  • MicroArray is developping active capacitive fingerprint sensors, using a patented variant called CQT by MicroArray.
  • (2014 Mar) AFS192 192x256 pixels @504dpi (50.4μm) SPI 60 fps @24MHz
  • (2014 Aug) MicroArray AFS120, 120x120 pixels @508dpi SPI 100fps @16MHz datasheet, presentation
  • (2014 Sep) AFS120T, 120x120 pixels @508dpi, TSV packaged, ZrO2 ceramics covered module for smart phone market. datasheet v1.31
  • Microarray TSV packaged its fingerprint sensor with Speed Semiconductor one year before Apple with its iPhone6S's Touch ID, instead of trench + wire bonding package.
  • (2014) Microarray supported Sanhuan developing ZrO2 ceramics as cover plate for fingerprint module. FPC used this material in Xiaomi Mi5 in 2016.
  • (2014 Sep) 200 microns of Zircone (Apple: 260 microns of sapphire) give less degradation to the image, but still requires some specific enhancements.
  • As the AFS120 is small, pattern matching is used.
  • (2015 May) AFS120M, 120x120 pixels @508dpi, molding + coating packaged single chip solution, with bezel. datasheet v1.0
  • (2014-2015) Microarray help Sumitomo developing high DK molding compound for fingerprint sensors. Since 2015, this version of Sumitomo’s compound is widely used.
  • (2015 May) AFS080T: 192 x 80 pixels @ 508dpi
  • (2015 July) AFS120N, 120x120 pixels @508dpi, molding + coating packaged single chip solution, without bezel. datasheet v1.1
  • (2015 July) AFS080U: 192 x 80 pixels @ 508dpi, 300um - 400um glass
  • (2015) Upcoming: (touch) AFS160, AFS200, AFS360, (swipe) SFS192.
  • (2016 May) The 4th generation Microarray 3D fingerprint sensor is in the UMI Super.
  • (2017 May) Roadmap

  • Goodix

  • (2014 May) Goodix formerly known as Shenzhen Huiding Technology Co. Ltd. (a subsidiary of Mediatek, see also Elecvision), introduces a new active capacitance fingerprint sensor. Goodix presentation (OFweek).
    By adopting a new original patented packaging technology, Goodix integrated the metal ring, sapphire cover and sensor into a small volume. The mode of operation is similar with Apple Touch ID technology. Products: GF6616, GF6626, GF6610 and GF6620. Minimum size is only 9.76mm x7.4mm x1.17mm.
    Announced accuracy: FAR 1/50000 for a FRR 1/100 (at least, they give the FRR: Apple said nothing about that).
  • (2014 Sep) Goodix unveils their new generation of fingerprint identification solution - IFS (Invisible Fingerprint Sensor), developped with TPK which should enable to remove the ring, and use directly glass (450 to 700 microns thick).
    300 microns sapphire protection (like the Apple 5S).
  • (2015 Jan) Goodix announces that their GF66X8 fingerprint sensor powers Meizu’s latest smartphone (the Meizu MX4).
    Several parts exist, depending on the color/package:
    {circle, square, rectangle}, {white, black}
    Likely the same sensor behind. 96×96 pixels, maybe in 3 x (32x96), TBC.
    You can find some more information at Chipworks (under the name GT6648, reverse of the Meizu phone).
  • Goodix GT6620 Goodix GT6616 Goodix GT6628
  • (2015 Feb) reverse of the MX4 pro
    note the triple image, 3 x 32 x 96.
  • Goodix GT6628
  • (2015 Jun) New names? [with coating: GF316, rear GF318] [with glass: GF516, rear GF518] [GF919, GF816]
  • (2015 Oct) Meizu MX4 pro reverse by Sitri: the GF919 is the GF900 chip. Still 96x96 pixels @500dpi (alternate copy of the Sitri webpage).
  • (2015) GF5218, GF5268 (live), GF3208 : 88x108 pixels @500dpi
  • (2015) GF5216, GF5206 (live): 60x128 pixels @500dpi
  • (2015) GF3206: 54x176 pixels @500dpi
  • (2015) GF3266: 64x176 pixels @500dpi
  • (2016 Feb) Goodix to Unveil Advanced Fingerprint Sensor That Rejects Fakes at MWC 2016: world’s first Live Finger Detection™ technology. Senses the users' pulse to reject spoofs.
    BTW, Goodix is using Authentec's drawing explaining their sensing technology, which was already an explanation that it was working with live fingers :) Also, not afraid of patent infringments... Note also the "Samsung" name.
    Aliveness detection is not really new. And what if we use a thin fake over a real finger?
  • (2016 Oct) Some info about generations of sensors, clarifying the situation.
  • (2016 Oct) Packaging & IFS.
  • (2017 Feb) Inside the Zuk Edge (U Touch)
  • (2017 Feb) Goodix announces in-display fingerprint sensor at MWC. The world’s first fingerprint sensor integrated into the AMOLED display of mobile devices. (via business insider)
  • (2018 Mar) Goodix’s Optical IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSOR™ Commercialized on vivo’s X21 Flagship Smartphone
  • (2018 May) In Display in Xiaomi's Mi8
  • (2018 Jun) In Display in Vivo NEX
  • (2017 Feb) ABIresearch teardowns unveils the AC2201TC2 chip from Goodix with an "heart beat" detector. (via Eetimes)
    capacitive 128x60 pixels @500dpi (similar to GF52xx devices)
  • (2018 May) Goodix In-Display Fingerprint sensor (rather "under display" as it comes under the display).
  • (2018 Oct) OnePlus 6T teardown: iFixIt, SlashGear.
  • (2018 Nov) Goodix TC2403G0 In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Basic Functional Analysis from Tech Insights in Vivo x23, Nex S.
    resolution: ~180x~228, pixel pitch ~5 micron.
  • (2019 Oct) Goodix Under-Display Optical Fingerprint in the Huawei P30 Pro (System Plus reverse engineering). 39000 pixels (a strange number) @5080ppi = about 5 microns, so 10 times the usual 508 dpi resolution.
  • (2019 Apr) Huawei P30 Pro iFixIt teardowns.
  • (2019 May) OnePlus 7 Pro iFixIt teardowns unveils a "regular" camera from Goodix to acquire the fingerprint image. Jerry Rig Everything
    Meet The Company Behind The In-Display Fingerprint Sensors In OnePlus, Huawei, Vivo And Redmi Phones
    Goodix Under-Display Fingerprint Sensor (original article).
  • (2019 Jun) Redmi K20 Pro in-display sensor.
  • (2019 Dec) Shenzhen Goodix Technology Co., Ltd. today announced that its ultra-thin optical IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSOR™ officially ushers in the 5G era with the commercialization by OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren released in the United States.
  • (2020 Apr) Goodix’s Ultra-Thin Optical In-Display Fingerprint in OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren (System Plus reverse engineering). On-chip Near InfraRed (NIR) filter, collimator and MicroLens Array (MLA).

