Ultra Thin Fingerprint Identification Device

  • Thin unit with a high scanning resolution contact sensor
  • Automatically adjust scanning method to produce high quality results under a wide range of lighting condidtions (0 to 100,000 Lux)
  • Ultra high electrostatic tolerance of 15kV

High Scanning Resolution of 500dpi

A more accurate reading of fingerprint characteristics and shapes greatly increases success rate of giving a correct ID verification. With a scanning resolution of 500dpi, CASIO's Fingerprint Identification Device provides a more higher security than conventional types.
Uses White Light Source To Reduce Interference

Things like stained fingers, variation among individuals, and amount of pressure placed on sensor from finger are some things that can cause interference. Using a white light source helps minimizes these interferences when scanning the fingerprint.
Wide Range of Applicable Products

Casio Fingerprint Identification Device is applicable to a wide range of products such as cellular phones, PDAs, and notebook PCs.

Outline Specifications

Item Specifications Units
Outer Dimensions
28.5 x 25.4 x 3.8
(mm: W x H x T)
Scanning Area
10.0 x 12.0
(mm: W x H)
Number of Pixels
200 x 240
Gray Scale
Reading Time
Environmental Light
0 - 100,000 and more
ESD Tolerance 15 (kV)