Tokens / Jeton USB

You will find below tokens, most of them containing a built-in fingerprint sensor, sorted by company.

Tokens look likes USB flash drives, but contains only a small amount memory, and are used as an identifier. It generally contains all the processing power to recognize somebody, so does not rely (and does not trust!) on the PC.

Giesecke & Devrient

Giesecke & Devrient

  • (2005 Mar) G&D & Eutron unveil the StarSign Bio Token containing the FingerChip sweep sensor AT77C104.

  • Sony

  • (1999 Feb) FIU 700 with a Sony sensor
  • (2000 Apr) Puppy FIU 710 (small storage size for keys, certificates...). Sony sensor.

  • Rainbow

    Rainbow Technologies

  • (2002 Mar): Rainbow iKey SuperToken product concept (with G&D and Ikendi).
  • Rainbow iKey Supertoken



  • (2002?) Fingerprint identification device.

  • Netwise



  • (2005 Aug) BeyondLSI announces the BL-FKey, a USB fingerprint authentication key with on-board recognition, using the MBF310 from Fujitsu.

  • Upek


  • (2006 Mar) Upek releases the Eikon (TCRE3C) using their swipe sensor.
  • (2008 Apr) Upek announces Eikon To Go using their swipe sensor.

  • Feitian Technologies

  • (2006 Mar) Feitian BioPass3000 (Japan) / BioPass3000 (China)
  • (2006 May) Kalysis BioPass
  • (2006 Aug) RS-Computer BioPass 3000
  • (2006) Pronovo BioPass3000

  • SDKK / FP-Auth

  • (2007 Jul) Secure Design KK (Japan) and proposes the Finger Log-On (FLO-Tube). Seems the same design as the iTube.

  • ProLink

  • (2007 Oct) ProLink unveils the BioDataSec 2.0 utilizing Atmel® FingerChip® Swipe Sensor for the BioDataSecTL technology .

  • 9Pay

  • (2007) 9Pay Secure Card USB 2.0 with a LighTuning fingerprint sensor.
  • 9pay Secure Card Trailer

  • AXSionics

  • (2007 Dec) Siemens and AXSionics unveils an Internet ID card with a Authentec fingerprint sensor.

  • RCG

  • (2007) RCG shows the Universal Key (not a product?).

  • Everbee

  • (2008) Netheos Ekeynox SMK and Everbee Smart Mobile Key is a token with a Upek fingerprint sensor.
  • Everbee Smart Mobile Key

    BSID / Dr Fehr

  • (2008 Dec) Dr Fehr / BSID unveils the B-Smart ID, a token reading smart cards.

  • DDS

  • (2009 Feb) DDS announces the UBF File Token powered by secureXecu, a token with the FingerChip.

  • Aratek

  • (2009 Jul) Aratek releases the BK007 token.
  • Called the UK007 by Newsmy.
  • (2015) FPK401

  • Onda

  • (2011 Feb) Onda mobile communication unveils the OTP Finger Print token. Il modello OTP Finger Print è dotato di connettività HSPA a 28,8 Mbps, supporto SIM e USIM, slot microSD fino a 32 GB, riconoscitore biometrico delle impronte digitali, crittografia per i file e generatore di password.

  • myIDkey

  • (2013) Kickstarter project of myIDkey (by Arkami)
  • (2014 Jan) myIDkey releases the myIDkey token

  • Odyxa

  • (2015) Odyxa launch a Kickstarter project : OdyOne.

  • Egistec

  • (2015 Nov) Egis Debuts FIDO Certified™ USB U2F Dongle, YuKey, at Cartes: Secure Connexions

  • 72 byte

  • (2015 Dec) The Nopass.

  • HYPR

  • (2016 Feb) The Hypr secure biometric OTP.

  • Kensington, PQI

  • (2017 Jan) The Kensington unveils the Verimark with a Synaptics sensor.
  • (2017 Jan) The PQI Lockey looks the same.