  • Silead 思立微 > 2018 > GigaDevice

  • Silead (subsidiary of GalaxyCore)
  • (2014 May) Silead unveils the GSL6162: 508 dpi, 5.5 x 5.7mm sensing area, FRR<1% FAR<0.01%. Possibly O-film for packaging.
  • (2014 Nov) Silead is securing fingerprint sensor orders from Coolpad and ZTE.
  • (2015 May) Precise Biometrics announced it signed a license agreement with Chinese fingerprint sensor manufacturer Silead to include Precise Biometrics´ fingerprint software, Precise BioMatch Mobile into its products portfolio.
  • (2015) GSL6163, GSL6172, GSL6182, GSL6185, GSL6263, GSL6272.

  • (2017 May) Oppo is working with Silead about the brands's GSL625x sensor.
    6.8x2.4mm @508dpi
  • (2018) Product information
  • (2018 Sep) ultrasound fingerprint sensor prototype, PMUT based (AlN). Mass production expected early 2019.
  • (2018 Nov) Silead PBEM00 Optical Fingerprint Sensor from the Oppo R17 Basic Functional Analysis.
  • (2019 Mar) GigaDevice bought Silead in January 2018 for 1.7 billion yuan, approved in March 2019.
  • (2020 Apr) Product Selection Guide
  • Capacitive fingerprint sensors (sensing area, pixels)
      GSL6157N 8.0 x 1.8 mm 160 x 36
      GSL6257N 8.0 x 1.8 mm 160 x 36
      GSL6150N 4.0 x 3.2 mm 80 x 64
      GSL6250N 4.0 x 3.2 mm 80 x 64
      GSL6185E 5.7 x 6.6 mm 114 x 132
      GSL6156E 6.8 x 2.4 mm 192 x 68
      GSL6182E 8.0 x 8.0 mm 160 x 160
      GSL6275E 8.8 x 3.2 mm 176 x 64
  • Optical Fingerprint Under OLED (FRR<1.5%@FAR<1/50,000) (sensing area, pixels)
      GSL7000A 6.0 x 6.0 mm 320 x 320
      GSL7001A 6.0 x 6.0 mm 320 x 320
      GSL7001F 6.0 x 6.0 mm 320 x 320
      GSL7301A 6.0 x 6.0 mm 88 x 86
      GSL7303A 6.0 x 9.0 mm 180 x 280
      GSL7305A 6.0 x 6.0 mm 180 x 180
      GSL7253 30 x 20 mm 300 x 200
  • Ultrasonic FP Under OLED (sensing area, pixels)
      GSL8165A 4.8 x 4.8 mm 80 x 80
      GSL8252 30 x 20 mm 428 x 285

  • J-Metrics / Jinhuaxin

  • (2014 Aug) J-Metrics proposes fingerprint sensors:
    JMT101, JMT103, JMT301, JMT303.
    Own a patent with two stacked chips, to obtain a flat surface.
  • (2014 Dec) Jinhuaxin is likely the manufacturer with same offer with the JSS79203, JSS79302, JSS79301 (2016 Mar: dead links?)
  • (2016 Jan) Precise Biometrics signs license agreement with J-Metrics.
  • (2016 Mar) Sheng Hexiang Technology offers the same products.
  • JMetrix JMT303 JMetrix JMT301 JMetrix JMT103 JMetrix JMT101
  • (2017 Mar) Taiwan J-Metrics (Shenzhen) and PEKING University signed an alliance with MEMS based ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

  • FocalTech 敦泰電子股份有限公司

  • (2014) Focaltech is developping fingerprint sensors.
  • (2014 Sep) IDEX enters into a strategic agreement to supply swipe fingerprint sensors to FocalTech Systems
  • (2014 Nov) FocalTech Partners with IMD to Develop Area-Type Fingerprint Sensors
  • (2014 Dec) FT9100: 9.2 x 3.6mm @ 376dpi
  • (2014 Dec) FT9200: 11.3 x 11.3mm @ 508dpi. Shown in the (future) Xiaomi Redmi Note 2.
  • (2014 Dec) FT9300: 6.0 x 6.0mm @ 508dpi, announced Q1 2015.
  • (2015) Dalian Hengchip is a reseller of FocalTech FT9200 fingerprint sensor.
  • (2015 Dec) FocalTech licenses Precise Biometrics’ mobile fingerprint recognition solution.
  • (2016) FT9306: 64x160 pixels @ 508dpi.
  • (2016) FT9308/9338/9538: 88x 88 pixels @ 508dpi.
  • (2016) FT9336/9536: 64x128 pixels @ 508dpi.

