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Jean-François Mainguet is involved in biometrics for a long time now, having invented the silicon swipe fingerprint sensing when working with Thomson-CSF:

Image from 50 years of biometric research: Accomplishments, challenges, and opportunities
Anil K. Jain, Karthik Nandakumar, Arun Ross / Jan 2016.

The 1997 sensor shown on the above imave is not from Thomson-CSF (unfortunately, it is an error in the paper). You can see some photos in the FingerChip website, which is devoted to this thermal-based fingerprint sensor I invented end of 1995. That said, thank you to consider this invention as an important step in fingerprint sensing!

Also, Apple did not made the first phone with a fingerprint sensor, (I count about 100 different phones before, and the first real consumer product was the HP iPAQ) but they really opened the fingerprint sensor market in September 2013 with the iPhone 5S. Why? Maybe it was just the right time...

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