Wireless fingerprint token
Télécommande à empreinte.

I have collected here portable devices able to recognize a fingerprint for an individual use: the whole process is executed on-board, and an order is sent outside using wireless means.

Lund university

  • (1998) The Lund university (Sweden) demonstrated the Paymate, a very small portable device with Bluetooth for wireless communication, on-board fingerprint recognition and smart card reader in order to perform payment transactions. The fingerprint sensor, the FingerChip, was also used as a pointing device for navigation.

  • 3M AiT

  • (2001 Feb) 3M AiT (formerly Affinitex) VeriMe (Fact sheet)
  • (2002) New version.
  • VeriMe first version VeriMe 2nd version VeriMe 2nd version


  • (2003 Mar) DNP develops a concept model multi-function portable UIM-IC card reader-writer mounted with a USB/wireless interface, a liquid crystal display and a finger-print sensor (Ubinetpass series).

  • Simons Voss

  • (2004 Mar) The first prototype of the Transponder Q3007 with the Infineon sensor.
  • Infineon sensor
  • (2004) The Transponder Q3007 contains an Ikendi module and the FingerChip fingerprint sensor.

  • Micro-latch

  • Micro-latch uses Upek TouchChip sensor.
  • Bio-13 wireless unit, Fob-13 portable unit
  • (2005) Minor release of Fob-13 (note the small changes)?
  • also distributed by 21st century locks

  • PAC-13: BIO-13 + REC-18 Wireless Fingerprint Unit + RF Receiver with Door Chime kit.
  • (2005) BIO-15 flush mount version of Microlatch Wireless Fingerprint Door Access unit.

  • Ifkey

  • IFKEY Winger with an Authentec sensor: a kind of wireless key to access some services.

  • Sygade

  • (2005) sygade x4Track Intelligent Ankle worn Tracking Device
  • MaxID x4Track Electronic Offender Tracking

  • Privaris

  • Privaris BPID: identification + RF link.
  • (2005) Sargent BioFob.
  • Privaris BPID
  • (2006 Jun) pludID75 & plusID60 use an Authentec 2510 swipe sensor.

  • DoD / Hanscom

  • (2005) DoD / Hanscom PICS (Personal Identification Credential System). SPIE paper
  • (2002) Alpha prototypes + proof-of-concept using the Veridicom fingerprint sensor.
  • (2004) Pre-production prototype using the Authentec RF-based fingerprint sensor.

  • ThumbAccess

  • (2005) ThumbAccess TA-195 Wireless Hand Held Remote (announced).
  • Also referenced by Crytonik TA-195 BioRemote
  • Hongda multifonctional remote controlR900
  • TA-195

    Digital Defense

  • (2005 Mar) IronGate Wireless Hand Held Remote (announced).
  • (2006 Mar) Production of Factor4, a similar device, is started.

  • Biometric Solutions

  • (2005) FobLock wireless device .

  • id-Confirm

  • (2006 Jul) id-Confirm id4u Securelink system.
  • id-Confirm id4u


  • (2006 Jul) Cryptolex Mobio.
  • Cryptolex Mobio


  • (2006 Mar) AXSionics AG proposes the AXS-Card using the TouchStrip from Upek.
  • (2006 Dec) Another version of the AXS-Card, still with the Upek sensor.
  • (2007 Dec) The ASX-ID card with an Authentec sensor (via Siemens).
  • (2009 Aug) A new version, still with Authentec.

  • BioMetAccess

  • (2006) BioMetAccess offers the DDF4-1, DDIG-1, DDCO-1.
  • BioMetAccess DDF4-1 BioMetAccess DDF4-1


  • (2007 Feb) Raytheon’s Personal Authentication Device (PAD) incorporates two-way, ultra high radio frequency (RFID) and biometrics to facilitate automatic identification into a credit card-sized ID and relay system that can identify and track quickly and efficiently.

  • iCache

  • (2007 Jan) The iCache device is able to house the data from all your credit cards, debit cards and basically anything with a magnetic stripe. Once the information is saved it’s secured by a biometric fingerprint scanner on the front. Whenever a credit card is needed for a purchase, users can select the appropriate card from the menu on the iCache gadget and the magnetic stripe on the iCache credit card will be temporarily encoded with the appropriate swipe data.

  • Pierson Capital Technology

  • (2008 Jan) The Pierson Capital Technology unveils the MobiKey System, a result of successful synergy of its biometric dynamic pin genarator with an end-to-end processing software and years of research and development. The System provides a state of the art, fully integrated, 3-Factor Authentication platform with no changes required in the banking industry infrastructure itself.
  • (2009 Sep) The Miikoo is a 4-factor authentication system (biometrics, dynamic PIN, card, Original PIN).

  • Validus

  • (2008) Validus VALIDcard pre-production card.
  • (2009 Jan) Validus VALIDcard. (requires shockwave)
  • (2010) Validus BC-25 (with Idex)

  • TazTag

  • (2009 Jan) TazTag unveils the TazCard.

  • Quantek systems

  • (2009 Nov) Quantek offers the Go-Bio, a 4 channel high security biometric transmitter.

  • Armatix

  • (2010 Jan) Armatix unveils the SmartSystem using a FingerChip AT77C104 sensor.
  • So it took 9 years from the concept to the first real product!

    Zwipe (formerly OrigoID)

  • (2013 Mar) zwipe demonstrates a "fingerprint card", wireless (MIFARE), with a swipe fingerprint sensor.
    Along with the fingerprint scanner, there are two "ground plates" which is rather unusual. Datasheet: 128x8 pixels, 508 dpi: FPC1080A from Fingerprint Cards or 1750 from Authentec, no more available, so it is the Fingerprint Cards sensor.

  • Bionym

  • (2013) Bionym will propose the Nymi, a plastic wristband using a biometric sensor to authenticate identity through a person’s unique electrocardiogram.
  • Bionym has developed the first wearable authentication device that utilizes a user's Electrocardiogram (ECG) to validate a person’s identity. The Nymi has two electrodes, one on the wrist and one on the top. To authenticate, a user must attach the Nymi, and then place their finger on the top electrode to complete the electric current. A user only needs to validate their identity once, until the Nymi is removed. The closed loop keeps the Nymi in an authenticated state, removing all need for repeated prompts (such as in fingerprint scanning or PIN requests).
    Once authenticated, the Nymi communicates the user’s identity to a device (such as a smartphone, vehicle, elctronic lock, or even a smart environtment) using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).
    The Nymi also has an integrated accelerometer and gyroscope, which will pick up on your movements, allowing for simple, task-specific gesture recognition. Motion sensing works in unison with proximity detection and identity authentication to ensure only you can remotely access the devices you want to engage with.


  • (2015 Jan) IDkey X & M-series is using a Sonavation fingerprint sensor.

  • HYPR

  • (2015 Jan) HYPR Corporation releases the HYPR-3 FIPS 140-2 Level 3 tamper proofing. Bluetooth.

  • Tapdo

  • (2016 Dec) Tapdo is a wearable fingerprint sensor.

  • Tokenize

  • (2017 Jun) Token from Tokenize has a fingerprint sensor inside the ring.
  • (2020) The Ring from Token @tokenring.com

  • Ksine / Touch x Wallet

  • (2018 Aug) Ksine releases the Touch x Wallet v1.0

  • BeamU / ExtoWallet

  • (2019 May) BeamU, ExtoWallet, Ethernom
    with FPC’s T-Shape Fingerprint Sensor
  • BeamU enroll)