  • Elan

  • (2014 Aug) Elan Microelectonics is developping fingerprint sensors optical type and capacitive type, with Startek.
  • (2014 Aug) Startek Engineering and Elan are making a strategic alliance.
  • (2015 Mar) a 176x176 pixels sensor, 8.8x8.8mm and a 120x120 pixels, 6.4x6.4mm are developped.
  • (2015 Oct) The Startek SFC176 is a 176x176 pixels @508dpi fingerprint sensor.
  • (2015) Biosec TS1012 is a 176x176 pixels sensor. The same, different coating?
  • (2016) The Elan eFSA160S is also likely the Startek SC160. 160x160 pixels @500dpi
  • (2015 Aug) Licence agreement between Precise Biometrics and Elan: ELAN being good at designing ICs to offer fingerprint sensor.
  • (2015 Dec) Holtek Semiconductor and Elan Microelectronic launched new fingerprint scanning sensors.
  • (2017 Apr) Taiwan-based Elan Microelectronics has announced it is teaming up with smart card integrator Jinco Universal and Korea Smart ID (KSID), a security solution provider, to develop smart cards with an embedded fingerprint sensor.
  • (2018 Mar) Some sensors showed at MWC2018: eFSA614RA, eFSA96SA, eFSA80SA, eFSA688RA.

  • Vkansee

  • (2015 Jan) Vkansee formally released UTFIS, an ultra-thin optical fingerprint sensor, at the CES.

  • UTFIS uses advanced pinhole imaging techniques to take a high-resolution image that requires neither a lens system nor a prism for reflecting the light.
    2000dpi, 1.5mm thick, size: 11,25 × 7 mm (TBC), 8x12 pinholes

  • Announces that a fake finger can spoof an Apple Touch ID sensor (not a big deal), but not their sensor (it would be better to stay humble on that subject...), thanks to the third level features (pores).

  • See the sensor working on this video from mobiwatchEN
  • See the sensor working on this video from CNET, with a not so contrasted image, likely from a dry finger (bad luck, guys).
  • (2016 Feb) Vkansee unveils the VK2108 at the MWC. Smaller: 6 x 3.5 x 1.5 mm @2000dpi. (I know, it's written FP8801 on the flex).
  • (2016 Feb) Vkansee is demonstrating an attack using fake fingers at the MWC: techradar, htxt.
    Aliveness detection is not really new.
  • (2018 Jun) VKANSEE Launches Hybrid In-Display Optical Fingerprint Technology For Button Free Smartphone Era. 800ppi, Matrix Pinhole Image Sensing MAPIS See BOE.

  • Trais 트레이스

  • (2015 Feb) Trais introduces FOD Fingerprint On Display, a transparent fingerprint sensor. Likely capacitance TFT.
  • (2016 Sep) Demonstration available.
  • (2017 Jun) A 500-dpi Transparent On-Glass Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor / Hyunseok Hwang (Yonsei univ) & al. + Trais
    transparent on glass, 200x200 pixels @500dpi

  • BYD Build Your Dreams 比亚迪股份有限公司

  • (2015 May) BYD Build your dreams made a conference in Shenzhen. Two front fingerprint chips + a rear fingerprint chip were presented:
    - BF6611A : front, 508 dpi, 144x72 pixels wafer-level packaging + cover, 3.7x8.7mm chip size
    - BF6621A : front, 508 dpi, plastic coating module
    - BF6631A : rear, 508 dpi, 160x160 pixels, 10.4x10.4mm chip size FRR 0.01, FAR 1/200 000 (!)
    90 patents applied. Coating 200um.

  • Jenetric

  • (2015 Sep) Jenetric presents their first sensor Livetouch quattro. A large optical TFT FAP60 sensor, so at least 3.2"x3" @ 500dpi (1600x1500 pixels).
  • (2016 Sep) Jenetric presents the Livetouch quattro Compact.

  • Langevin Institute

  • (2015 Oct) The Langevin Institute has made an OCT (optical coherence tomography) device specifically to acquire fingerprints.
    Fingerprint imaging from the inside of a finger with full-field optical coherence tomography Egidijus Auksorius and A. Claude Boccara.

  • Lustrous Electro-Optics

  • (This is an optical sensor, original enough to include in my list.)
  • (2014 Sep) Compact touchless fingerprint reader based on digital variable-focus liquid lens C.W. Tsai ; P.J. Wang ; J.A. Yeh .
  • C. W. Gary Tsai founded Lustrous Electro-Optics Inc. Hsinchu, Taiwan. See Digital liquid lens for fast scanning technologies

  • Sunwave 信炜科技

  • (2015 Dec) Sunwave (Shenzhen) unveils some info about new capacitive sensors:
    SW9580 : under glass 400um / SW9581 600um
    SW9560 : over molding <300um
    SW9551 : coating (SW9550 is likely a former version)
  • (2016 Oct) A new sensor: SW9651 / 9661
  • (2016 Dec) main product: SW9562N

  • Chengdu Finger Technology (CDfinger) 成都费恩格尔微电子技术有限公司 >> FingerTech

  • (2015) Chengdu Finger Technology "Ultra-Scan" RF capacitive fingerprint sensors
  • FPS? 160x8 pixels @508dpi, FRR 0.01% FAR 0.0001%
  • FPS0160 160x160 pixels @508dpi
  • (2015 Feb) FPS1196 & FPS1198 (same chip?) : 112x96 pixels @508dpi :
    FPS1196C (circle) datasheet V1.0, FPS1196S (square) datasheet V1.0
    FPS1198C (circle) datasheet V1.0, FPS1198S (square) datasheet V1.0
    FRR 1%, FAR 1/50000 = Betterlife BL229x
  • (2015 Sep) FPS1256 : 128x56 pixels @508dpi FPS1256 datasheet V1.0
  • (2016 Mar) Roadmap presentation.
    - FPS1398
    - FPS2198 / FPS1498
    - FPS3098 underglass
    - FPS3056 underglass
  • (2016 Mar) FPS1398 : 96x96 pixels @508dpi
  • (2016 Dec) roadmap
    - FPS1358 (replaces FPS1398E)
    - FPS1356 (replaces FPS1256E)
    - FPS958, FPS968 (replaces FPS998E / FPS1198)
    - FPS1598 underglass
  • (2017) FPS998E
  • (2017) FPS958E
  • (2017) FPS988E
  • (2017) FPS1256E, FPS1356E
  • (2017) FPS1358E
  • (2017) FPS1098E
  • (2017) FPS1398E
  • (2017 Apr) Introducing FingerTech brand. 成都费恩格尔微电子技术有限公司

