Biometrics & Videos / La biométrie en vidéo

Some videos related to biometrics. Most of them are just links to You Tube.
  • Colombia Anti Terrorism Mobile Fingerprint with Photo
  • IBM Thinkpad - Biometric Finger: one of the very first ads related to biometrics. Was featuring the "6 million dollar man" with his bionic power...
  • IBM thinkpad commercial Lee Majors biometric finger
  • Fingerprint Access : DigInfo
  • Asus R1F
  • Fingerprint Security System for Vehicle
  • Kwikset Black & Decker
  • Fingerprint Biometric Disaster (Mythbusters). They were able to use a fake fingerprint.
  • IBM Fingerprint hack. So it is possible to spoof the Upek fingerprint sensor.
  • BioMetrics "Oh how it hurts". Well, good old methods will always work...
  • Fake fingerprint reader for the iPhone... was already done years ago with a Palm :-)
  • Audi A8 starting with a fingerprint sensor.
  • Palm vein sensor
  • A general presentation of problems related to biometrics (privacy)
  • Le temps des biomaîtres (Arte). Une bonne introduction sur le sujet.

  • Le temps des biomaîtres 1_3
    Le temps des Biomaïtres - 2sur3

  • HPTips #6 - HP Compaq 2710p -- Fingerprint
  • fingerprint reader hacks: well, this is not a hack, you also have fingerprint on your toes...
  • 9pay Secure Card Trailer
  • UK Biometrics Membership System (club access...)
  • SignHear Signature Verification Device
  • (2008) Children Pay With Fingerprint Scan
  • 1-Biométrie
  • 1-Biométrie
  • 2-Biométrie
  • 2-Biométrie
  • 3-Biométrie
  • 3-Biométrie
  • 4-Biométrie
  • 4-Biométrie
  • (2008 Oct) Biometrics to enhance security / BBC. Gait recognition, keystroke dynamics and Axionics.