Hand Pressure / Pression de la main

The following methods are proposed, using hand pressure:

Hand pressure profile
profil de pression de la main

The WO03069540 patent granted to Tactex proposes to identify persons using the pressure profile of the hand. No information on their website.
Le brevet WO03069540 déposé par Tactex propose une identification grâce au profil de pression de la main. Aucune information disponible sur leur site web.

  • Tactex website
  • Brevet WO 0306450

    Dynamic Grip Recognition
    Poigne dynamique

    The US patent #6,563,940 granted to Michael Recce from the New Jersey Institute of Technology describes a behavioral biometrics called Dynamic Grip Recognition, primarily developed for guns.
    A users initially grips a handle containing pressure sensors, and a pressure signature profile is stored that is based on hand position of the user's handgrip on the particular device as indicated by a change in pressure, pressure as a function of position on the particular device; and pressure as a function of time. A comparator compiles the pressure signature profile and compares it with profiles is storage to determined whether a match exists. Upon finding a match, a control unit releases an interlocking unit to enable the user to operate the device because he/she is authorized.
    Le brevet US 6,563,940 accordé à Michael Recce du New Jersey Institute of Technology décrit une technique biométrique appelée "poigne dynamique" (je trouverai peut-être plus tard une meilleure traduction...).
    Elle est basée sur le profil de pression qu'exerce la main sur la crosse d'un révolver, et de la manière que cette pression est exercée dans le temps.

  • Press release from NJIT+Metal Storm+Taurus (end 2003)