  • Chipone

  • (2015 Oct) Chipone ICNT7183.
    ICNT7183: 160x160 pixels @508dpi for placement on the back
  • (2016 Jan) some info about the ICNT71xx family.
    ICNT7123: 56x192 pixels @508dpi for front / side placement
    ICNT7127 & ICNT7187 : advanced versions
  • (2016 Feb) Precise Biometrics signs license agreement with Chipone.
  • (2016 Mar) a new member? with different packages:
    ICNT7152, 7153, 7157: 88x112 pixels @508dpi
  • (2017 Jul) ICNT7236AL LGA
    64x150 pixels @ 508dpi / FAR 1/50000, FRR 1%.

  • Datang Microelectronics Technology (DMT) 大唐微电子

  • (2015 Nov) Datang DMT-FS-PB4M
    DMT-FS-PB4M: 192x192 pixels @508 dpi
  • (2016 Jun) Datang exhibition.
    DMT-FS-PB4FS 64x114 pixels @508 dpi (for mobile phones)
    DMT-FS-PB4F 208x288 pixels @508 dpi capacitive sensor (=Finchos FSC2002?) (datasheet v1.0)
    Also showed the 2nd generation ID card.
  • Datang fingerprint sensor list
  • (2017) DMT-FS-PB4H 256x360 pixels @508dpi (datasheet V1.0)
  • (2017) DMT-FS-SA4L swipe @375dpi

  • Novatek

  • Novatek.
  • (2014 Oct) Introduced Novatek's first HD CIS ( CMOS Image Sensor ) for fingerprint recognition application.
  • (2015 Dec) Introduces first under glass thin type optical fingerprint module.
  • (2016 Oct) Introduced Novatek's first front-mount and side-mount fingerprint sensor with Single-Chip and Biometric Live Detection for all cover solutions and high security level.
  • (2016 Nov) Introduced Novatek's first back-mount fingerprint sensor with Single-Chip and Biometric Live Detection for all cover solutions and high security level.
  • (2017 Sep) Introduced Novatek's first narrow front-mount and side-mount fingerprint sensor with Single-Chip for all cover and 18:9 full screen solutions.
  • (2017 Nov) Introduced Novatek's first super thin front-mount fingerprint sensor with Single-Chip for under glass and 18:9 full screen solutions.

  • Super-C Touch

  • Super-C Touch
  • (2015 Aug) Super-C Touch introduces a flexible film fingerprint identification module. LTPS process.
  • (2016) Proto 100x200 pixels
  • (2017) Scheduled 2017 Q4: 200x200 pixels @ 508dpi, 5 frames/sec, capacitive.
  • (2019 Jan) ST-S10GB/C (& SCTFPWS01):
    256x360 pixels @ 508dpi, 2 frames/sec, capacitive.
    - SuperC Touch’s “Perturbation Resonance” technology
    - Off-Chip Capacitance Fingerprint Sensing Technology

  • Isorg + FlexEnable

  • (2016 Jan) FlexEnable and ISORG have introduced a large area flexible fingerprint sensor on plastic. The fingerprint technology is able to measure the fingerprint and also the configuration of veins in the fingers, providing additional security versus that of a surface fingerprint alone.
    8.6 cm x 8.6 cm active area, 84µm pitch = 304 dpi, 1024 x 1024 pixel, 0.3 mm thick. Operates in visible and near infra-red up to wavelengths of 900 nm.
  • (2016 Feb) Demo at the MWC.
  • (2016 Oct) FlexEnable & Isorg announces a 500 dpi version.
  • Thickness: less than 0.3 mm:
    - 1” x 2” : smartcards, mobile phones
    - 3” x 3.2” : multi-finger, vein scanners
  • (2017 Jun) Image from the Isorg 500 dpi image sensor : fingerprint and vein.
  • (2019 Nov) Large-Area Optical Fingerprint Sensors for Next Generation Smartphones
    (local copy)
  • (2019 Nov) Isorg's technology enables light, robust, FBI compliant scanner
    (Isorg brochure biometrics, local copy)
  • (2019 Dec) Isorg to showcase its Full-Screen Fingerprint-on-Display module at CES.
    Isorg's Fingerprint Sensor on Display (brochure, local copy)

  • Telecom SudParis

  • (2016 Mar) François Lamare soutien sa thèse OCT en phase pour la reconnaissance biométrique par empreinte digitale et sa sécurisation.
    video on YouTube.

  • MStar semiconductor

  • (2016 Apr) MStar Semiconductor sign an agreement with Precise Biometrics.
  • (2016 Apr) Several movies on YouTube about the MSG6160:
    Mstar Fingerprint COG coating 80um demo.
    Mstar Fingerprint MSG6160 enrollment APK demo

