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Here are some more technologies with low development efforts or not yet fully automated
Voici quelques autres technologies qui n'ont pas été très développées, ou qui ne sont pas encore entièrement automatisées

Personal microbial cloud

(2015) Meadow & als. showed that humans can differ in their personal microbial cloud.
Meadow & als ont montré que le nuage microbien des humains sont distinctifs.


(2017) Halámek, an assistant professor of chemistry at the University at Albany, has released a concept paper in ChemPhysChem that proposes a new biometric-based authentication approach
The approach relies on analyzing skin secretions – or sweat – to build an amino acid profile that is unique to the devices’ owner.

Cognitive biometrics

Identification based on individual's unique behavioral characteristics.

Identification basée sur la collecte d'information comportementales.

Behavioral Recognition

(2011) We propose implicit authentication, an approach that uses observations of user behavior for authentication. Most people are creatures of habit - a person goes to work in the morning, perhaps with a stop at the coffee shop, but almost always using the same route. Once at work, she might remain in the general vicinity of her office building until lunch time. In the afternoon, perhaps she calls home and picks up her child from school. In the evening, she goes home. Throughout the day, she checks her various email accounts. Perhaps she also uses online banking and sometimes relies on her smartphone for access away from home. Weekly visits to the grocery store, regular calls to family members, etc. are all rich information that could be gathered and recorded almost entirely using smartphones.