Hand Gesture (others) / Geste de la main (autre)

Some other proposals based more or less on hand movements. See also:

Remote control

(2010 Jul) Intel/Mariano Phielipp said that with pressure sensors and accelerometers, the Intel remote control measures 372 different handling characteristics, thus enabling recognition.

Source:Smart TV Remote Promises To Recognize Users

Smartphone-swipe recognition technology

(2015) Lockheed Martin technology dubbed Mandrake, measures speed, acceleration and the curve of an individual's strokes when using smartphones. Tested by the NSA.

Shiver / NeuroPrint or Neuro-Finger Print™ (NFP)

  • (2017) Aerendir Mobile Inc. proposes to use the "shivering" of your hand, captured by the inertial sensors of your smartphone.
  • (2018 Mar)INTERVIEW: Martin Zizi, and Pierre Pozzi, Aerendir Mobile, Inc.:
    - "NeuroPrint uses proprioceptive neurophysiology"
    - "The muscles in our hands are densely connected with our brain map. Those muscles in our hands shiver an average of 10 to 20 times a second, this shivering is nearly invisible and corresponds to individual muscle fibres controlling their length. It turns out the phone sensors are sensitive enough to measure those micro-vibrations in the hand."

  • NIT Raipur

  • (2017 Feb) The Fingerprint dynamics: A novel biometrics for personal authentication / Ishan Bhardwaj & al.
    This is close to keystroke dynamics.