  • Shanghai OXi Technology 籮箕技術(香港)有限公司

  • OXi Technology founded in 2014. (CEO: Hong Zhu)
  • (2015 Oct) Lo Kei: A 128x180 optical? fingerprint sensor @508dpi -> likely another name.
  • (2015 Dec) Precise Biometrics has entered an agreement with Shanghai OXi Technology.
    OXi technology is a biometric sensor company located in Shanghai, Zhangjiang hi-tech park. OXi provides biometric sensors and solutions based on its unique TFT Thin Optical Touch technology.
  • The technology looks to be a regular TFT sensor over a backlight and below a kind of lens (normal glass? really?), in order to accept a 1mm glass thickness.
  • (2016 Apr) first show. M1000 series for consumer market. Sensor is under normal glass (up to 1 mm thick).
    128x180 pixels @508dpi
  • (2016 Apr) G1000.
    256x300 pixels @508dpi
  • (2016 Apr) G2000.
    256x360 pixels @508dpi (FBI FIPS201)
  • (2018 Mar) Precision PB510 Fingerprint Scanner with an advanced thin film optical imaging technology. Precision Group
  • (2016 Apr) G5000 dual fingerprint scanner.
    768x1200 pixels @500ppi (FAP45)
  • (2016 Apr) OXi 10-Print Fingerprint Scanner (G4000?)
    1536x2400 pixels @500ppi (FAP60)
  • (2016 Dec) Synaptics, OXi Technology Collaborate on Optical Solutions for Mobile Market
  • (2018 Feb) Vivo Reveals APEX™ FullView™ Concept Smartphone with Half-Screen Fingerprint Scanning Technology.
  • (2018 Jul) Optical Fingerprint Sensor Based on a-Si:H TFT Technology / Bae & al. with Synaptics. (local copy)
    HUD: hidden under display for the Vivo Apex. Optical / collimator

  • Shenzhen ChipSailing Technology 芯启航

  • (funded 2015 Jul) ChipSailing 芯启航.
  • (2016 Aug) Square series: CS1201, CS1501 / CS2511, CS2516, CS2517
  • (2016 Aug) Runway series: CS1801, CS1501 / CS2511, CS2516, CS2517, CS2811, CS2816, CS2817
  • (2016 Aug) Long strip series: CS1801 / CS2811, CS2816, CS2817
  • (2016 Aug) Round series: CS1501 / CS2511, CS2516, CS2517
  • CS1501/2511: 112x88 pixels (similar to FPC1022/1035)
  • (2017 Feb) CS3716/3711 : 68x118 pixels. Image under 175um glass.

  • Biolog device

  • Biolog device.
  • (2016 H2) FS100D/T : 88x88 pixels @500dpi.

  • Haptrics 햅트릭스

  • (2015) Haptrics 햅트릭스, founded June 2015, is a fabless korean company offering CMOS based fingerprint sensors, highly optimized in terms of performance and cost for smartphone applications.
  • (2016 Nov) Haptrics recently released a prototype.
  • (2017 Jun) Fingerprint sensor start-up Haptrix expects first sales in 2H. First engineering sample in March. Announced with 635 dpi resolution. Aims also under-display sensors (next generation).
  • (2017 Oct) Precise Biometrics enters into agreement with with Haptrics for the licensing of Precise BioMatch™ Mobile. Haptrics plans to release customer samples in November, 2017.

  • Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST)

  • Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology at Bien’s Integrated Circuit Design Lab (BICDL). Works with Samsung Display.

  • (2016) A Multi-purpose Fingerprint Readout Circuit Embedding Physiological Signal Detection.
    10x10 pixels @ 508dpi, capacitive.
  • (2016 Nov) On-Display Transparent Half-Diamond Pattern Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor Compatible With AMOLED Display.
    72x72 pixels @ 322dpi, capacitive.
  • (2017 Nov) [Nature comm.] Research on flexible display at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology: a section about a capacitive fingerprint sensor (fig 14). (local copy).
    42x42 pixels @ 280dpi, capacitive.
  • (2018 Jan) Transparent Fingerprint Sensor System for Large Flat Panel Display with CrucialTec. (local copy).
    200x200 pixels @500dpi, self-capacitive + a-IGZO TFTs.
  • (2018 Jan) Highly Sensitive Fingerprint Readout IC for Glass-Covered Mutual Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor (local copy).
  • (2018 Jul) [Nature comm.] Transparent and flexible fingerprint sensor array with multiplexed detection of tactile pressure and skin temperature (local copy).
    80x80 pixels @318dpi, capacitive (plus a temperature sensor that too much stupid guys indicates as aliveness detection. Moreover, a finger temperature is between 15 and 33 degrees Celcius, so indicating 36.5 is just stupid as the sensor is between the finger and the substrate, and so cannot be at that temperature, there is something obviously wrong somewhere).
    (BTW, the FBI criteria is 500dpi. This sensor is NOT high resolution.)

  • PYCSEL project

  • (2017 Jan) The Pycsel project is devoted to develop a new fingerprint sensor.
    Innovative active thermal sensor, using PVDF-based pyroelectric material, combined with an IGZO TFT matrix foil, capable of high resolution fingerprint capture.
  • (2019) The Identifying fingerprints by a PYCSEL sensor (CEA website)
  • (2019 Mar) The PYCSEL technology was demonstrated at LOPEC 2019 and won the OE-A best Publicly-Funded Project Demonstrator Award. [>> more info <<]
  • (August 2019): (press release) PYCSEL, a new thermal fingerprint sensor, winner of the best Publicly Funded Project Demonstrator Award in the OE-Acompetition, will participate in the EAB conference.
  • IEDM 2019 / 65th International Electron Devices Meeting / 10-DEC-2019 / San Francisco
    Sensors, MEMS, and Bioelectronics 4:25 PM 26.5 A Large-area Curved Pyroelectric Fingerprint Sensor

  • Cornell University + Intel / Geegah / A*STAR

  • Cornell Research / SonicMEMS, a New Edge for Electronics / SonicMEMS Lab / GeeGah / A*STAR
  • (2017 Jan) 64-Pixel solid state CMOS compatible ultrasonic fingerprint reader / Justin C. Kuo & al. + Intel
    linear array 64 pixels ultrasonic (AlN)
  • (2017 Sep) Wideband material detection for spoof resistance in GHz ultrasonic fingerprint sensing / Justin C. Kuo; Amit Lal
  • (2019 Jun) Cmos Controlled Ghz Ultrasonic Impedance Imager / Mamdouh Abdelmejeed ; Justin Kuo ; Adarsh Ravi ; Amit Lal
    single transducer.
  • (2019 Dec) Monolithic 180nm CMOS Controlled GHz Ultrasonic Impedance Sensing and Imaging / Mamdouh Abdelmejeed & al.
    AlN on CMOS 180 nm chip, ultrasonic waves through the silicon. Transmit & receive transducers are 50x50 microns.

