Biometrics: keystroke

Keystroke dynamics / Frappe clavier

Two proposals:

le temps entre chaque touche est mesuré

Keystroke dynamics, also called typing rhytms or typing recognition, analyses the way a person types. Users enroll by typing the same word or words a number of times. Verification is based on the concept that the rhythm with which a person types is distinctive.

La reconnaissance par la frappe clavier prend analyse la manière de frapper un texte au clavier. L'utilisateur s'enregistre en tapant les mêmes mots un certain de nombre de fois. La vérification se base sur le rhytme de frappe qui est particulier pour chaque personne.

Statistics of timings between two persons show the difference

Les statistiques des temps de frappe entre deux personnes montre les différences

Bruce Rachel

(2013) Another way to do is to use keystoke sounds: see the homepage of Prof. Liu

Some articles related to keystroke dynamics:

US patents / brevet US: 4621344, 4805222, 4962530, 4998279, 5056141


(2015) Lockheed Martin has recently tested swipe recognition technology that allow the identification of smartphone users based on how they type on their mobile devices (via Humanity+media)

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