Fingers & Knuckles / Doigts et Articulations

This pages gathers several biometric methods related to the finger, but fingerprints & finger geometry:

Knuckle creases

  • Knuckle crease patterns and stray marks as a means of photographic identification (web page no more available) Richard W. Vorder Bruegge and David B. Davies, FBI Laboratory, Special Photographic Unit, Washington, D.C. USA
  • Jungbluth, William O., Knuckle print identification, Journal of Forensic Identification, 39 (6), 1988, 375-380. (no website)
  • US patent 5,594,806 (Colbert, 1994) "Knuckle profile indentity verification system"
  • Brevet US 5,594,806 (Colbert)

    Finger wrinkles
    Plis du doigt

  • At the CTST '98, Toshiba + TEC demonstrated a system that measures finger wrinkles. The system uses electrostatic capacitance to measure wrinkles behind the two joints f a finger (no website).
  • Sensor capacitance measurement of wrinkles

    3D Finger surface
    Topographie de la surface du doigt

    Uses the curvature of each small section of the finger surface, starting from a normal image.
    Utilise la courbure de la surface du doigt en chaque point, à partir d'une photo normale.

  • (2004) University of Notre Dame / Computer Vision Research Laboratory: search for Damon Woodard, 3D Finger recognition.
  • (2005) Personal identification utilizing finger surface features Woodwards & als
  • A multi-matcher system based on knuckle-based features Loris Nanni and Alessandra Lumini
  • Finger curvature segmented into regions

    Empreinte articulaire du doigt

    Several groups are working on identification using finger knuckle prints:

  • (2009) Indian Institute of Technology Delhi: Personal identification using finger knuckles Ajay Kumar
  • (2009) Hong-Kong Polytechnic University: A Novel Personal Authentication System Using Finger-Knuckle-Print by Lin Zhang, Lei Zhang and David Zhang
  • (2019) Indian Institute of Technology Delhi + National Institute of Technology Silchar: Biometric Authentication through Unification of Finger Dorsal Biometric Traits by Surabhi Hom Choudhury, Amioy Kumar, Shahedul Haque Laskar

  • An automated extraction of finger knuckles for identification (Kumar)

    The acquisition device used by Zhang & al.

    Example of a finger knuckle print from Zhang & al.