  • BEFS

  • BEFS (Best Friend Solutions) is a subsidiary of Cammsys (2014).
  • (2017 Jan) The BEFS applying for patents for commercializing of ultrasonic fingerprint identification sensor technology
  • (2017 Apr) Development of a ceramic ultrasonic fingerprint recognition sensor: demo.
  • (2017 Jul) Intro (youtube). Touch Bio.
  • (2017 Aug) BEFS expands ultrasonic fingerprint sensor technology to TDK subsidiary (which bought Invensense!).
  • (2017 Aug) BEFS signs a technology licence agreement with SAE (manufacturer).

  • Fraunhofer FEP

  • (2017 May) The Fraunhofer FEP developed a new generation of its bi-directional OLED microdisplays, that employ an extra-thin encapsulation layer, which can turn these new displays into fingerprint sensors. Native resolution 1600 dpi

  • CMOS Sensor inc.

  • (2017 May) CMOS Sensor releases the C608, an optical fingerprint sensor. With the capability of scanning through thick glass including 2.5D cover glass, C608 offers a perfect solution to eliminating glass cut-out or thinning which are required by contemporary capacitive fingerprint sensor.
  • C608 datasheet: 160x240 pixels @1016dpi
  • CMOS Sensor C608

    Shanghai Jiao Tong University

  • (2017 Jun) Optical Touch Screen Integrated With Fingerprint Recognition / Ping Ma & al. / Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
    A CCD camera on the edge of the screen, after multiple reflexions.

  • Sungkyunkwan University SKKU

  • Sungkyunkwan University SKKU
  • (2017 Jul) A Method for Enhancing the Sensing Distance of a Fingerprint Sensor/ Kyung-Hoon Song & al. (local copy).
    (add some air wall in the glass to enhance the signal --> this is not a new sensor)

  • OT-Morpho >> 2017 >> Idemia

  • (2017 Sep) OT-Morpho unveils MorphoTop Slim. Optical TFT / Appendix F.

  • Senvis

  • Senvis (Korea, spinoff from Hanshin university).
  • (2017 Oct) Senvis unveils a bezel-less fingerprint sensor at the Sedex.
  • (2018 Jul) The SVF10P has 96x96 pixels @508dpi. TSMC 0.25um CMOS. Max coating: 150um. Etnews.

  • Zeitec / Socle (Foxconn)

  • (2017 Mar) Precise Biometrics enters into agreement with ZEITEC for the licensing of Precise BioMatch™ Mobile
  • (2018 Jan) Socle fingerprint IC
    First passive generation, coating or ceramics: ZFS1650 datasheet, ZFS1670 datasheet, ZFS1950 datasheet, ZFS1970 datasheet:
    88x62 pixels @508dpi (124x62 in the 1650 datasheet, likely the original objective...)
    (local copy, rev 0.94 14-Aug-17: ZFS1650, ZFS1670, ZFS1950, ZFS1970)

  • Japan Display Inc. (JDI)

  • (2018 Jan) Japan Display Inc. Announces Development of Transparent Glass-based Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor
    160x160 pixels @508dpi, LTPS.
  • (2018 Dec) JDI Commence mass production of capacitance type glass fingerprint sensor.
  • (2019 May) JDI Development of Flexible Fingerprint Sensor : Japan Display Inc. (JDI) today announced that it has developed a capacitive-type flexible fingerprint sensor by integrating its capacitive-type glass-based fingerprint sensor technology and flexible display technology.
    10.5 mm x 14 mm
  • (2020 Jan) Joint R&D With University of Tokyo Leads to World’s First Thin Image Sensor that Can Measure Fingerprints, Veins, and Pulse Waves
    [Nature] A conformable imager for biometric authentication and vital sign measurement
    [JST] 世界で初めて1枚のシー ト型イメージセンサーで、指紋・静脈・脈波 の同時計測に成功 ~生体認証とバイタルサインの同時計測によ って、「なりすまし」や患者の取り違えを防止~
  • (2020 Aug) Commenced Mass Production of FBI PIV Certified Glass-based Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor
    - 192x256 pixels @466dpi (Dec-18, not certified)
    - 256x360 pixels @508dpi (Jul-20, FAP10)
    - 400x500 pixels @508dpi (Mar-20, FAP30)
  • (2020 Sep) Full screen fingerprint sensor, capacitive, 313dpi : Nikkei (YouTube).

  • Tokyo III SiSOC + DDS

  • (2018 Mar) The University of Tokyo III SiSOC and DDS (Nagoya) developed a high resolution compact sensor.
    3.5x3.5mm @3000dpi (so ~420x420 pixels)

  • Samsung

  • (2015) Works with UNIST/BICDL.
  • (2016 Nov) Samsung may soon start making its own fingerprint sensors (Korean source)
  • (2017 Jul) A Method for Enhancing the Sensing Distance of a Fingerprint Sensor/ Kyung-Hoon Song & al. (local copy).
    (add some air wall in the glass to enhance the signal --> this is not a new sensor)
  • (2018 Mar) SAMSUNG SYSTEM LSI Investor Presentation 2018 page 38 & 39 : Expanding Portfolio from eFlash, Power, DDI, CIS to RF/IoT and Fingerprint Sensor
  • (2018 Sep) Moiré-free fingerprint sensors based on multilayer oxide-metal-oxide electrodes / Cho et al. (local copy)
  • (2018 Oct) Samsung Display introduces fingerprint on display (FoD), implemented "full screen", considered as a basic specification.
  • (2020 Jun) A Low Noise Read-out IC with Gate Driver for Full Front Display Area Optical Fingerprint Sensors / Kwon et al. [VLSI Symposia2020 CB2.4]
    the circuit drives a 2560x1289 pixels @508dpi TFT optical sensor (with a fast scan mode 256x256)

