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The KSI fingerprint sensor

KC-901 Evaluation Kit

KC-901 fingerprint image sensor evaluation unit

The KSI fingerprint sensor is a low cost, compact optical device for capturing high quality images of a fingerprint. The device consists of miniaturized optics, LED illumination, and CMOS sensing and processing. The unit has no moving parts and is designed to easily integrate into any system.

Finger images can be of almost any size and resolution desired by the application software. This allows for high resolution images which give high accuracy and reliability for children and women, groups who normally have difficulty with fingerprint sensors. The KSI fingerprint sensor is optionally bundled with Cogent fingerprint matching software.

A user uses the sensor by simply sliding their finger over the sensing window anytime while it is illuminated. The raised sensing window allows for low finger pressure.

The KC-901 is an external sensor with high speed serial interface for evaluation of the Kinetic Sciences Inc technology. The KC-901 is shipping now and will provide you with software and hardware for benchmarking our technology, or integrating it into yours.

Sensor Characteristics



Sample Image

Fingerprint Matching Software

The KSI fingerprint sensor can be used with virtually any fingerprint matching software. Since the sensor is optical and most matching software is designed for optical sensors, it will not affect matching performance.

The KSI fingerprint sensor can also be supplied with Cogent matching software and applications. For more information, contact KSI directly.

Other Information

Fingerprint sensor issues

Comparison with other sensors

Summary of comparison with other sensors

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