Hand, finger geometry
Géométrie de la main, des doigts

Two proposals:

Identimat 2000

  • (1969) Identimat 2000 from Identimation corp., New-York. $4000. Manages 10,000 employees. Identification time: 1 second. "Insert card, Place Hand, Access/no access".
  • (1980) Automated headcount systems - a state of the art survey : Section V / page 35
    Specifications in appendix F.
    Identimat, using biometric data, electronically records an individual's hand geometry on to magnetic stripped cards. Hand geometry, which is a measurement of relative finger length, has been found to be a "unique" characteristic of individuals. In 1969, Standford Research Institute performed computerized statistical analysis of finger-length data (excluding the thumb) and concluded that hand geometry is a distinct human characteristic that can be related to individuals.
  • The measurements are made by photodetector devices located beneath a top-lighted plate on which the hand is positioned. A peg is between the middle and ring finger.
  • See also "a (condensed) Modern History of Biometric testing in the US" / Jim Wayman.
  • Seen in "Close Encounters of the third kind" 1977


    How does it work?

    A camera capture an image of the hand, with the help of a mirror to get also the edge. The silhouette of the hand is extracted, and some geometrical characteristics stored.
    Une caméra prend une photo de la main, un miroir permettant de capturer en même temps le coté. La silhouette de la main est extraite, et on en déduit quelques caractéristiques géométriques.

    Below is a match between two captures of the same hand:
    Ci-dessous une comparaison effectuée entre deux captures de la même main.

    For more information: Michigan State University

  • How does the handpunch works (IR Rescognition Systems)

  • Commercial products:

  • Recognition systems
  • Recognition Systems' HandReader Technology verifies identities by the size and shape of the hand.
    Reconnaissance par l'usage de la taille et la silhouette de la main.

  • Acroprint ATRx Biometric 1000
  • Recognition Systems Handkey2. Click to enlarge Recognition Systems Handkey with turnstile. Click to enlarge
  • Biomet Partners Inc.
  • Positive Verification of a Person’s Identity
    Using 3-Dimensional Geometric Profiling of 2 Fingers of Either Hand.
    Reconnaissance à l'aide du profil géométrique de 2 doigts.
    Manufactured by Smiths Heimann Biometrics (now Cross-Match, 2005).

    Biomet 2-fingers. Click to enlarge

  • Accu-Time Systems 2102, 3102 (sensor from Biomet?)
  • Accu-time 2102. Click to enlarge Accu-time 3102. Click to enlarge
  • Excel Systems
    Vkey: 3-Dimensional Geometric Profiling of 2 Fingers of Either Hand.
    Vkey: Reconnaissance à l'aide du profil géométrique de 2 doigts.
  • Focus Technology / ChinaBiomet.com
  • Excel systems vKey. Click to enlarge Finger geometry. Click to enlarge Focus ChinaBiomet. Click to enlarge

    FingerPass from MICRO IDentification, no more available. Maybe the ergonomics were not so good...
    FingerPass from MICRO IDentification, aujourd'hui disparu. Peut-être que l'ergonomie n'était pas fantastique...