  • BOE

  • BOE Fingerprint identification
    SOG fingerprint 5.74x5mm 110x96pixels @508dpi / FAR 1/50000 @ FRR 2%
  • (2018 May) 印 象科技携手京东方展示首款800dip屏下指纹方案
    800dpi fingerprint resolution, in-screen / pinhole (Imprssion Technology)
  • (2018 Jun) VKANSEE Launches Hybrid In-Display Optical Fingerprint Technology For Button Free Smartphone Era. 800ppi, Matrix Pinhole Image Sensing MAPIS
  • (2018 Jul) A New Full Screen Flexible AMOLED Solution with Fingerprint (SID 2018 Digest)
    @800dpi under display / MAPIS
  • (2018 Jul) BOE under-display TFT Fingerprint: BOE shows their new under-display fingerprint sensor at SID Display Week 2018.
    960x512 pixels @500dpi TFT under an OLED display.
  • (2018 Jul) Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Thin-film Photo-detector for Fingerprint Recognition: A near-IR based optical type fingerprint sensor is designed and implemented. The driving system is based on the passive pixel sensor (PPS) array with Oxide (IGZO) TFT technology. The sensing element of the optical sensor is composed of the organic photosensitive diode (OPD) exhibited typical sandwich structure. (with help from Isorg)
    960x512 pixels @500dpi optical OPD TFT near IR

  • Imec & TNO

  • (2018 May) Imec & TNO: Flexible fingerprint sensors promise embedded secure access control.
    6 x 8 cm @200ppi (so 472x630 pixels) organic photodiodes / a smaller 500dpi announced
  • (2018 Jun) Imec magazine June 2018
    Single fingerprint @500ppi. Visible light 400-700 nm reflected by skin.
  • (2019 May) Holst Centre demos world's most transparent large-area optical fingerprint sensor.
    FAP60 92.4 x 110.9 mm2, 500dpi, 70% transparency in the visible region
    IMEC images source
    Also announces an in-display sensor concept that uses photolithography patterning to integrate OLED and OPD pixels side-by-side. This latter approach could allow 500 ppi fingerprint scanners to be integrated into ultra-high resolution display arrays such as single AMOLED modules with multiple functionalities.
  • (2019 Sep) A High-Resolution Thin-Film Fingerprint Sensor Using a Printed Organic Photodetector / Tordera & als / TNO.
    640×480 pixels (total sensor size of 3.2 × 2.4 cm) @508 dpi.
  • (2020 Jul) AMOLED Displays with In-Pixel Photodetector / Papadopoulos & als / imec / book chapter.

  • SilTerra

  • SilTerra
  • (2018 Jul) Silterra pitches PMUT-on-CMOS for fingerprint sensor, medical imaging. Proposes to use AlN integrated over CMOS to make an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor (PMUT).

  • Chungbuk National University CBNU

  • Chungbuk National University CBNU
  • (2018 Jul) CMOS Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor Based on Differential Sensing Circuit with Noise Cancellation. (local copy).
    16x20 pixels @282dpi capacitive CMOS

  • Sun Yat-sen University 中山大学

  • Sun Yat-sen University SYSU
  • (2016 Aug) Dual-Gate Photosensitive a-Si:H TFT Array Enabling Fingerprint-Sensor-Integrated Display Application / Man Xu, Huimin Li, Hai Ou, Jun Chen, Shaozhi Deng, Ningsheng Xu, and Kai Wang.
    4x4 pixels
  • (2018) Highly Sensitive a-Si:H PIN Photodiode Gated LTPS TFT for Optical In-Display Fingerprint Identification /Xianda Zhou, Meng Zhang, Yitong Xu, Wei Zhou, Kai Wang, Arokia Nathan, Man Wong, Hoi Sing Kwok, Hai Ou, Jun Chen, Shaozhi Deng, and Ningsheng Xu.
    150x150um2: 166dpi
  • (2018 Jul) Vertical ITO/SiOX/a-Si:H Photodiode-Gated Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Silicon Thin-Film Transistor Intended for In-Display Fingerprint Imaging Applications / Xianda Zhou, Meng Zhang, Yitong Xu, Kai Wang, Man Wong, and Hoi Sing Kwok.
    optical sensor and display at the same time. 150x150um2 166dpi

  • Chongqing HKC Optoelectronics Technology

  • HKC
  • (2018 Jul) Flat Panel Fingerprint/Touch-input Image Sensor Using a-Si TFT Photo-transistor and Four-Mask Process Architecture Technology. optical 500dpi capable. (local copy).

  • BIT Beijing Institute of Technology 北京理工大学

  • BIT Beijing Institute of Technology
  • (2018 Sep) A Novel Fingerprint Sensing Technology Based on Electrostatic Imaging. A MEMS is vibrating, modulating the electrostatic field to read the fingerprint. Capable of sensing through 439 microns. (local copy Tang, K.; Liu, A.; Wang, W.; Li, P.; Chen, X. A Novel Fingerprint Sensing Technology Based on Electrostatic Imaging. Sensors 2018, 18, 3050. ).
    80x80 pixels @500dpi.

  • Cypress

  • Cypress TrueTouch® Fingerprint Reader (linked to Upek, Authentec, Idex)
  • (2016 Sep) PCN163703: Qualification of Cypress Fab 25 as an Additional Wafer Fab Site for the Fingerprint (FPG1) Product Family
  • (2018 Sep) CYFP1-9393 FPG1 Fingerprint Sensor Datasheet (local copy)
    132x132 pixels @360dpi. (9.3x9.3mm)
  • (2018 Sep) CYFP1-8080 FPG1 Fingerprint Sensor Datasheet (local copy / summary) (preliminary)
    107x107 pixels @340dpi. (8.0x8.0mm) capacitive with row/column electrodes on a polymer substrate

  • Keycore Technology Corp (KCT)

  • Keycore Technology Corp (KCT)
  • (2018 Oct) Fingerprint drive IC Keycore Technology Corp develops a new generation driver IC for fingerprint authentication. The sensor array uses the glass or non-silicon wafer. The sensor is underneath a flat glass, and is using the driver IC (chip on glass) to read the signal.

