1. Compactness
- Our sweeping type sensor does not require more than the most compact size of all.
- Our ultra-compact sensor can be applied to cell phones, PDA's, and other mobile devices as well as
  entrance control systems such as door locks.
2. Sensitivity
- The high-quality image created by our sensor is a natural result of our unique patented sensing principle,
   which is superior to that of most semiconductor sensors.
- Our epoch-making technology enables the sensor to maintain consistency in results regardless of the
   condition of the finger sensed.
3. Robustness
- Unique sensing principle - a fundamental solution to damages incurred by ESD, a common problem of the conventional semiconductor fingerprint sensors.
- Novel sensor structure - complete prevention of malfunctioning or corrosion of the sensor caused by ionic attack.
4. Low Cost
- Our sensor module is manufactured and supplied at a low cost, since the sensor as the most compact size.
- We pay no royalty, for our sensor is a product of the proprietary technologies.
5. Security
- No fingerprint is left on the surface of the sensor after image acquisition, preventing exposure of the private information.
- Our sensor captures electric features of individual fingers and differentiates a genuine fingerprint from fake fingers, such as gummies.
Sensor size 23*23*6 mm
Resolution 500dpi
Sensing Area Width : 9.6 mm
Height : user defined
Type of Sensing Sweep
Supply Voltage 3.3 V
ESD resistance กร 15 kV
Lifetime กร 1 million sweeps
Package Type BGA
(customizable , COB)
- Door lock
- Fingerprint Identification Mouse
- Entrance Control System
- PDA/Cell Phone
- Internet Security Solution