Biometrics & Videos
La biométrie en vidéo

Biometrics & Videos / La biométrie en vidéo

Some (old) videos related to biometrics. Most of them are just links to You Tube.

Colombia Anti Terrorism Mobile Fingerprint with Photo

IBM Thinkpad - Biometric Finger: one of the very first ads related to biometrics. Was featuring the "6 million dollar man" with his bionic power...
IBM thinkpad commercial Lee Majors biometric finger

Fingerprint Access : DigInfo

Asus R1F

Fingerprint Security System for Vehicle

Kwikset Black & Decker

Fingerprint Biometric Disaster (Mythbusters). They were able to use a fake fingerprint.

IBM Fingerprint hack. So it is possible to spoof the Upek fingerprint sensor.

BioMetrics "Oh how it hurts". Well, good old methods will always work...

Fake fingerprint reader for the iPhone... was already done years ago with a Palm :-)

Audi A8 starting with a fingerprint sensor.

Palm vein sensor

A general presentation of problems related to biometrics (privacy)

Le temps des biomaîtres (Arte). Une bonne introduction sur le sujet.
Le temps des biomaîtres 1_3
Le temps des Biomaïtres - 2sur3

HPTips #6 - HP Compaq 2710p -- Fingerprint

fingerprint reader hacks: well, this is not a hack, you also have fingerprint on your toes...

9pay Secure Card Trailer

UK Biometrics Membership System (club access...)

SignHear Signature Verification Device

(2008) Children Pay With Fingerprint Scan

La biométrie en 4 épisodes

(2008 Oct) Biometrics to enhance security / BBC. Gait recognition, keystroke dynamics and Axionics.

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