  • Tohoku University

  • Tohoku University
  • (2018 Dec) The prototype sensor was first presented in December at the 2018 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting in San Francisco, California. A CMOS Proximity Capacitance Image Sensor with 16µm Pixel Pitch, 0.1aF Detection Accuracy and 60 Frames Per Second
    256x256 pixels @ 16µm pitch.
  • (2019 Apr) Researchers develop high-resolution, high-sensitivity proximity capacitance imaging sensor.

  • (Xiamen) Tianma Microelectronics 天 马微电

  • Tianma Microelectronics
  • (2019 Feb) Calibration algorithm for under-display optical fingerprint senso/ Xuhui Peng et al.
  • (2019 Jun) Vkansee partners with Tianma for future under-the-OLED fingerprint sensor technology, to apply Vkansee's MAPIS OLED technology for TianMa's OLED displays.
  • (2019 May) Novel Optical Image Sensor Array Using LTPS-TFT Backplane Technology as Fingerprint Recognition/ B.Liu et al.
    vertical hybrid poly and amorphous silicon PIN photo diode .
  • (2020 Jul) Tianma develops multi-point in-display fingerprint recognition technology for LCD screens.
    (YouTube video)

  • Vivo

  • (2019 Mar) Vivo demonstrates the full-screen fingerprint sensor with the Vivo APEX 2019.
    Manufacturer? Oxi? Fortsense?

  • Fortsense

  • Fortsense
  • (2019 Apr) 阜时科技推出全球首款LCD屏下指纹方案 Fortsense launches the world's first LCD screen fingerprint solution.
    Optical sensor.
  • (2019 Aug) Huawei demos phone with LCD screen in-display fingerprint scanner.

  • Touch Biometrix

  • (2017) Touch Biometrix is founded. Announces " a new type of fingerprint sensor that will disrupt the authentication industry, Revolutionary Fingerprint Sensing Technology". Citing Imec / Holst center / flexible technology, in their Twitter account, BTW.
  • (2019 Jan) (via Verdict) The pixel on a [display] screen can be modified so that it can detect capacitance, so when it comes into contact with your finger [the screen] can detect the variation in capacitance between valleys and ridges and curves.
  • (2019 Oct) Touch Biometrix Demonstrate First Fingerprint Sensor.
  • (2019 Nov) (Touch Biometrics News) [Mike Cowin said:] "this is a great result... and this is an important deliverable on our roadmap to defining and scaling the production of our first minimum viable product in 2020."

  • SEL Semiconductor Energy Laboratory

  • Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.
  • (2019 Apr) OLED display incorporating organic photodiodes for fingerprint imaging / Taisuke Kamada et al. (local copy)
    360x540pixels @212dpi (120um).

  • ByNew Technology

  • Bynew Technology Inc. was founded in October/2014 in Taipei, Taiwan.
    Partner: SunASIC (manufacturer), ZTEWay (algorithm)
  • (2020 Feb) Products (sensors):

  • NCU National Central University, Taiwan

  • NCU National Central University, Taiwan.
  • (2020 Feb) A Hidden Fingerprint Device on an Opaque Display Panel / Jhe-Syuan Lin and Wen-Shing Sun (local copy)

  • Midas Touch

  • Midas Touch Inc. Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Take care: datasheets have errors. Looks to be chips from some other manufacturer.
    Documents are dated ~2018: company profile

  • (2020 Mar) Products (sensors):
    • 82x62 pixels @508dpi: MFC-1082
    • 192x256 pixels @508dpi: MFC1192
      • MFC-1192 (no specific MFC-1192 datasheet)


  • 3M NITS.
  • (2020 May) 3M introduces new LCD screen optical fingerprint recognition technology called NITS: Near Infrared Transmission System. It takes advantage of the LCD being transparent to near-infrared light. 3M proposes some filters, you need to add a camera.
    Technical Data 2020 (local copy)

  • TCL CSOT China Star Optoelectronics Technology

  • TCL CSOT. CSOT owns in Wuhan one 6th generation LTPS (OXIDE) LCD/AMOLED display panel production line and one 6th generation flexible LTPS-AMOLED display panel production line.
  • TCL CSOT products fingerprint.
  • (2020 June) TCL’s CSOT to launch LCD display with full-screen single-point in-display fingerprint scanner this year. The new LCD in-display fingerprint scanner technology covers about 92% of the area. Says to reach mass production level. FRR<3% (no FAR announced).
  • Note the link with HKC /Zhen Liu.

  • To be confirmed...

  • (2014) Pixart imaging
  • (2015 Sep) Kingman 君曼 5 sensors?.
  • (2016) Chengdu Ganxin
  • (2016) Hynitron the CSFXX series: "stay tuned" :)

  • If you want to get some information about the silicon manufacturers where these silicon sensors are fabricated.

    ADH Tech
    Alps Electric
    AU Optronics
    BEFS Cammsys
    Biolog device
    BIT Beijing I.of T.
    ByNew Tech.
    Casio + Alps
    CD finger
    Chalmers univ.
    Chungbuk univ.
    CMOS Sensor
    Datang DMT
    Digital Persona
    Dortmund univ.
    ESIME Culhuacan
    Fingerprint Cards
    Hanshin univ.
    Integrated Biom.
    Jiao Tong univ.
    Japan Display JDI
    JP Sensor
    Langevin Institute
    LG Philips
    Michigan univ.
    Midas Touch
    MStar semi.
    Nagoya univ.
    Nat. Central Univ.
    Nat. Chi Nan univ.
    Next Biometrics
    NIT New Imaging
    OXi technology
    Poly. Montréal
    Q Tech
    Seiko Epson
    SEL Semi.Energy
    Seoul univ.
    Silicon Display
    Sun Yat-sen univ.
    Tohoku univ.
    Tokyo III, DDS
    Touch Biometrix
    Tsinghua univ.
    TST Biom.
    Ulsan (UNIST)
    Yonsei univ.